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Shai Rose, a talented singer-songwriter hailing from Israel, captivates audiences with her soulful melodies and introspective lyrics. At just 25 years old, she has already embarked on a remarkable musical journey that has led her to discover her true voice.
Three years ago, Shai Rose began her musical odyssey, crafting her own compositions and releasing her debut single, "Nothing Lasts Forever," under her own name.

Subsequently, Shai Rose joined forces with a band called Nala Blu, collectively sharing their musical endeavors with the world. Together, they released three enchanting songs, including a reimagined version of "Nothing Lasts Forever." However, the passage of nearly two years prompted Shai Rose to realize that her artistic expression demanded a more personal approach.

Shai Rose's artistry invites listeners to embark on their own exploration of the human condition, as she fearlessly bares her soul through poignant melodies and deeply personal lyrics. Her captivating vocals and profound storytelling evoke an emotional connection, reminding us that within the depths of our own hearts lies the key to understanding and embracing the ever-changing road of life.


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Broken Pieces
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Nothing Last Forever

Shai Rose

Indie, Acoustic, Soft Rock

Tel Aviv, Israel

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