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"May We Meet Again" Unleashes a Tempest of Emotions with their New EP "Words Unspoken."

We all here understand that music's inherent goal is to evoke and elevate emotions within its audience. From happiness to nostalgia, accessing these emotional realms has become easier than ever thanks to technological advancements and the vast catalog of artists available on platforms like Spotify. However, only a very small number of artists dare to bravely embark into the darkest feelings of the human soul.

May We Meet Again, a talented metalcore and post-hardcore band based in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, present their latest and enthralling creation: their EP titled "Words Unspoken". This musical work stands as a bridge that connects with our deepest emotions.

From this perspective, this album transcends mere music, unfurling as a profound journey into introspection, navigating the subtleties of pain, nostalgia, and distrust. Infused with a dose of reality in its lyrics and a distinctive authenticity in its music, the band invites us to delve into the emotional layers of the human experience, exploring the complexities of our deepest feelings.

About The Band

May We Meet Again, comprised of four talented musicians: Tyler Fay on vocals, James Reda on guitar, Thomas Jones on bass, and Tay Manesis on drums, emerges as a guiding light within the new generation of the North American post-hardcore and metalcore scene.

With influences spanning iconic bands like Bring Me the Horizon, Currents, and Fit For a King, they have managed to forge an authentic and potent sound that delves into the innermost fibers of our senses. Their music becomes a conduit for expressing and releasing feelings that we often suppress, thus transforming into a channel to manage our emotions.

About The Release

"Words Unspoken" stands as a milestone in May We Meet Again's discography, being their third release and their inaugural venture into an extended format. This 5-track EP, including the promotional singles "Wallflower" and "Lost In Time," with the latter amassing over 2700 plays on Spotify, has captivated both the audience and specialized music critics. Produced by the renowned Robbie Litchfields, who has collaborated with other notable bands such as Saving Vice and In Shallows, the EP blends modern elements of metalcore with some other classic elements from the 2010’s scene, ranging from dissonant notes on the guitar and striking fry scream vocal techniques to the incorporation of synthesizers and intricate melodic and rhythmic lines with a technical aura.

In-Depth Analysis:

Within the depths of "Words Unspoken," May We Meet Again's music weaves a captivating theme that evolves from emotional vulnerability to feelings of struggle and empowerment. As we immerse ourselves in the composition, its lyrics become a mirror to our own internal conflicts and the deepest desires for the relentless pursuit of emotional fulfillment.

Track 01 – “Lined With Toxins”

"Lined with toxins" is the opening track of this exhilarating EP, making its entrance with a deeply emotive essence, evoked by the scream vocals of the singer who crafts an aura of nostalgia through their powerful performance from the very first seconds. Accompanying him there’s the sound of a guitar, employing an exquisite 'sweep picking' technique with a profound reverberation effect, sketching the sonic landscape and creating an intense sense of immersion from the very first track of the album.

The background of "Lined with Toxins" is as intriguing as the instrumentation itself. It lays bare the inherent toxicity within tumultuous relationships, where the constant sensation of ‘momentary stability’ culminates in an intense feeling of abandonment and disillusionment experienced by the narrator who shares his pain through the music. The melodic harmonious interplay between tranquil sections and heavy breakdowns serves to eloquently conveying the essence that the lyrics encapsulate, flawlessly reflecting the instability of our protagonist on his journey towards emotional abyss and their relentless pursuit of stability.


Track 02 – “Lost In Time”

Moving on to "Lost in Time," which, to this day, stands as the band's most-played song on their Spotify profile, and it becomes evident why when we lend our ears to it. "Lost In Time" distinguishes itself by embracing a captivating chord progression within its structure that boldly veers from familiar norms of the musical panorama. While certain common elements with the genre can be found on the band’s sound, the masterful way in which the band navigates from classic dissonant notes to melodic choruses presented in a different scale makes this song immediately stand, especially within the metalcore scene.

The backdrop of this composition, while also evoking intense emotional depth, unveils itself from a very different perspective, illuminating a sort of 'sentimental evolution' on the protagonist. Despite his persistent feelings of pain, "Lost In Time" offers an experience of liberation from the emotions that have entrapped them, ultimately awakening from the emotional nightmare he’s experiencing in a conscious effort to break free from them.


Track 03 – “Nowhere Left To Breathe”

"Unsettling"... That's right. If we were to describe what this song evokes from its very first seconds of it’s inception, perhaps this would be the most fitting word. From its dissonant synthesizers to the singer's incredible high scream vocals, effortlessly employing complex vocal techniques (which could easily make any black metal vocalist envious), "Nowhere Left to Breathe" unfurls a considerably darker ambiance. This darkness, of course, is by design, a manifestation of the meticulous craftsmanship of May We Meet Again. Their ability to forge a sonic realm in perfect harmony with their lyrical purpose is undeniable at this point.

This song immerses us in the aftermath of a romantic breakup, where the protagonist of this story exposes all his anger and anguish from the emotional shadows he's concealed within. By invoking the EP's title, "Words Unspoken," within the opening verses, it plunges us into the abyss of uncertainty that we have all felt at some point in our lives when it comes to complicated relationships.

"Nowhere left to Breathe" has the unique quality of not incorporating clean vocals into its structure; however, the vocalist maneuvers using various techniques, showcasing his versatility as a singer.

On the other hand, this is one of the songs where the percussion shines in its full splendor, as intricate tom arrangements connect the different sections of the song, complemented by a majestic precision in the double pedal work. The percussion is articulated flawlessly, gifting us with unequivocally the best breakdowns we've heard in a long time.

- Notable Moment: (1:45) THAT 'downtempo'. -


Track 04 – “Wallflower”

"Wallflower" is the fourth track of this incredible EP. And here is where we can undoubtedly appreciate the magnificence of the string work at its zenith. From the initial moments, the bass, with its remarkable depth, accentuates the rhythmic line with a delightful, distorted tone, while the guitar contributes intricate lead melodies that harken back to the glory days when bands like "Architects" and "Blessthefall" commanded the metalcore music scene. This adds new elements to the band's diverse sound palette in a completely authentic and refreshing manner.

"Wallflower" delves into the nostalgia provoked by the erosion of emotional connection between two individuals due to their growing distance. Through the lyrics and its structure, which generously accommodates space for melodic choruses and intricate breakdowns, the story unfolds vividly, capturing the pain experienced by the protagonist and the difficulty of erasing emotional wounds.


Track 05 – “Our New Sacred”

Unfortunately, "Our New Sacre," marks the culmination of this remarkable release; nevertheless, the members of May We Meet Again were determined not to leave us dissatisfied.

In this piece, a powerful theme of resilience is presented, inviting us to courageously confront the challenges life presents, appealing to our liberation and urging us to remain strong amidst adversity.

Undoubtedly, this song becomes a true anthem. Its catchy chorus and the inclusion of gang vocals ("We want to be Heard, want you to say our names. We will stand as one, and we won't take your blame…") (2:29) infuse the song with an essence of positivity and empowerment, crafting a closing that is not only cohesive but also unforgettable. This firmly positions the song as one of the most notable works, both within the band's repertoire and the entirety of the album.

May We Meet Again undoubtedly stands out as a band with incredible potential. Once again, they demonstrate that there is still room for innovation in the metalcore and post-hardcore music scene, and this release is the most compelling evidence of that. From their polished and meticulous musical production to the creative approach through which the band melds their musical resources, "Words Unspoken" cohesively and effectively captures the spectrum of human emotions. In every note and chord, these emotions are unleashed, resonating with listeners on various levels and echoing the raw authenticity of the human soul.

We invite you to follow May We Meet Again on their social media platforms to stay updated on their news and upcoming releases.


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