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'Venetian Blinds' by Thunder Club: "The Perfect Soundtrack for When We Need an Escape"

Originality and authenticity are undoubtedly concepts that are part of the musical identity of this incredible band, as if it were a sort of unique and impossible-to-replicate 'musical fingerprint.' And, truth be told, we're confident that the Thunder Club guys are fully aware of this, as evidenced by their latest release, "Venetian Blinds," where the band manages to capture a complete and genuine sonic experience that masterfully highlights their entire talent and artistic skill.

From incredible instrumentation, where all the instruments unfold spontaneously and shine magnificently in the mix, to an intense theme backed by a musical structure that promises to keep you captivated from start to finish, "Venetian Blinds" by the American band Thunder Club dives deep into a captivating exploration through the constant struggle against life's adversities presents in our environment and specially in human relationships, inviting us to confront that inherent desire to escape from a spontaneous perspective, a desire that naturally resides in all of us in one way or another.

Well, let us tell you that this is the ideal soundtrack for when every aspect of your life becomes overwhelming (even your hometown). So grab your backpack, car keys, and tune in to this incredible song on your radio as you drive, experiencing a true sense of personal liberation.

Thunder Club: Elevating the Baltimore Music Scene

Thunder Club is a dynamic and electrifying band hailing from Baltimore, merging diverse rock influences to craft a distinctive and unique sound. Founded by John Burkhardt on drums, Pete Burkhardt on guitar, Dennis Chen on guitar and lead vocals, and Conor Johnston on bass, the band's roots are deeply intertwined with the city that birthed and nurtured them.

The story behind Thunder Club is one of friendship and local connections. While Conor, Pete, and John were neighbors, Conor and Dennis shared their high school years and a circle of friends with Pete. This camaraderie is showcased in their music, which spans a range of influences including bands like Queens of the Stone Age, The Strokes, Illiterate Light, Arctic Monkeys, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, resulting in a fresh and unique sound.

The band has made their mark on the local music scene with notable performances, including appearances on WTMD and showcases at Artscape. They've graced iconic Baltimore venues like The Metro and Joe Squared, selling out tickets and captivating audiences. Recently, the band recorded at Leesta Vall Studios in Brooklyn, New York, marking another milestone in their career.

Diving into "Venetian Blinds": In-Depth Musical Analysis

As previously mentioned, one of the distinctive characteristics of this band lies in its authentic and unparalleled sound, which is primarily highlighted by the fusion of numerous influences stemming from various rock genres, thus creating a genuine and unique auditory experience. Right from the start, "Venetian Blinds" surprisingly presents itself as a musical landscape that bursts with vibrancy and energy, where each instrument shines both individually and collectively, effectively captivating the listeners' attention from the very beginning.

In "Venetian Blinds," an intriguing theme is presented that revolves around personal struggles and the imminent need to escape from our problems when they start encroaching upon our peace and stability. What's interesting is that the band approaches this theme from a perspective that prompts us to reflect on how this phenomenon doesn't necessarily signify a negative aspect of our attitude; quite the opposite. Through the lyrics, the band tells the story of a protagonist who confronts feelings of disillusionment and emotional conflicts. Despite his attempts to break the cycle of unfortunate events that weigh him down, he has found no success. This leads him to experience an intense desire to confront his problems, challenging their pride and embracing self-expression as their flag of struggle in an environment with which he feels a deep disconnection.

The imagery of ‘Cheap red wine on the Venetian blinds’ serves as a captivating metaphor for the disorderly and uncoordinated nature of the situation. Despite feeling trapped in this cycle and entangled in this scenario, the protagonist of this story yearns for someone to understand him, emphasizing the desire for genuine connection and validation.

The musical landscape of this song offers an auditory experience that aligns perfectly with its theme. The positive aura the song evokes makes us perceive the underlying conflict in this situation as a true liberation experience. The singer's vocal performance, for instance, is infused with incredible energy throughout the song extension, delivering surprisingly catchy melodic lines that help convey the sensation of breaking away from the norm to achieve emotional freedom. The guitars, on the other hand, with their clean tone yet endowed with astonishing sustain, trace the initial chords of the song through a captivating strumming technique that masterfully blends with the bassline. The bassline itself produces independent melodies that go beyond merely underpinning the melodic foundation. As the piece unfolds, it consistently surprises us by executing intricate melodies that add depth and generate an effect that accentuates the rhythmic sensation within the mix from its very inception.

Another highly notable aspect of "Venetian Blinds" is its powerful percussion, which, executed with impeccable precision, is energetic and prominently present in the composition. Utilizing all its elements adeptly, the drums introduce various musical arrangements in appropriate measure, elegantly standing out and contributing to the overall structure of the song. Its precise execution adds an additional layer of complexity to the piece, remarkably enriching the auditory context.

In this manner, these musical elements interact cohesively to create a musical work that captivates and surprises at every turn, weaving a sonic fabric that facilitates the seamless telling of the story. It evolves consistently throughout the composition, keeping the listener immersed in a musical experience that combines technical skill with artistic expression.

However, the auditory zenith isn't reached until the 2:21 mark, where we're treated to an incredible guitar solo, which has the distinct quality of being the exact opposite of a typical solo. The members of Thunder Club have once again embraced their originality. While the guitar melody surprises us with a complex and captivating sequence, employing an exquisite and warm distortion effect, it's also accompanied by the other instruments, each executing diverse musical arrangements.

From the drums maintaining an unwavering energy, to the bass holding a constant pulse that supports the structure, and the singer's voice taking on a commanding presence as he repeats the phrase "It's not my time but, I'm running away" as if it were a sort of an anthem, a collaborative achievement emerges at this point. Each musical element contributes masterfully, with all band members synchronizing to create a solid and cohesive climax.

"Venetian Blinds" marks a true milestone in Thunder Club's musical journey, being their first release since their last work in 2018, the EP "Summer Vice." This clearly demonstrates the band's commitment and determination to continue their musical trajectory, undoubtedly bringing us many surprises in the future.

We invite you to follow Thunder Club on their social media platforms to stay updated on their news and upcoming releases. Furthermore, we extend a warm invitation to our entire community not only to enjoy this incredible song but also to explore their entire repertoire and discography, which is sure to captivate your senses.


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