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Chronicles of a Broken Heart: "Like Strangers" the new release by Shenanygans that brings back the spirit of Vintage Rock through a captivating Love Lost Story.

How many times have we had to muster the courage to move forward without looking back? How many times have you felt like you finally found your soulmate only for both of you to, out of nowhere, become complete strangers?

Under this premise, Shenanygans, the spectacular Swiss pop-rock band, presents one of its most outstanding studio releases titled "Like Strangers," which, beyond reopening old wounds, offers a nostalgic moment of reflection that arrives to establish itself as the soundtrack of that intense relationship that turned your life upside down. That one that sadly now only lives in your memory.

It's well known that it takes two to make a relationship, and "Like Strangers" delves into this intense theme with incredible sincerity, showing how challenging it can be when one of those two souls simply isn't reciprocated, or loses all interest. With impressive compositional skills, Shenanygans vividly embodies a painful testimony that tells the story of a lovestruck guy who finally realizes that his romantic path has reached a dead end. Through its captivating lyrics, the band presents an innocent soul who still holds onto some hope while trying to convince his beloved that he needs her, only to receive indifference in return.

But not everything is suffering, pain, and heartache with 'Like Strangers,' as its impressive instrumental backdrop comes to contrast drastically with its theme, fostering a strong nostalgic feeling, but also offering a beautiful auditory experience that presents itself with a vivid and colorful aura, reminding us of the essence of that exquisite vintage sound that prevailed in the 60s and 70s, bringing to mind great bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

From this perspective, "Like Strangers" stands as a truly impressive and unique musical piece, as it unifies the golden age of pop rock with the contemporary era, giving us a taste of that iconic garage sound with a refreshing and renewed air, while also managing to be the soundtrack of a profound story of heartbreak with which listeners can identify without necessarily sinking them further into despair. Quite the opposite, this song is like an alternative ending of a complicated love story where, regardless of the consequences, it leaves you with a sense of joy.

"Like Strangers," officially released on April 12th, establishes itself as Shenanygans' third release in their spectacular discography. However, this song is part of a larger project, their full-length album "On Monte Verita"; a spectacular collection of 12 songs that traverses various genres, from classic rock n' roll, through soft rock, and even the catchy rhythms of surf rock. This album will take listeners into a journey back in time but at the same time it addresses the current social complexities, demonstrating not only the versatility of this great band but also the universality and timelessness of their artistic proposal.

"On Monte Verita" is now available for streaming and download, and you can find it on their >Bandcamp< profile.

Also, if you've enjoyed "Like Strangers," we invite you to follow Shenanygans on their social media channels to stay updated on their latest news and upcoming releases!


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