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Beneath The Surface




Album EP

Release Date:

20 Oct 2021

In Shallows is an independent American metalcore band from New Hampshire. The band was created in December 2019 by guitarist, Bobby Wharton and vocalist, Colin Trombley. Drummer, Nick Keane and bassist, Cam Bostwick were inducted into the band shortly after.With the release of their first single “Phantom Grace” in June of 2021, the band confidently planted themselves in the heavy music scene. They quickly followed it up in October with “Beneath The Surface”, a 5-track EP that delivers in-your-face breakdowns, heavy guitar riffs, and drumming that hits you directly in the chest. Paired with the ever so sweet mixture of scream and singing vocals, In Shallows was determined to drive their lyrics down their fans throats.

This material is just for preview purposes.

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Colin Trombley - Vocals
Bobby Wharton - Guitars

Cameron Bostwick - Bass / Vocals
Nick Keane - Drums

Recorded and Produced by Robbie Litchfield at Hell Here Studios Mixed and Mastered by Randy Pasquarella at Pasquarella Recordings - Bad Wolf Records 2019 ©

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