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Top Indie Rock Tracks

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Into The Otherside

November 24, 2023, marks a significant milestone for The Listros, a talented musical duo hailing from Toronto, Canada, as they debut in the musical scene with the release of their first rock anthem titled "Into The Otherside."
Comprising the brothers Sean and Evan Listro, The Listros have truly shaken the current music panorama with this release. They immediately stood out in the crowd, thanks to their energetic and electrifying sound, already accumulating over 7000 plays on Spotify.

But what sets this band apart? It's their ability to merge and mix a wide range of rock sub-genres into a single entity—from garage rock with a strong 90's raw sound influence to elements of indie and pop rock. They create their own reimagination of what Alternative rock means.

"Into the Otherside" is just the beginning of their musical journey, offering a small sneak peek of what's to come. Currently in the studio, they are preparing their forthcoming debut EP with the participation of renowned musicians such as Exclap (2x Juno and 2x Gold Winning Songwriter & Producer) and Ross Hayes (Juno Nominated Producer). This collaboration proves that The Listros are here to stay and leave a lasting mark on music history.


Coral Z, a rising talent hailing from Cambridge, United Kingdom, unveils her debut single, 'Americano,' released on September 19, 2023.

This song holds a special place in Coral's heart, having witnessed her journey of struggles in relationships and the deep bonds of friendship that emerged from those experiences over the past five years. 'Americano' was penned in March 2018, and its meaningful lyrics are a testament to Coral's emotional journey.

Musically, 'Americano' is a delightful mix of alternative rock with elements of pop-punk, making it the perfect soundtrack for any occasion. Coral's debut offers a captivating melody, thoughtful lyrics, and a vibrant sound that's ready to energize your playlist.

'Americano' reflects the universal struggle of yearning to express your feelings for someone but being held back by fear. Coral Z's debut single is a musical journey through the depths of emotions and relationships, and it's sure to resonate with listeners.

Carpe Noctem

Golem Dance Cult is a talented musical duo comprised by two old friends Charles Why and Laur, Both have previously made their mark in notable bands such as Losta Noise and Sparkling Bombs. However, within this musical project, they have discovered a creative space without boundaries, allowing them to forge a distinctive sound that truly defines their musical identity.

Their latest track, "Carpe Noctem," is a dynamic fusion of indie rock, post-punk, and alternative rock elements. It delivers an immersive musical experience characterized by electrifying distorted guitars and powerful percussion, guiding listeners towards a profound sense of freedom and euphoria.

Golem Dance Cult's ability to push musical boundaries and craft a sound that transcends genres is evident in "Carpe Noctem," making it a must-listen for those seeking a sonic journey that goes beyond the ordinary.

No Rest

Gabriel A. Pentin, the mastermind behind the sensational band known as Self Torque, has re-entered the music scene with the release of "No Rest." Following the highly anticipated wait since the debut of "Impending Sense Of Doom," Self Torque's inaugural EP in February, the band is back to enchant rock enthusiasts worldwide.

Amidst the rapid changes of our world, "No Rest" emerges as an anthem for those navigating their own paths in life, often feeling overshadowed by expectations and overlooking the journey that brought them to the present. Gabriel elaborates on the song's origin, stating; “No Rest started from the frustration of not being able to write a song, the opening line is “When will the inspiration come, when will things start to be fun?” It’s kind of about not knowing where to start with life. It’s based on not being able to do anything in yourself, but also recognising how far you’ve come”.

Self Torque skillfully blends elements from various subgenres, encompassing punk rock, indie, and pop rock. This fusion creates a captivating musical journey from the onset of each song, evoking a profound sense of 90s nostalgia reminiscent of bands like AFI and Alkaline Trio, yet preserving the band's authentic and distinctive essence.

With an energetic sound and a genuine message, Self Torque's songs offer an experience akin to engaging in a profound conversation with oneself elevated to the next level. It's a dialogue where you can express anything and even challenge your own thoughts, presenting a fresh approach to self-reflection.

Midnight Candy

"Midnight Candy," the latest release from Ruby Nixxons, an electrifying rock band hailing from Glasgow, United Kingdom, stands as a true rock anthem that beckons music enthusiasts into a world of timeless sounds and raw energy. Comprising the talents of Dan Briody (Lead Vocals/Bass), Gordon Chalmers on Drums, and Steve Mosley (Guitars/Vocals), they merge their skills to craft a rich tapestry of sounds that will undoubtedly make you headbang to the rhythm.

Ruby Nixxons came together in their 50s, fueled by a shared passion to reignite the spirit of rock. Drawing inspiration from classic 70s and 80s Rock, the band has graced numerous venues across Central Scotland and made their mark on Bishop FM Radio.

"Midnight Candy," officially released on 16/11/2023, invites listeners to delve into a captivating journey through the complexities of human connections in the unique style of Ruby Nixxons. This song stands as the band's fourth release in their discography and the second consecutive release of the year. With energetic rhythmic sections, sharp guitar riffs, a sultry guitar solo, and commanding vocals, this song has everything rock lovers would want to find in a single track!

By blending elements from garage and classic rock, Ruby Nixxons has skillfully managed to reinvent the rock sound in modern times, and this song serves as a prelude to their larger mission—to revive the timeless allure of rock music. With "Midnight Candy", Ruby Nixxons invites listeners to join them on a musical oddysey that transcends boundaries, embracing the soul of rock with a fresh perspective.

A Powerful Light

Travis Shaw's return to the music scene is marked by the release of "A Powerful Light." After a hiatus of a couple of years, this Indie Rock and Alternative Rock Pop artist is ready to share his musical message with the world.

The track, released on September 30, 2023, holds profound significance for Travis. Written a couple of years ago, it's an emotional response to the injustice that permeated the world. "A Powerful Light" serves as a beacon of hope and healing, a musical tribute to the enduring strength that conquers darkness. It's an ode to the good and innocent souls lost along the way.

Fade Away

Standing as his fifth release in his discography and the third consecutive release in 2023, the talented singer/songwriter hailing from Dallas, Texas, Carson Aday, is here today to present his latest musical gem titled "Fade Away."

Recently premiered on November 14 and already accumulating more than 1400 plays on Spotify, this song is an open window to the heart of Carson Aday, not only as a musician but also to his deepest feelings. With a captivating and unique sound that masterfully blends indie and pop rock, infused with characteristic soft guitar strumming and Carson's gentle vocals, "Fade Away" delves into his fear of losing his Christian faith as his career grows and develops. In this journey, the music industry plays a crucial role by offering constant instances to fall into addiction and egocentrism.

The song's message is not only portrayed by the music itself but also by the artwork, which features an astronaut left alone in the infinity of space, perfectly describing how it feels when we distance ourselves from God—an infinite void, floating in nothingness as time passes by.

This song arrives at the right moment and place for all of us who are struggling to preserve faith in divinity during modern times when everything else seems to be upside down. The only thing we have left is that strong religious bond that keeps us firm and gives purpose to our lives. This song song emerges as the perfect hymn resonating with individuals navigating the complexities of faith in the changing world we all live in.

Black Sheep

The Train Rockers, a captivating rock band from Munich, Germany, have arrived to mesmerize us with their latest masterpiece titled "Black Sheep." In this track, the band takes listeners on a compelling musical journey, skillfully merging the talents of its musicians. By combining elements from indie rock and pop rock and infusing them with an authentic touch, they have created an innovative musical landscape.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of their compositions is the inclusion of unusual musical instruments in the genre, such as the accordion. This addition adds an incredible layer of depth to the mix, showcasing their uniqueness and establishing their presence in the rock music scene.

Originally released on 09/09/23, "Black Sheep" delves into a thought-provoking theme—the world as perceived by outcasts, misfits, or, referred to in the song as "the black sheep." Beyond being a compelling addition to the modern rock scene, this song serves as an anthem of resilience for those navigating a journey in search of belonging.

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Top Alt-Rock/Metal Tracks

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Speak Up

Five-piece alternative rock outfit, Order Of Owls, hailing from Melbourne, Australia, has just unleashed their latest powerhouse track, "Speak Up." Following the success of their debut release, "Freedom(ination)," which has amassed over 8,500 plays on Spotify, the band remains dedicated to their musical journey. "Speak Up," their second official single, premiered on December 1st, 2023, marking a promising continuation of Order Of Owls' evolving discography.

By blending elements from hard rock and metal, the band crafts a compelling sonic experience that traverses an intense melodic atmosphere led by a masterful vocal line. The instrumental background arrangements, reminiscent of post-hardcore/classic alt-metal elements, provides the necessary backdrop to convey the song's poignant message.

With "Speak Up," Order Of Owls delves deep into the tumultuous terrain of depression, capturing the nuanced emotions associated with its vacillations. The band explains: "he ultimate message behind the song is that anyone feeling it isn't alone. They're part of a community of people where the vulnerability and exposure of expression can seem daunting. Speaking about it is the most effective way of regaining agency and to learn how to regulate to facilitate connection." This track underscores that Order Of Owls' musical odyssey is only just beginning.

Blood Or Wine?

Saving Vice is an independent metalcore act from Vermont. Since their inception in 2017, they quickly gained notoriety in the New England metal scene with their unparalleled high-energy live performance and have since branched out on a national level with two full US headliners, multiple festival appearances and support outings with other renowned artists from the scene. Their music and live energy are paradoxically nostalgic as well as refreshing; reminiscent of classic, ‘09 metalcore blended with the contemporary genre trend. Their lyrics highlight real-world topics such as addiction, loss and heartbreak and their compositions are beautiful and melodic, yet unapologetically brutal and dark.

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
Hollywood's Bleeding

"Hollywood's Bleeding" by the american metalcore band In Shallows, is a captivating reimagination of its original counterpart by Post Malone. In this new Version of the song, In Shallows shows their prowess not only as a powerful band, but also in their ability to show their essence and well defined sound through dfferent genres, thus creating a melodic and extreme experience that will take listeners to experience this great song like never before.


Deadweight, an outstanding metalcore band from Tampa, United States, has just released their latest banger called "Roots." Comprised of Eric Stillwell, Ronnie Cooper, Brandon Weaver, and Jacob Merkley, this band is ready to blow your mind with their heavy breakdowns and two-step sections designed to get even your 80-year old grandpa into the pit. Drawing inspiration from bands like Currents, Wage War, and Hollow Front, Deadweight has managed to craft a unique signature sound that sets them apart in the American core scene. "Roots" is also part of their upcoming EP titled "In Darkness Is Light," set to be released on October 13th. Be sure to follow Deadweight on their social media to stay updated about this highly anticipated release!

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg

Hostile Array is a metalcore and post-hardcore band originating from Maryland, United States. It was formed in 2017 and has gained recognition for its aggressive music and socially and politically charged lyrics. The band lineup includes Brendan Frey on lead vocals, Garrison Frey on guitar and backing vocals, Hector Fernandez on guitar, Brody Barbour on bass, and Fredy Menjivar on drums. They have released a studio album titled "Hostile Array" in 2017, which includes songs like "Devoid," "Newspeak," and "Warmonger," as well as several promotional singles. One of their standout singles is "Heavy," which is part of their latest EP titled "Trauma."


Los Angeles-based cinematic rock band, Edge Of Paradise, invites you on a thrilling journey with their latest track, "DARK." As the fifth track from their latest album "Hologram," this song is a melodic metal masterpiece that delves into deep emotions and dynamic sounds. It's a cinematic experience that will take you on an immersive ride through the darkness and into the light.

"Hologram," Edge Of Paradise's fourth studio album, was released on July 14, 2023. It's their heaviest, most personal, and collaborative work to date, reflecting the challenges and adversity they've overcome in the music industry. Co-produced by the band and industry heavyweights like Mike Plotnikoff and Jacob Hansen, this collaboration has resulted in a top-quality production that immerses listeners in a world of pursuit, sacrifice, and perseverance against all cosmic odds, unveiling the key to building a new reality.

But Edge Of Paradise not only stands out for their impressive musical creations; they are also known for their electrifying and magnetic live performances. They recently went on tour with the metal eminences Lacuna Coil in May 2023 and the Grammy-nominated power metal band Dragonforce in October 2023, evidencing that Edge Of Paradise has landed on the global stage to stay and leave a mark on the musical history.

Valued In Gold

"Valued In Gold" by WolfSkin is a powerful song that captures the essence of metalcore and djent genres. The band draws influences from some of the genre's biggest names such as The Amity Affliction, Invent Animate, and Currents, infusing their own unique sound into each track.

Released in 2020, the song is packed with fast and progressive drumming, complemented by virtuoso guitar riffs and guttural vocals creating an engaging auditory experience.

Garden Of Lies

Vermont post-rock outfit New Saviors have released their moody and immersive new single “Garden of Lies” across streaming platforms.

“Garden of Lies” is the follow-up to their Personal Hell EP, which was released earlier this year to great success. If you track the trajectories of any major act within the alternative music scene, it’s often experimentation and authenticity that kickstart a band’s grasp on the industry. New Saviors are ready for that kind of evolution and have delivered it with this latest single, exploring a dark and moody sonic landscape that would fit alongside notable acts as Imminence, Parkway Drive, and In This Moment.

New Saviors have always addressed topics that they hold close to them, but the message of “Garden of Lies” holds a tremendous weight like none other in their discography. “This song is our most ballsy callout to date,” says vocalist Mick King. She continues, “It’s about people who hide behind religion to justify their hateful words and actions. We poured our hearts, souls, and personal experiences into this track, and we want to use our platform to address issues like this because nobody has an excuse to do harm to others.”

“Garden of Lies” was mixed and mastered by Nick Matzkows (Attack Attack, Conquer Divide, Until I Wake), who brought a fresh voice and production quality to this single. New Saviors have consistent releases and touring scheduled through 2024, so get ready, because you’ll be seeing their name a lot in the months to follow.

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