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Faded Rose is back in the spotlight with their new single ‘Tears’: “Faces are all we see, but the soul remains unseen”.

Updated: Apr 22

Without a doubt, 2023 has been a year full of successes for Faded Rose, not only due to the release of “In the First Place,” their previous single that we had the pleasure of premiering here at Bad Wolf Records in June of last year and which has already accumulated hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify, but also due to a series of concerts and live performances where hundreds of people have already had the joy of experiencing the energy of this great band and their emotionally charged songs.

Today, they return with a commanding presence, shaking up the New York indie rock scene once again with their latest single titled 'Tears.' This track marks their first studio release of 2024 and carries an important message that will undoubtedly leave you with more than one lingering thought in your mind.

‘Tears' dives into an intricate theme that reveals a complex situation we all endure within our own small inner worlds. It's something that affects us all equally on different levels and that, inevitably, no one can entirely escape. Through spectacular lyrical work, Rose, vocalist and guitarist, conveys a deep narrative that invites us to explore those feelings of sadness and distress that struggle to surface because we tend to hide them from others in order to meet and maintain certain 'expectations' about ourselves. This internal suffering travels silently and spreads quickly within our hearts, slowly eroding our well-being while we try to uphold composure and a happy face in front of others.

The intense narrative that 'Tears' offers throughout its length takes on significant relevance in the current social context, where this phenomenon forces us to maintain a lifestyle, status, and appearance that align with what others expect from us. This is all propelled by a digital world that is expanding every day without boundaries and constantly telling us how we should act, what we should think, what clothes we should wear, and basically all the steps we need to follow to be loved and accepted by our peers.

“The song is about hiding behind a persona or idea of perfection and happiness. I was inspired by social media culture and the pressure for people to mask themselves or portray a false sense of reality, when in truth, nothing is perfect.”.
Faded Rose

The problem with this lies precisely in what Faded Rose points out in this statement, as we are daily imposed upon with unrealistic goals that are unattainable for the vast majority of people, inevitably leading us to a chasm of sadness and insecurities and, even worse, robbing us of something as precious as valuing what we have and enjoying life with all its nuances, including its imperfections.

The greatness of Faded Rose is once again evident in this release, not only through their captivating melodies that send shivers down your spine with their enchanting harmonies where Rose truly works magic with her elegant vocal lines, but also because this time they present themselves with a renewed and fresh aura, with a much more serious touch and a much-improved production work that demonstrates the band's growth and evolution over time.

The inclusion of synthesizers and new sonic elements creates an auditory landscape that skillfully aligns with a musical structure different from their previous releases, as this time they adopt a much calmer and more relaxed tone, fostering an atmosphere of reflection that effectively propels their intense narrative with clarity and conviction.

Officially released on April 5th, 'Tears' stands as the fourth release in their outstanding discographic collection, which includes two of their most remarkable singles, "In the First Place" and "Judgement Day," as well as an extraordinary 5-track EP titled "Don't Say." All of these have been incredibly well received by their audience within a loyal fan base that continues to grow daily around the globe. In this way, 'Tears' becomes a valuable addition to their discography, creating great anticipation for what Faded Rose will bring in the future.

That's why, if you don't want to miss out on their upcoming releases and latest news, we invite you to follow them on their social media to stay updated on the new compositions that the band is already cooking up in the studio!

Also, don't forget to visit their website, where you can access exclusive content and support the band by purchasing one of their exclusive merchandise items that are a must-have for your music collection!


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