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Satico Satellite Returns with Introspective New Indie-Pop Anthem "Innocence".

Satico Satellite, the creative force hailing from the vibrant music scene of Miami, Florida, unveils their latest mesmerizing creation titled "Innocence." Recently released on February 23, 2024, this ethereal piece takes listeners on a nostalgic journey, echoing the universal longing for simpler times amidst the complexities of our accelerated reality.

Crafted by the versatile artist E-Rock Proper, who serves as the vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, "Innocence" is a testament to Satico Satellite's artistic evolution. Recorded at Smoke and Mirror Studios in Miami, Florida, and produced by E-Rock himself in collaboration with KVASS as co-producer, this song showcases an incredible layering of sounds, featuring dreamy guitar melodies, profound bass lines, and punchy rhythmic percussion that will leave you with an uplifting sensation even after it ends. This song is the perfect soundtrack to accompany you on your journey of self-discovery and reflection, serving as "fuel for life" when things start to ‘over-complicate’.

The vocals are nothing short of impressive as well, as E-Rock Proper's masterful singing abilities, in combination with his incredible production work, bring forth a sonic tapestry where complex vocal harmonies intertwine seamlessly with the instrumentation background, adding depth to the mix while simultaneously creating an immersive landscape where listeners can feel every word of its profound and introspective lyrics.

"Innocence" stands as Satico Satellite’s second release in their discography and the first one of this year 2024. Following their past release "Spiritualina," which has accumulated over 33,000 streams on Spotify, this song continues Satico’s illustrious musical work and serves as a sneak peek of what's to come in the future.

You're probably familiar with Satico Satellite, as we had the pleasure of hosting them on Bad Wolf Radio for the official release of “Spiritualina” on November 17, 2023. However, if you're not yet acquainted with them, we extend a warm invitation not only to give this new song a listen but also to follow Satico Satellite on their social media platforms to stay updated about their latest news and exciting upcoming releases.



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