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Questions related to the recording process:
  • How much does a studio recording cost?
    The price of a studio recording varies depending on the specific requirements of each project. At Bad Wolf Records, you can request recording for just a single voice or instrument track, or for a complete production. To get a detailed quote for your project, please send us a message through the contact section and include a home recording or demo of your project.

  • What types of recordings can be made?
    At Bad Wolf Records, we offer recording services for vocals and instruments, as well as complete productions. We also offer recording services for podcasts, radio dramas, commercials, voiceovers, and more.

  • What do I need to record a song?
    To record a song, you need at least a concrete idea of the song you want to record (lyrics, instrumental, and structure). At Bad Wolf Records, we also offer musical arrangement services to improve your song before or during recording. However, this does not include composition services. If you don't have all the musicians you need to execute your project, we invite you to check out the following link, where you'll find musical instrumentation and performance services. You can also check out our BEATS store, where you'll find hundreds of instrumental tracks in different urban genres.

  • What is the studio recording process like?
    The studio recording process consists of two phases: recording a demo if you don't have one, and recording the final tracks. If you want more details about the recording process, visit the following link about the recording process.

  • How long will it take to have my song ready?
    Studio recordings are delivered instantly after each session as evidence of the recorded progress. However, for the final result, including the application of effects and other adjustments, the delivery time can take up to 7 days. If you additionally request mixing and mastering services or a complete production, the final delivery time can vary from 30 to 35 days.

  • If I hire a recording service, does it include editing?
    Yes. Regardless of whether you request a single voice or instrument track recording, it includes the application of basic effects and editing adjustments. However, hiring a recording service does not include mixing and mastering processes, which must be requested separately.

  • Can I distribute my song for commercial purposes?
    Yes, all material recorded in the studio can be distributed for commercial purposes as long as it is 100% your own creation, you have acquired instrumentation and performance services with us, or you have a document proving that you own the rights to an instrumental track performed by another producer.

  • In what format will I receive my studio recording, and through what platform?
    The format of studio recordings includes two audio files that will be delivered via email:

    • A high-quality audio file (".*Flac" and ".*Wav") at 44.1kHz/32-bit PCM.

    • A lightweight audio file (*.mp3) at 320 Kbps/16-bit depth.

    • In the case that you have requested recording of multiple instruments or tracks, you will also receive the files separately with the clean signal and the signal with effects.

Questions related to general customer service
  • What kind of services are offered?
    Bad Wolf Records offers recording, mixing and mastering services, digital marketing and content distribution, instrumentation and interpretation services, among others. To see the list and details of all available services, click here.

  • How long does a studio recording session last?
    Studio recording sessions have a maximum duration of 3 hours per day. However, this does not affect the price of your recording. Remember that at Bad Wolf Records, we do not charge by the hour!

  • What are the business hours?
    Business hours are divided into two blocks; from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. However, attendance at the recording studio is by appointment only.

  • Where can I hire Bad Wolf Records' services?
    Bad Wolf Records' services are available worldwide, including the entire national territory, except for recording services that require the artist's presence for execution.

  • Where is the recording studio located?
    The recording studio is located in the city of Talca, Chile. Address: 28 Sur 4 1/2 Poniente C #381.

  • Does the recording studio have parking?
    Yes, the recording studio has reserved parking for one vehicle.

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