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Saving Vice returns With A New Metalcore Banger: "Blood or Wine?"

Following the success of "I'm With You" in January 2023, the acclaimed metalcore band Saving Vice, hailing from the lands of Vermont, USA, makes their return to the music scene with their latest hit, titled "Blood or Wine?", a single filled with power and technical prowess that sets out to challenge the established boundaries of the genre, thanks to its powerful lyrics and a clear message of defiance against modern society.

Join us in the following article, where we'll dive deep into this incredible new release that will undoubtedly captivate your senses and shake your consciousness with its thought-provoking message. We recommend you lean back in your seat and enjoy what's coming next because Saving Vice has returned to stay.

About The Band:

Saving Vice embodies the essence of metalcore in every chord and every lyric. With Tyler Small on vocals, Robbie Litchfield on guitar and vocals, and Sam Whelton on drums, this lineup vibrates with unmatched intensity. Their music represents not only a musical expression but also a powerful emotional experience, where strength and melancholy intertwine in perfect balance. Since their inception in 2017, this independent metalcore band from Vermont has made a notable splash in the New England metalcore scene. Their meteoric rise has been fueled by unparalleled live performances and overwhelming energy, leading them to expand nationally with three major US tours, numerous festival appearances, and collaborations with other renowned artists.

Saving Vice's music and live performances are a paradox, captivating with a nostalgic blend of classic 2009 metalcore and contemporary trends. Their lyrics address real-life themes such as addiction, loss, and heartbreak, resulting in beautiful and melodic compositions that remain ruthlessly brutal and dark. Saving Vice's innovation shines in the versatility of their songs, resonating with the audience and exploring the deepest emotions. This trio challenges conventions by blending the classic with the contemporary to create a sound that transcends boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the metalcore scene.

About the Release

The long-awaited return of Saving Vice comes with a stunning new single, "Blood or Wine?" that serves as a prelude to an album scheduled for 2024. This bold and powerful song reflects a new chapter for the band. The aggressive music and dynamic storytelling mark an evolutionary leap for these metalcore pioneers, addressing the malice of lies and misinformation that influences contemporary society.

With a chorus that denounces the toxic nature of disinformation, "Blood or Wine?" arrives at a fitting time, matching the dark and mysterious atmosphere of Halloween. The single represents a new era for Saving Vice, marked by changes in the lineup, and the band is eager to start a new chapter with this impactful release. The song is also a call for authenticity and empowerment, urging the audience to take control of their own narrative. Furthermore, the band has handled all aspects of recording and production internally for the first time, achieving a result that fills them with pride and satisfaction.

In-Depth Analysis

With an eerie laughter, Saving Vice makes their entrance, transporting the listener to dark places dominated by the spirit of Halloween. With an energetic guitar riff and the deep resonating bass guitar line, this song immediately brings to mind the delightful sound characteristic of metalcore during its heyday, but with a renewed spirit and at times featuring djent influences.

From the start of the first verse, Tyler showcases his incredible vocal abilities, employing multiple techniques with enviable ease, creating an uplifting aura that subliminally invites listeners to partake in two-step dances, throwing flying kicks, or even dance the 'Macarena' (each one chooses how to face the pit, but you're definitely not staying in the back in this one).

"Blood or Wine?" is a wake-up call, a question that pierces the mind from the very first verse: "when you wake up, what's the first thought that shoots through your mind?". The phrase "Fit to be Lobotomized" resonates like a blow to the conscience, suggesting the amputation of critical thinking. The song presents a narrative in which identity fades, crushed by the relentless pursuit of power and manipulation. The lyrics paint a landscape of destruction, where the thirst for blood and revenge intertwines with the despair of a corrupted truth.

The duality of "Blood or Wine?" resonates as a metaphor, questioning the nature of reality: is it the spilled blood or the wine, an intoxicating truth? The song triggers a revolt where hearts and minds are entangled in disinformation, reflecting the fragility of truth in a corrupted world. It's true that the times we live in are increasingly filled with absent-minded individuals, trapped by their smartphones, watching TikToks, and believing everything they see without questioning the veracity perceived by their eyes and ears. In the end, it turns out that we are all manipulated in one way or another, and truth as a concept is nothing more than another consumable product, where those with more 'followers' and 'likes' become the owners of truth.

You actually can see this on TV everyday, where some TV Shows with political speeches are designed to charm the masses, the advertising of garbage food, expensive clothing, and pretty much everything in our world is designed to be just products. We are surrounded by lies that encourage us to believe in them so that we buy the next definitive book for success. People are no longer persons; they are individuals who need a label to belong or not belong, to be an ally or an enemy.

"Blood or Wine?" perfectly conveys a powerful message through its lyrics, and it immerses us in the world created by its musical devices. The sounds travel majestically through the stereo channel as if they are omnipresent to the listeners' ears. However, no instrument overlaps with another; while all possess a strong presence within the mix, they do not overshadow the main vocals, resonating with unparalleled clarity, revealing the greatness of this piece not only in its composition but also in its incredible level of production.

At the moment of the breakdown and just before it, the sounds intensify and once again invite us to join the mosh pit (the most infernal one ever seen), as they use dissonances, focusing on using high-glitched frequencies at the right moment, delivering a delicious tension in every note.

Saving Vice has managed to create an exceptional musical piece that will firmly establish itself in the metalcore scene, possessing all the power of modern techniques but showing that their heart remains the same, and that they will continue to evolve.

We invite our community of music enthusiasts and lovers not only to enjoy this incredible album but also to follow Saving Vice on their social media, where you can stay updated on their news and new releases.


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