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Ace Persona takes us to “Moments Suspended in Time” with their new single: 'Time Goes Back Around.'

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Have you ever felt suspended, floating in time? Or have you had the opportunity to experience how everything stops around you and your loved one while sharing a drink? Don't worry, you are not alone. The truth is that it's more common than we think, but let's be honest… We know you immediately thought about that special person, don’t you?

Ace Persona, a talented alternative indie rock band from London, England, invites us to explore that feeling in depth with their new song "Time goes back around," which will undoubtedly transport you and remind you of what it feels like to experience a love that is completely passionate and intense.


About Ace Persona

Ace Persona, a band with roots in Camden (London), is a four-member alternative rock formation influenced by artists such as Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, and Arctic Monkeys. In addition to these, other artists find their way into the band's sounds, ranging from Amy Winehouse to A Tribe Called Quest. Founded in their university, these four musicians are driven by their love for music and their passion to push the boundaries of rock to new horizons with their unique sound.

About the Release

Released on July 28, 2023, 'Time Goes Back Around' is a sincere expression of grief presented in a romantic form. This captivating song delves into a love lost over time, taking listeners on a poignant journey through the stages of a humble past, a somber present, and the promising future of recovery and second chances.

Join us in this article as we dive into this great song the guys from Ace Persona have gifted us. "Time Goes Back Around" is an extraordinary musical journey that showcases their mastery as skilled musicians and composers.


In-Depth Analysis

The song begins with the warm voice of Alex Gladwin, the vocalist, whose distinctive timbre oscillates between mid and low frequencies, providing an impressive entrance to the initial melody. His voice is accompanied by exquisite guitar arpeggios, which, with the help of a delay effect, travel through the stereo channel, giving it an incredible sense of depth from the very start.

The percussion, in the hands of Oscar K, plays a decisive role from the beginning, as it softly enters from the first seconds, marking the time on the ride cymbal in eighth notes, evokes the memory of a clock and the passing of time. Its presence gradually intensifies, increasing more and more as we delve into the first verse.

"Time Goes Back Around" immerses us in an intense emotional experience, where we encounter a protagonist who shares a close encounter with someone with whom he shares a special connection. The narrator of this story vividly describes these moments in his mind, leading him into a spiral of thoughts where he seems to be caught in a time loop from which there appears to be no escape.

As we enter the first verse, it is notable how all the instruments blend exceptionally well. The percussion gains strength bringing the mix into life, while Aiden Mustafa's bass takes on a significant presence and executes very complex musical arrangements in harmony with the captivating strumming of a guitar that, on this occasion, presents an exquisite soft distortion.

This combination of musical elements creates an incredible auditory landscape, immersing us effectively in the intimacy of the protagonist's memories from the instrumentation to the singer's portrayal, as he delivers the phrase: "She pulls me in closer, her hand in mine. I’m hypnotized, By the gentlest smile," he portrays with incredible detail how he is seduced by the love of someone who was once his lover.

When we enter the chorus, we are struck with a powerful impact, as it feels like a true explosion of sounds. The vocal line that intones the phrase: "Cause time, goes back around in here" becomes incredibly catchy for the listener and extends beyond the four bars. Along with expertly executed drum rolls, it paves the way for a spectacular guitar solo that comes next.

It is important to highlight the distinctive sound of Jude's guitar in this solo, as despite its relaxed execution and deliberate progression, it emits a powerful and well-placed emphasis on the mid frequencies that resonate deep within the listener, leading to an exquisite sense of auditory climax.

The interpretation is truly magnificent, as this guitar solo reaches its zenith without resorting to exaggeration or unnecessary complexity in the use of sound effects or techniques. It reflects the authenticity and extensive musical knowledge of the guitarist, creating a melody that hits the perfect balance to evoke a wide range of emotions with elegance, leading us to a complete immersion to flow along with the music and guide us towards the end of the song. It's a delight to the ears and a testament to the guitarist's artistic virtuosity.

As we approach the end of the song, we are left completely stranded and broken, the emotions are strong and we cannot feel different after experiencing the magnificence of the song at its peak. Just to get into the calm aura of the outro section that leaves us with an intense feeling of complete satisfaction, yet with a desire for it not to end. This is where "Time goes back around" proves to be incredibly addictive, as it makes us want to listen to it again and again.

This phenomenon is mainly fostered by its curious musical structure, where it begins with an intro, followed by a verse, a single chorus, and the climax of the song. Then we return to the beginning like a "callback." It closes with a perfect and cohesive ending, where the most significant aspect is that this addiction feeling, beyond lasting the 4 minutes and 10 seconds of the piece, endures over time, just like the intense memory that lives in the mind of our protagonist.

Although we know that this song is about a romantic breakup, the nature of its lyrical composition presents atemporal nuances, which constitute one of its most remarkable aspects.

The narrator, from the very first start, expresses himself over a past time, evoking intimate memories with the words: "Do you recall What it was you were thinking that day? Cause I do babe…" However, in the first verse, as he describes how he immerses himself in the captivating world of his lover, he later mentions that time "goes back around in here," which could also suggest a sense of eternity when he is in the company of his beloved.

This temporal duality is not explicit, as it could be understood that the protagonist is contemplating the past, but at the same time, he might be speaking here and now, where he describes that time flows backward every time they are together. A timeless space created by their love that transcends. This effect engenders an exciting uncertainty that encourages us to reflect on both hypotheses.

We are witnessing an exquisite display of artistic mastery by this incredible band, who through each note and word of this impressive musical work, manages to immerse the listener to such an extent that it goes beyond the auditory experience. It is simply magnificent.

There are not many bands that evoke the intended emotion so effectively and cohesively through their music, and undoubtedly, this is an area where the members of Ace Persona excel, demonstrating incredible spontaneity through their performance, even inviting us to imagine their song "Time goes back around" from a personal and different perspective for each listener depending on our own love experiences.




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