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Each day, we curate the finest and best new tracks across various genres. From Indie-Rock to Alternative Pop to Metal & Hard-Rock, find your next favorite tune here.

Secret 13

From the beautiful city of Austin, Texas, arrives Oliver Jordan, a talented and skilled independent musician and composer, who today graces Bad Wolf Records with his latest masterpiece titled "Secret 13." This captivating emotional journey encapsulates the purest essence of alternative indie rock, intertwined with a touch of harsh reality.

Written from the depths of the artist's emotions and life experiences, this song delves into the challenges of facing loss, particularly when it involves close friends with whom we've shared significant moments, only for them to fade into vague memories. With imposing and sincere lyrics, accompanied by instrumentation that seamlessly blends acoustic and electronic elements, Oliver evokes an instant sense of nostalgia. From the first seconds, listeners are immersed in a thought-provoking experience that lingers long after the song concludes.

"Secret 13," officially released on January 26, 2024, serves as a tantalizing glimpse into Oliver Jordan's recent work in the recording studio and offers a taste of what's to come on his forthcoming full-length album. For more information, feel free to visit his social media channels, accessible through the links provided below.

I'm A Man

Gary Dranow, the legend of rock 'n' roll, returns to delight us once again with his powerful and electrifying sound in one of his most remarkable releases; "I'm A Man." A genuine anthem of empowerment that invites us to embrace personal growth and emotional maturity.

Officially released in August 2023 and currently back on the charts as one of his most popular songs, "I'm a Man" encapsulates the pure spirit of Rock 'n' Roll. With distorted guitars, prominent and energetic percussion, and the vibrant sound of the harmonica, this song becomes the perfect backdrop for self-reflection, urging us to look back on the path we've traveled and feel stronger as a result of the experiences we've faced in the past.

The captivating story behind this song focuses on the narrator's personal evolution through life experiences. With an affirming tone, the narrator acknowledges being "a man," not only referring to physical masculinity but also to the strength and wisdom acquired throughout life and past experiences.

"I'm A Man" arrives at the right moment to make noise and boldly establish itself in the current social landscape, where traditional notions of masculinity are challenged, and the "deconstruction of masculinity" seems to be the prevailing politically correct discourse. Gary Dranow fearlessly acknowledges the facts that have shaped him into a grown man, showing us that even our past, including the challenging experiences, serves as the fuel that propels us forward and makes us stronger every day.

Everything in the Wrong Place

Singer-songwriter John Tibbits has unveiled his captivating new single, "Everything in the Wrong Place." With roots in Birmingham and now thriving in London, Tibbits' musical journey is marked by evolution, innovation, and a profound understanding of the challenges that songwriting can entail. "Everything in the Wrong Place" serves as a poignant exploration of the creative process's trials and tribulations. The song delves into the very frustrations that songwriting can sometimes conjure—be it the formidable writer's block or the ever-present allure to mimic the work of one's musical idols. Tibbits' lyricism offers an authentic window into these internal struggles, resonating with fellow artists and music enthusiasts who have encountered similar obstacles. At the heart of the single lies Tibbits' transformation as an artist. Departing from his folk origins, the track embraces an alternative/indie rock soundscape that signals his growth and willingness to step outside his comfort zone.

Revenge of the ScarJo

Hailing from Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, The Margaret Hooligans stand as a powerful band not only redefining the alternative and indie rock sound but also leaving an indelible mark on the current musical scene. With their latest release, 'Revenge Of The ScarJo,' officially launched on October 24, 2023, this talented musical duo offers a sneak peek into what's to come on their upcoming fourth album, 'ThunderHole Rock n’ Roll,' set to be released soon.

Their sound incorporates elements from various sub-genres of rock, ranging from the rawest Noise Rock and Garage to elements of alternative hard rock, creating an immersive experience that will draw you into their organic and electrifying sound. 'Revenge of the ScarJo' results in an effective combination of musical devices that evoke the essence of a vintage record, yet with the best qualities of modern recording techniques, creating a captivating sonic landscape that balances both aspects perfectly.


What would happen if you mixed the purest sound of garage rock with modern recording techniques? That's right, Livid. arrives to answer this question and impress us all with their latest studio work titled "Downtown."

Many rock enthusiasts argue that the music of the '70s and '80s felt different—more vibrant, more full of energy—and they couldn't be more correct. Even from a technical standpoint, we have previously discussed on our blog how contemporary music intentionally lacks dynamic range to keep you captivated from start to finish. However, this causes the music to lose nuances and authenticity.

For that reason, Livid. is one of those bands that immediately grabs your attention. It sounds like those iconic bands from past decades but with an incredibly immersive sound and quality. It stands out in the rock scene immediately, embodying the essence of classic hard rock in its purest form but with completely refreshed sound quality, as if Led Zeppelin had existed in 2024.

"Downtown," officially released on December 22, 2023, establishes itself as their second studio release, maintaining the same energy as their previous album, "Raise My Bet," but on steroids! This proves that the talented trio from Miami is not only capable of standing out in the crowd but also capable of 'raising the bet' on their own boundaries of talent.

This Feeling

The purest essence of garage rock takes center stage today at Bad Wolf Records, and its brought to you by our friends from the band Oceanless. hailing from the vibrant city of Manchester yhey have kindly shared with all of us their latest studio release, titled "This Feeling."

Oceanless have been working tirelessly since their formation in 2023, constantly visiting the recording studio and bringing with them numerous outstanding songs like "Medication" and "Isolation," both collectively amassing over 7,000 streams on Spotify. However, this particular release promises to be their most prominent and ambitious to date.

"This Feeling" marks their sixth installment within an impressive discography and is also their first release of the year 2024. It not only showcases an evolution in their electrifying sound but also reflects a method of composition that showcases spectacular production work. They have collaborated with none other than Sean Mbaya, a renowned producer who mixed Noel Gallagher's "Blue Moon Rising," propelling it to the top of the UK music charts with the album "Back the Way We Came."

Oceanless is undoubtedly one of those bands that have much to offer to their audience and that's exactly what makes them stand out in the crowd. With a palpable authenticity, their music combines an exquisite blend of musical devices that incorporates elements of alternative rock, indie, and pop-rock. They reveal the very essence of that organic and analog sound of garage rock but with modern recording techniques, creating a balance between the nostalgia of the 90's & 80's golden era of rock but with an impressive audio quality.

However, this release not only shines for its impressive level of production and composition, but also delves into an intricate theme that captures the emotional journey of learning when it's time to let things go. To grow up in life. With an uplifting aura that feels liberating, guitar riffs that assert themselves with impressive rawness, and empowering vocal melodic lines, "This Feeling" is a true anthem that will resonate with the depths of your emotions, pulling out your pain and exchanging it for pure adrenaline.


SIR-VERE makes a triumphant return to the music scene with their latest release, "Destroya." This rock anthem unfolds against the backdrop of the COVID-19 lockdown, vividly portraying the phenomenon of the sickness. Interestingly, the focus isn't solely on the pandemic itself, but rather on the paranoia within our own minds. Officially premiered on December 8, 2023, "Destroya" marks the band's third release of the year and has already accumulated nearly 8000 plays on Spotify to date. What sets it apart is that, much like their previous releases, this song comes in four different remix versions, featuring artists such as Rory Hoy, Vodzilla, and Sonale—showcasing the band's dynamism in adapting to various genres.

With an energetic and uplifting percussion, sharp guitar riffs, and commanding vocals, the song delves into the madness experienced during lockdown. It reflects on a period where individuals were left to their own devices in isolation while the government and society carried on as if everything were normal. The profound message of "Destroya" extends not only through the music and lyrics but also in its accompanying music video. Reminiscent of Architects' "These Colours Don't Run," the video boasts an impressive collection of high-quality images, capturing the listeners' attention and making a lasting impact from the very first seconds.

"Destroya" serves as a sneak peek of what's to come, as it is part of SIR-VERE's upcoming album, "Lovescope," scheduled for release on January 26, 2024, under Worldsound/Virgin Music Group.

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
Bring Me The Sky

January 19, 2024, marks a significant date for the acclaimed indie-rock band Sunburn, who, from the distant lands of Dublin, Ireland, have rapidly gained ground in the music scene, reaching tens of thousands of fans not only in their homeland but also across the internet worldwide. This particular date signifies not only their first release of the new year but also establishes their fifth promotional single in their discography. Under the title of 'Bring Me The Sky,' this incredible band, consisting of its four young and talented members, brings forth a deep and emotional auditory experience that delves into introspection and the search for personal meaning, inviting listeners to explore a necessary space for self-reflection.

Through their captivating lyrics, infused with impressive literary composition devices, numerous visual references, and meaningful metaphors alongside their intensely atmospheric and nostalgic sound, the band vividly depicts their narrative, piercing the most intimate fibers of the listeners from the very first seconds, creating an instantaneous sense of calm and emotionality at the same time. Their characteristic sound, which blends elements from alternative rock and post-rock, strikes the perfect balance to generate a colorful auditory experience with incredible sonic depth, freely traveling through the stereo channel and pulling the audience inside of it.

This is the closest you will get to death without actually dying. Thus, 'Bring Me The Sky' feels like ascending to the sky, or at least how we imagine death itself, where we can see our life unfold before our eyes, reminiscing about the good moments and simultaneously recalling those painful times.


Kelsie Kimberlin is an American-Ukrainian singer who lives in Washington, DC. She recently visited Ukraine to demonstrate her strong support for her other homeland, Ukraine, in this time of Russia's brutal war against them. For several weeks, she has been doing a lot of humanitarian work - visiting the Ukrainian military, a hospital, a refugee center, orphanages, filming the consequences of the heinous crimes of the russian army on their territory. In this way "Armageddon" is a powerful anthem of resilience and hope and it serves as a testament to Ukraine's unwavering determination to prevent the impending Armageddon that was set in motion in 2014 and escalated in 2022. Inspired by President Zelensky's impassioned call at the Grammy's, urging artists to unite in support of Ukraine, "Armageddon" is Kelsie's contribution to this critical cause.

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg

Los Angeles-based cinematic rock band, Edge Of Paradise, invites you on a thrilling journey with their latest track, "DARK." As the fifth track from their latest album "Hologram," this song is a melodic metal masterpiece that delves into deep emotions and dynamic sounds. It's a cinematic experience that will take you on an immersive ride through the darkness and into the light.

"Hologram," Edge Of Paradise's fourth studio album, was released on July 14, 2023. It's their heaviest, most personal, and collaborative work to date, reflecting the challenges and adversity they've overcome in the music industry. Co-produced by the band and industry heavyweights like Mike Plotnikoff and Jacob Hansen, this collaboration has resulted in a top-quality production that immerses listeners in a world of pursuit, sacrifice, and perseverance against all cosmic odds, unveiling the key to building a new reality.

But Edge Of Paradise not only stands out for their impressive musical creations; they are also known for their electrifying and magnetic live performances. They recently went on tour with the metal eminences Lacuna Coil in May 2023 and the Grammy-nominated power metal band Dragonforce in October 2023, evidencing that Edge Of Paradise has landed on the global stage to stay and leave a mark on the musical history.

Gods & Devils

The powerful energy of Thrash Metal and the dark essence of Death Metal converge in the latest release from New Zealand's four-piece band, Just One Fix. Unleashing their sonic onslaught on the world, the band delivers a relentless assault characterized by rapid drum fills that fray your nerves, the heaviest guitar riffs ever created, and a sharp bass tone that will send shivers down your spine. These musicians waste no time in hitting you with a massive punch in the face with their music, where their monstrous vocals will summon demons to earth.

Just One Fix's distinctive sound seamlessly fuses elements of both genres in a masterful way, offering a unique listening experience that channels the spirit of iconic bands from the past decade while infusing a modern touch through production techniques, creating the perfect balance between an organic sound with incredible definition at the same time. The result elevates the majesty of the genre to new heights.

"Gods And Devils," officially unveiled on January 19, 2024, stands out as one of their most remarkable songs to date. Not only does it mark their inaugural release of the year, but it also signifies their return since 2017's "Death In The Family." This comeback showcases a revitalized and evolved sound, a testament to the band's commitment to delivering fresh and compelling music to their global fanbase.

In this track, Just One Fix delves into intricate themes such as the perpetual struggle for freedom amid the oppressive forces of church and state. Interestingly, the lyrics poignantly reflect the current global crisis as well, suggesting an unending cycle of turmoil, serving as a vivid portrait of the turbulent times we live in and providing an incredible thought-provoking experience for those who listen.


That dystopian world that Hollywood has depicted in all those science fiction movies is no longer just a speculation and appreciation about our future. Madness is here and happening right under our noses!
"Fahrenheit," the new single from Led to Ruin, an electrifying metal and alternative rock band hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana, squarely focuses on this phenomenon, faithfully portraying the harsh reality of our decaying world.

Inspired by the novel "Fahrenheit 451" by the renowned writer Ray Bradbury, from which it takes its title, this song, across its almost four minutes, results in an immersive auditory experience that will lead listeners to delve into the darkest aspects of our current reality. It touches on themes such as the decline of modern society and the oppressive control of politics over our actions and decisions.

With prominent percussion, exquisitely distorted guitars, and vocals that resonate like a true anthem of resistance, "Fahrenheit" is undoubtedly a work that goes beyond shining for its musical magnificence in terms of composition and production. It aims to create an "awakening" in listeners, as its characteristic and skillful combination of powerful instrumentation and impactful lyrics is carefully crafted to shake even the last of your nerve endings.

Officially released on December 1, 2023, "Fahrenheit" establishes itself as the band's third single on their discography, amassing nearly 10,000 plays on Spotify and over 7,000 monthly listeners, suggesting that Led To Ruin has come to make an indelible mark on the music scene, shining not only for their sonic authenticity but also for their profound and engaging themes.

Mill Session (Live Set)

Abrasive Trees, is what we like to call a true "auditory delight," and beyond merely being an incredible band, this group of talented musicians brings a complete sonic experience that is truly mind-blowing. Virtual Reality Devices? Who needs that trash! "Mill Session," their latest audiovisual production, promises to take listeners on a musical journey that will transport their senses to a totally new dimension.

Through its 20 minutes of extension, the talented band from Totnes, UK, not only showcases three of their most exquisite masterpieces but also provides detailed insights into the inspiration behind each composition.


1. Star Sapphire: written by Matthew Rochford
2. Tao To Earth: written by Matthew Rochford
3. Kali Sends Sunflowers: written by Matthew Rochford

From experimental sounds that challenge your consciousness to elements combining influences from post-rock, noise, and grunge, "Mill Session" is full of surprises and promises to captivate you from the first seconds. The authentic sound of their instrumentation, traveling through carefully crafted auditory landscapes, not only demonstrates Abrasive Trees' mastery in terms of composition but also reveals their expertise as performers. They let spontaneity flow through the music, showcasing the intense musical synergy among each member, where each one functions as a key piece to achieve a complete sonic experience.

Today, we are pleased to present this incredible session on Bad Wolf Radio, and it will be available throughout the months of December and January for the delight of our rock lovers community.

However, we extend a warm invitation to everyone to experience this live session to its fullest expression in its video version, which is already available on YouTube, and you can find it at the following link:

Set 1
Set 2

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