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Rivilin, the visionary Australian artist, seamlessly bridges two iconic music eras with his latest masterpiece: "I Hope". - Emo and Trap at Their Finest.

It's been a few days since we had the pleasure of welcoming Rivilin to Bad Wolf Radio, with one of his most outstanding releases, titled "I Hope," during the broadcasts of Dead Trees Music, in an incredible lineup that also included bands like Edge of Paradise, Bullet To The Heart, Hostile Array, among others. If you are one of our loyal followers, surely you had the opportunity to experience Rivilin's music, but... who is Rivilin? Join us in this article to find out!

Rivilin, a talented singer and songwriter hailing from the vibrant city of Brisbane, Australia, has left everyone speechless with his unique and authentic approach to music. With a musical blend that is simply exquisite to the ears, he has brilliantly fused two iconic eras in music history, bringing along the nostalgia of the 2000s with his emo/alt-rock style along with elements of the urban music scene such as Rap and Trap. This makes his music enjoyable for a very broad audience, demonstrating that his art is timeless.

Both heavy music enthusiasts and those seeking emotional refuge can be enchanted by his intense melodies and captivating lyrics. Through an incredible discography that includes numerous full-length studio albums and several promotional singles, he has left an indelible mark on the music scene where he has already won the affection of tens of thousands of followers worldwide. His burgeoning career shows no sign of slowing down, as in the two first months of 2024, he has already released four captivating singles, with "I Hope" being his second release of the year.

In this track, listeners will be delighted by Rivilin's vocal skills, showcasing his proficiency in rap, melodic vocals, and even guttural voices, all over an impressive instrumental background that is incredibly dynamic throughout its structure, evolving even from one genre to a completely different one across its extension.

His work as a lyricist is nothing short of impressive, with his deep lyrics creating a sense of immersion that makes listeners feel like they're stepping into the shoes of the protagonist from the very beginning.

We extend a warm invitation to our entire community not only to continue enjoying this incredible song on Bad Wolf Radio but also to take a dive into his impressive discography, which is definitely worth experiencing and can be found at the following >link<.

Additionally, follow Rivilin on his social media channels to stay updated on his latest news and upcoming releases!


Rivilin On-Line


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