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‘Glory Be’: The New Single by Jeán et Joie, "An Spontaneous Expression of Spirituality"

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Jeán et Joie, a talented folk music band based in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, has captivated audiences with the recent release of their new single titled "Glory Be." In this captivating musical piece, the band leads us through an intriguing and profound reflection on the spiritual connection with the divinity, offering through their music, their unique and authentic perspective about it.

In the following article, we will delve meticulously into each aspect that shapes this wonderful work, unraveling the nuances and secrets that lie within its lyrics and composition.


About The Artist

Jeán et Joie is the lyrical child of artist and songwriter, Grey Jeán. Their music can be described as mournful folk with a hopeful glow. Their songs combine simple instrumentals and poetic, stream-of-consciousness style storytelling. Common themes can be found throughout each piece of music: celestial realities and the natural world, lived experience and a strong sense of emotional integrity.

Grey Jeán grew in a household surrounded by music. Their three sisters shared their immense talents through angelic harmonies and polyphonic hymns drawn from the Catholic faith in which they were raised. Grey began using their voice to express and to write their own music while navigating a challenging teenage experience living at home in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

They carried the power of song forward into every chapter, first in choirs, then open mic nights, and later into live performances and virtual concerts during the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2021, Grey played and wrote piano pieces for the San Diego punk blues band, Teeming Dreams, and in 2022 formed Jeán et Joie as a début of their growing personal repertoire. The band has been playing and recording together since Grey and their fiancé Gabrielle Néla teamed up with the drummer, guitar duo Ikaika and Dash from the LA band, Flamango Bay. They have since moved to North Carolina and are building a presence back in the forests and woods where Grey first discovered their musical identity.

Their upcoming EP Bramble is set to release in 2023, preceded by singles: “Glory Be” and “Fried Rice”.


About The Release

"Glory Be" it’s the second single by the band Jeán et Joie. Officially released on August 5, 2023, this captivating song immerses us in an exquisite soundscape, where a charming folk/American atmosphere blends in a masterful way with acoustic instruments and musical elements characteristic of classical music.

Through poetic language, the song takes us on an emotive journey of personal exploration and redemption, inviting listeners to delve into profound reflections and feelings. The emotional intensity in both the theme and the music is skillfully balanced with an aura that evokes a sense of nostalgia and joy, creating a truly touching and enriching musical experience.


In-Depth Analysis

The song's initial melody unfolds with an exquisite guitar arpeggio, flowing in a 3/4-time signature, creating a truly pleasant sensation from the very first seconds. It immediately captivates our attention with its delightful sound and smoothness. The singer's voice, with an immersive sound and her delicately warm timbre, emerges in the soundscape, delighting us with its opening lines; "And as the crow flies, there's nowhere that I'd rather be. Waitin' on you like we wait for Medusa, while we're all getting stoned," as if it were a musical caress to our ears.

From the very first moments, it becomes evident that the lyrical composition unfolds a palpable poetic influence, enriched with a procession of exquisitely chosen metaphors to express the feelings evoked by the music. Just like the majestic trajectory of a "crow" in flight or the enigmatic essence of "Medusa," these powerful metaphors serve as metaphorical guides, captivating our senses and immersing us in a symbolic universe where emotions come alive in a torrent of evocative images.

"Glory Be" immerses us in a journey about the search for the meaning of life and the personal choices, infused with a touch of nostalgia and hope. Through its deeply introspective and artistically beautiful lyrics, the song explores a strong connection with the transcendental and the religious aspects. It is a song of praise with a backdrop of the Catholic faith, where each verse becomes a poetic journey, delving into the full range of human emotions and their complexities, allowing the listener to embark on a true auditory experience.

As we delve into the chorus of the song, we encounter the repetition of the phrases "Glory Be" and "Glory Please," which emphasize this expression of praise and reverence to God. The singer seems to be seeking answers to spiritual questions and asks to remember the purpose of their faith. The reference to "there's a hurricane out" and "somethin' bout drownin'" could symbolize the difficulties or challenges in life and the need for divine guidance and protection to overcome them.

As the song progresses, it is possible to appreciate one of its best characteristics, which is its incredible and immense musical dynamism. Each instrument finds its place carefully within the song's structure, with their entrances being subtle and gradual, creating an exquisite symphony of sounds that flow with incredible spontaneity. This dynamism is further manifested in the progressive increase of intensity throughout the song, thanks to the careful use of its dynamic range, which skillfully blends soft sounds with more energetic ones.

This variation in intensity becomes even more noticeable within the song's sections. Each chorus presents distinct nuances, where changes in instrumentation and execution add an attractive variety to the auditory experience. For example, the first chorus enters softly accompanied by string instruments and gentle percussion. However, in the second chorus, the sound of a piano is incorporated with incredible subtlety, providing a distinct sense of exceptional warmth to the chords. In the third chorus, the percussion accents its strokes on the ride cymbal, adding a more rhythmic touch, while in the fourth and final chorus, the intensity rises dramatically with powerful hits on a crash cymbal, creating an atmosphere of heightened emotion and euphoria.

"Glory Be" not only stands out for its exquisite instrumentation, but also for the impressive vocal performance of the singer, showcasing remarkable precision, pitch accuracy, and skillful use of techniques, especially the masterful vibrato that elegantly resonates at the end of each phrase. This aesthetic detail adds a delightful touch for the listener and captivates even the most demanding audience.

The combination of musical elements along with the music seamlessly blend together, giving rise to a musical expression of praise that unfolds in the purest essence of worship from a hopeful and positive perspective. It is incredibly intriguing to observe how this song transcends the traditional view of worship centered around suffering or seeking redemption only in times of difficulty. Instead, it presents a joyful and jubilant relationship between the spiritual connection of humans and the divine.

"Glory Be" invites us to embrace a profound sense of spiritual transcendence, where the poetic and captivating lyrics, coupled with the exceptional vocal prowess and musical artistry, create an uplifting and soul-stirring experience. The song's ability to evoke emotions of hope and celebration sets it apart, making it a truly remarkable and inspiring work of art that resonates deeply with its audience. The depth of their dedication and commitment as professional artists is unquestionable at this point, and this song is the testament of their undeniable talent which strongly suggests that we can anticipate more exceptional songs from the band in the near future.

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