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Saving Vice has been cooking up a new studio album, and here's a sneak peek! "The Cabal", the band's latest single, arrives to crush corruption in the music industry.

Updated: Apr 23

As the expression goes, "The calm before the storm," we all know that when Saving Vice is in a state of apparent silence, the least we can expect are big and exciting news. After several months since the successful release of their previous single "Blood or Wine?" the three-piece Vermont-based metalcore band, far from being static, has been working hard in the studio to bring to life their new upcoming album 'Good Days, Dead Eyes,' that promises to be the band's most ambitious work in their entire musical career.

We don't make this mention simply out of expectation and predisposition. While many of us here consider ourselves true fans of their intense breakdowns, killer double bass pedals, and vocals that come straight from the underworld, we have enough backing to make this important declaration openly. Because today, Saving Vice have brought with them, and for all of us, a spectacular preview of what their new album is and will be, which comes hand in hand with their new single titled "The Cabal" which is a complete madness! not only in musical terms but also boldly addressing the complexities and injustices of the music industry, in the unique and unfiltered style that has made the band known over the years.

"The Cabal" reveals itself with a fresh and fully evolved sound, leaving many characteristic aspects of the band behind this time, while preserving some other sonic and compositional elements to give rise to an auditory experience that takes the band's vision to the highest level. We could easily be talking about them reaching their 'peak' in terms of the impeccable quality of their work.

This aspect holds significant relevance not only for understanding their evolution as a band over time and comprehending the 'exquisite' and 'polished' sound they have achieved today, but also because it's important to remember that "Saving Vice" has recently severed ties with their record label. They had worked closely with the label for years but chose to forge their own path in music, providing their own members and team with greater involvement and freedom to express and materialize their ideas. From this perspective, this event takes on significant importance in relation to the powerful message that this song conveys through its lyrics, which we will explore in detail.

"The Cabal" offers a raw and realistic look at the latent corporatism existing between a controlling state that (why not say it?) shamelessly colludes with a weakened and corrupted music industry, both striving to maintain their dominance by privileging only those artists and bands that align with their discourse and ideas.

Under this premise, an interesting reflection arises. While the internet as a phenomenon has come as the great "savior" of humanity, offering ultimate freedom where each and every one of us can consume the content we desire at any time, and in the other hand artists are free to express the ideas they consider relevant through their creations, there is a sort of "silent censorship," where major record companies will not invest a single penny in your work if it doesn't align with its discourse and ideologies, all of this propelled by a controlling state.


"We’ve always been a band that’s been looked down upon by the cabal of the industry for being so unconventional in our approach to doing things, so this song is aimed at those folks who have boxed us and other independent bands like us out as we continue to work hard and ultimately trust our own instincts.

Tyler Small - Saving Vice (Frontman)


As mentioned earlier, while Saving Vice has shown considerable evolution from a production and compositional quality perspective, some of the key elements that have made them one of the most relevant bands in the metalcore scene over the last decade remain present. One of those elements is their inherent ability to construct a narrative that is both captivating and provocative, effectively communicating a message as poignant as the phenomenon of corruption in the music industry, but with their characteristic language that gives listeners the opportunity to find their own interpretations in their music and draw their own conclusions. We're not talking about avoiding being directly "explicit," because if there's something Saving Vice does spectacularly well (besides music), it's not holding back their discontent through their imposing lyrics and furious melodies. Rather, it's a carefully crafted narrative work where the metaphorical use of each and every word pushes their message subtly but with incredible power, proving once again that their authentic and unique approach will always find a place among fans who appreciate music and art for its true significance.


“The Cabal” arrives as a direct follow-up to “Blood or Wine?” and is the second release leading up to their new album "Good Days, Dead Eyes," which will contain 10 frenetic tracks gradually revealed until its official release date on May 31, 2024.

If you've enjoyed "The Cabal" and don't want to miss the premiere of their upcoming album, we invite you to follow Saving Vice on their social media channels, which you can find in the links below. Additionally, we invite you to visit their official website (, where you can find more information about the band, dates of their upcoming events, and support the band by purchasing their incredible merchandise items from their store!



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