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The Council Of Rats

Suburban Bicycle Gang returns with full force in 2024, kicking off the year with their latest release, "Council Of Rats." You're likely already acquainted with this remarkable band, given their official debut on Bad Wolf Radio with the single "Lake Scugog," a captivating melodic-rock piece released in October 2023. However, this time, they return with a completely evolved sound, showcasing their most energetic and aggressive side.

"Council Of Rats" offers a dose of the purest indie-garage rock essence, infused with the band's characteristic approach to creating a thought-provoking experience for listeners through their lyrics. This fast-paced vintage punk rock track, spanning almost two minutes, delves into an intriguing theme that challenges power structures. The talented trio skillfully combines musical prowess with narrative abilities, crafting a story that paints an irreverent and sarcastic image of political corruption.

What sets this piece apart is its incredible organic vibe. Fans of The Dead Kennedys and Black Flag will undoubtedly feel at home with its electrifying guitar riffs, strong percussion fills, and distorted vocals. Suburban Bicycle Gang defies classification into a single genre; each song feels distinct, showcasing their versatility as musicians. So, go ahead and give this masterpiece a listen! Catch it now live on Bad Wolf Radio!

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