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Each day, we curate the finest and best new tracks across various genres. From Indie-Rock to Alternative Pop to Metal & Hard-Rock, find your next favorite tune here.


With the Bad Wolf Records team, one day we were discussing what is better: a mix where you can distinguish all the instruments and almost pinpoint the position of each voice in the stereo field, or, much like a well-prepared Margarita, you can't quite make out its ingredients but the blend is simply out of this world. Well, you might assume that with the Margarita argument, I obviously won the discussion, and that's precisely what the talented Benjamin Davies (better known by his stage name VELIKA VELIKA) brings us with his latest studio release, "COMING.GOING." - a production that revives the raw and electrifying essence of indie-rock.

Ditching modern production techniques for a completely organic sound that feels vivid to your senses, this incredible song perfectly reflects the essence of garage rock and indie rock at its peak. With an impeccable use of dynamic range combined with a sound reminiscent of analog recordings, "COMING.GOING." is simply a true musical gem that fans of bands like Beck, Sufjan, The Paranoyds, and Metric will undoubtedly appreciate.

An interesting aspect of VELIKA VELIKA as a band is that it's a one-man band. Yes, you heard it right; since Benjamin, after being expelled from his brother's band, decided to create his own project, showcasing brilliant skills in percussion, bass, guitar, and vocals. (Sorry for your brother; you were undoubtedly the heart of that band). But well... we're not here for sentimentality; Velika Velika precisely reflects that rebellious essence of british indie rock that invites listeners to an authentic and immersive auditory experience from start to finish. If you don't believe us, listen along with his other single "Sees The Sun" which has an amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing music video.


Bromsen, the dynamic indie-rock duo from Berlin, Germany, has come to Bad Wolf Records today to delight us all with their latest studio masterpiece, "Someone."

The unique and unmistakable style of this band is once again evident in this spectacular composition, characterized by creating the perfect balance between elements from 80s synth-pop and a prominent and energetic hard rock essence. It mixes catchy melodies with the power and rawness of rock 'n' roll in its purest form, inviting you to dance and headbang at the same time (Do what you feel is best; this is exactly what this song is about).

"Someone" challenges the listener to confront, once and for all, the conflict that accompanies us throughout our lives: to fit into society or to be happy? From a young age, we experience this internal struggle, a tug of war between whether we should let our authenticity flow or conform to social standards to please others. Interestingly, this feeling persists even as we reach mental maturity, making Bromsen's message in this song undoubtedly a universal theme that will deeply resonate with listeners. It invites them to embrace their true personality with spontaneity, celebrating the essence of individuality and uniqueness.

Officially released on January 12, 2024, this song establishes itself as their fifth promotional single in their discography and serves as a sneak peek of what their upcoming studio album, "Brothers In Mind," will bring,
which is set to be released in just under a month. Don't forget to mark your calendars for February 16! ;)

Country Stroll

In a world filled with a variety of artists, different music genres, and trends, Ari Joshua has simply decided to stand out and make history. This talented Psychedelic Jazz guitarist from Seattle has not only captivated thousands of listeners worldwide with his characteristic way of caressing the strings of his electric guitar but also for being the man who has managed to create the most exciting and impressive artistic collaborations of recent times, bringing together the most skilled and talented musicians from the underground scene. If you're one of our loyal followers, you're probably already familiar with his name, as Ari Joshua has already graciously shared one of his most precious pieces with all of us; "Dragons Layer," which we had the pleasure of experiencing on Bad Wolf Radio during the months of September and October 2023.
This time around, Ari Joshua returns doubling down to delight us with his latest studio release titled "Country Stroll." A tribute to the legendary guitarist Bill Frisell, known for his eclectic approach and ability to merge different music genres, including jazz, country, folk, blues, and classical music.

As usual, Ari always has a surprise for us, and it turns out that this incredible release also features the collaboration of the talented musicians Billy Martin and John Medeski, whom you may already know from "Dragons Layer" or hits like "Let's Do It Right Now." The synergy existing in this musical trio is undoubtedly evident from the very beginning. While retaining the effervescence of their experimental sound, this time they infuse it with the pure elegance of jazz, complementing the musical proposal and taking it to new horizons.

"Country Stroll" marks a significant milestone in Ari Joshua's epic musical journey, establishing itself as the third single from this magnificent collaboration and the fourth release together. With Chris Bittner of Applehead Recording handling the sound engineering, Ed Brooks of Resonant Mastering in charge of the mastering process, and Ari Raskin of Deepwater Studios in the mix, "Country Stroll" radiates in its highest quality as an auditory experience, one of those pieces that will undoubtedly carve its place in history and should be preserved in a time capsule for the day when extraterrestrials come across it in space and find us.

Imagine aliens stumbling upon this masterpiece in space and thinking; "Wow, these earthlings sure know how to have fun!” (We didn't believe in aliens until recently, thanks Ari for that!) 🛸

I'm A Man

Gary Dranow, the legend of rock 'n' roll, returns to delight us once again with his powerful and electrifying sound in one of his most remarkable releases; "I'm A Man." A genuine anthem of empowerment that invites us to embrace personal growth and emotional maturity.

Officially released in August 2023 and currently back on the charts as one of his most popular songs, "I'm a Man" encapsulates the pure spirit of Rock 'n' Roll. With distorted guitars, prominent and energetic percussion, and the vibrant sound of the harmonica, this song becomes the perfect backdrop for self-reflection, urging us to look back on the path we've traveled and feel stronger as a result of the experiences we've faced in the past.

The captivating story behind this song focuses on the narrator's personal evolution through life experiences. With an affirming tone, the narrator acknowledges being "a man," not only referring to physical masculinity but also to the strength and wisdom acquired throughout life and past experiences.

"I'm A Man" arrives at the right moment to make noise and boldly establish itself in the current social landscape, where traditional notions of masculinity are challenged, and the "deconstruction of masculinity" seems to be the prevailing politically correct discourse. Gary Dranow fearlessly acknowledges the facts that have shaped him into a grown man, showing us that even our past, including the challenging experiences, serves as the fuel that propels us forward and makes us stronger every day.

Who or What I Was Before

From the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, California, Eddie Cohn, the eminence of alternative rock, arrives with his first release of 2024 featuring one of his most cherished musical gems, under the title of "Who or What I Was Before."

Inspired by the raw and electrifying sound of 90s rock and questioning himself, "Isn't the world ready for the return of this magnificent genre?" Eddie returns once again to present his latest studio work, striking a perfect balance between elements of grunge, indie rock, and pop rock.

Officially released on January 12, 2023, "Who or What I Was Before" has undoubtedly achieved Eddie's goal of keeping the spirit of rock at its peak. This incredible song feels like compressing the entire decade of the 90s into just 2 minutes and 50 seconds. Its captivating structure with constant rhythmic changes, combined with Eddie's ability to blend numerous vocal interpretation techniques and outstanding guitar sound effects, immediately evokes a sense of nostalgia in listeners.

Some of our team found similarities with Soundgarden, while others mentioned Bon Jovi during the "It's My Life" era. Some other even highlighted those sections where the combination of palm muting with drum-focused fills reminiscent of Blink-182's late '90s and early 2000s pop-punk. Well, the possibilities are simply endless! This is one of those songs where everyone will find their dose of nostalgia from the good old times, and many will feel familiar with its sound.

Highly recommended!!!! With this song, Eddie has sent us back in a time capsule 30 years ago, but with a refreshed sound and the use of modern production techniques, creating the perfect balance between both aspects to bring rock back to the pinnacle of popularity.

Into The Otherside

November 24, 2023, marks a significant milestone for The Listros, a talented musical duo hailing from Toronto, Canada, as they debut in the musical scene with the release of their first rock anthem titled "Into The Otherside."
Comprising the brothers Sean and Evan Listro, The Listros have truly shaken the current music panorama with this release. They immediately stood out in the crowd, thanks to their energetic and electrifying sound, already accumulating over 7000 plays on Spotify.

But what sets this band apart? It's their ability to merge and mix a wide range of rock sub-genres into a single entity—from garage rock with a strong 90's raw sound influence to elements of indie and pop rock. They create their own reimagination of what Alternative rock means.

"Into the Otherside" is just the beginning of their musical journey, offering a small sneak peek of what's to come. Currently in the studio, they are preparing their forthcoming debut EP with the participation of renowned musicians such as Exclap (2x Juno and 2x Gold Winning Songwriter & Producer) and Ross Hayes (Juno Nominated Producer). This collaboration proves that The Listros are here to stay and leave a lasting mark on music history.

Revenge of the ScarJo

Hailing from Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, The Margaret Hooligans stand as a powerful band not only redefining the alternative and indie rock sound but also leaving an indelible mark on the current musical scene. With their latest release, 'Revenge Of The ScarJo,' officially launched on October 24, 2023, this talented musical duo offers a sneak peek into what's to come on their upcoming fourth album, 'ThunderHole Rock n’ Roll,' set to be released soon.

Their sound incorporates elements from various sub-genres of rock, ranging from the rawest Noise Rock and Garage to elements of alternative hard rock, creating an immersive experience that will draw you into their organic and electrifying sound. 'Revenge of the ScarJo' results in an effective combination of musical devices that evoke the essence of a vintage record, yet with the best qualities of modern recording techniques, creating a captivating sonic landscape that balances both aspects perfectly.

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg

Kelsie Kimberlin is an American-Ukrainian singer who lives in Washington, DC. She recently visited Ukraine to demonstrate her strong support for her other homeland, Ukraine, in this time of Russia's brutal war against them. For several weeks, she has been doing a lot of humanitarian work - visiting the Ukrainian military, a hospital, a refugee center, orphanages, filming the consequences of the heinous crimes of the russian army on their territory. In this way "Armageddon" is a powerful anthem of resilience and hope and it serves as a testament to Ukraine's unwavering determination to prevent the impending Armageddon that was set in motion in 2014 and escalated in 2022. Inspired by President Zelensky's impassioned call at the Grammy's, urging artists to unite in support of Ukraine, "Armageddon" is Kelsie's contribution to this critical cause.


That dystopian world that Hollywood has depicted in all those science fiction movies is no longer just a speculation and appreciation about our future. Madness is here and happening right under our noses!
"Fahrenheit," the new single from Led to Ruin, an electrifying metal and alternative rock band hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana, squarely focuses on this phenomenon, faithfully portraying the harsh reality of our decaying world.

Inspired by the novel "Fahrenheit 451" by the renowned writer Ray Bradbury, from which it takes its title, this song, across its almost four minutes, results in an immersive auditory experience that will lead listeners to delve into the darkest aspects of our current reality. It touches on themes such as the decline of modern society and the oppressive control of politics over our actions and decisions.

With prominent percussion, exquisitely distorted guitars, and vocals that resonate like a true anthem of resistance, "Fahrenheit" is undoubtedly a work that goes beyond shining for its musical magnificence in terms of composition and production. It aims to create an "awakening" in listeners, as its characteristic and skillful combination of powerful instrumentation and impactful lyrics is carefully crafted to shake even the last of your nerve endings.

Officially released on December 1, 2023, "Fahrenheit" establishes itself as the band's third single on their discography, amassing nearly 10,000 plays on Spotify and over 7,000 monthly listeners, suggesting that Led To Ruin has come to make an indelible mark on the music scene, shining not only for their sonic authenticity but also for their profound and engaging themes.

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
Garden Of Lies

Vermont post-rock outfit New Saviors have released their moody and immersive new single “Garden of Lies” across streaming platforms.

“Garden of Lies” is the follow-up to their Personal Hell EP, which was released earlier this year to great success. If you track the trajectories of any major act within the alternative music scene, it’s often experimentation and authenticity that kickstart a band’s grasp on the industry. New Saviors are ready for that kind of evolution and have delivered it with this latest single, exploring a dark and moody sonic landscape that would fit alongside notable acts as Imminence, Parkway Drive, and In This Moment.

New Saviors have always addressed topics that they hold close to them, but the message of “Garden of Lies” holds a tremendous weight like none other in their discography. “This song is our most ballsy callout to date,” says vocalist Mick King. She continues, “It’s about people who hide behind religion to justify their hateful words and actions. We poured our hearts, souls, and personal experiences into this track, and we want to use our platform to address issues like this because nobody has an excuse to do harm to others.”

“Garden of Lies” was mixed and mastered by Nick Matzkows (Attack Attack, Conquer Divide, Until I Wake), who brought a fresh voice and production quality to this single. New Saviors have consistent releases and touring scheduled through 2024, so get ready, because you’ll be seeing their name a lot in the months to follow.

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg

Los Angeles metal scene has just been shaken by "Inversion," the new single from the talented singer and songwriter Natalia Quest. Officially premiered on December 9, 2023, "Inversion" lives up to its title, inviting listeners to experience a small dose of reality by focusing on harsh aspects such as war, genocide, mind control, false prophets, and, above all, the unnatural ideas driven by shadow powers that infiltrate our daily lives.

These days, it seems like we've been too busy scrolling through Instagram reels and sharing the latest TikTok videos on our social media. Well then...hello? Is anyone there? The world is falling apart out there in case you haven't noticed.

Natalia explains, "Everyone believes they are too small to change anything, to make an impact. One day, I pondered - what can I do with the tools available to me? Write and sing a song."

In this way, Natalia Quest emerges as a figure of resistance seeking to awaken the consciousness of the new generations, those born in the midst of this social crisis who view the societal decay around them with naturalness and even indifference. Through her captivating lyrics, she invites listeners to delve into this intricate theme in a friendly and approachable manner. Her enchanting angelic voice contrasts with the wonderful cinematic background instrumentation, like light in the midst of darkness, evoking a strong feeling of hope even when her lyrics are full of uncomfortable truths. Fans of genres such as gothic metal and progressive rock will undoubtedly be captivated not only by this release but also by Natalia's unique style. Besides standing out for its incredible production quality, her music always carries a relevant message for all listeners.

We invite all our community to catch "Inversion" on Bad Wolf Radio during the months of January and February. Also, you should definitely explore Natalia's full discography on Spotify; it is undoubtedly an experience worth the time. Don't forget to follow Natalia Quest on her social media to stay updated about her latest news and upcoming releases!

Velvet Sky

Empty Machines, the promising alternative rock band hailing from Glasgow, United Kingdom, is comprised of two talented musicians: Thomas Crawford and Jodie Helena. Initially conceived as an instrumental project led by the talented multi-instrumentalist Thomas, the later addition of Jodie, with her incredible vocal performance, brought to life this extraordinary band that embodies the purest essence of experimental rock.

Similar to cult films that keep the audience on the edge of their seats from start to finish, their latest studio release, "Velvet Sky," stands a musical gem that manages to captivate the listener throughout its 3 minutes and 47 seconds. In this musical journey, the deep dark aura that accompanies the essence of this song intertwines with synthesizers, creating harmonies and intricate layers of sound that provide a high-quality auditory experience, promising to challenge your senses with every chord and note.

With prominent percussion, heavy distorted guitars, and a spectacular vocal performance, Empty Machines succeeds in capturing the very essence of auditory experimentation. The fusion of musical elements results in a piece of work that not only awakens the senses but also leads the audience to explore new sonic horizons.

"Velvet Sky," officially released on December 15, 2023, establishes itself as the band's second promotional single, following "Luna," which has already accumulated over 8,000 plays on Spotify and made its debut on BBC Radio 1. This not only showcases the positive reception the band has received but also highlights how this promising duo is quickly making an indelible mark on the rock scene. Their creativity and musical innovation have been decisive factors in defining their unmistakable auditory fingerprint. When you listen to Empty Machines, you know it's something you haven't heard before.

"Velvet Sky" also features a captivating music video that complements the band's proposal, immersing the listener even further into that feeling of suspense and anticipation. This video is already available on YouTube, and you can find it by clicking the YouTube link below. (Strongly Recommended)

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
Forget You


"Revenant" is one of the most remarkable songs in the album "Death, Oddities & Romance," a storybook-themed EP that delves into the realms of cinema and the macabre. Bullet to the Heart, a captivating Chicago alt-metal/hard rock band. Drawing inspiration from life's trials, Their music offers solace and empowerment to listeners.. It is about a solitary pirate who sets sail on a ship in search of treasure. While inspecting the ship, he encounters a beautiful woman, a mermaid, who lures him towards his death.

Valued In Gold

"Valued In Gold" by WolfSkin is a powerful song that captures the essence of metalcore and djent genres. The band draws influences from some of the genre's biggest names such as The Amity Affliction, Invent Animate, and Currents, infusing their own unique sound into each track.

Released in 2020, the song is packed with fast and progressive drumming, complemented by virtuoso guitar riffs and guttural vocals creating an engaging auditory experience.


With an aggressive and spine-chilling sound, the guys from Burning the Sickness, hailing from Curicó, Chile, promise to shake you with this single. Drawing influences from bands from the other side of the world, Burning the Sickness possesses a powerful sound that prominently features low tunings and downtempo breakdowns. "Soldado" is the first promotional single from their debut studio album titled "Abyss," set to be released in december 2023.

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