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Each day, we curate the finest and best new tracks across various genres. From Indie-Rock to Alternative Pop to Metal & Hard-Rock, find your next favorite tune here.

Bring Me The Sky

January 19, 2024, marks a significant date for the acclaimed indie-rock band Sunburn, who, from the distant lands of Dublin, Ireland, have rapidly gained ground in the music scene, reaching tens of thousands of fans not only in their homeland but also across the internet worldwide. This particular date signifies not only their first release of the new year but also establishes their fifth promotional single in their discography. Under the title of 'Bring Me The Sky,' this incredible band, consisting of its four young and talented members, brings forth a deep and emotional auditory experience that delves into introspection and the search for personal meaning, inviting listeners to explore a necessary space for self-reflection.

Through their captivating lyrics, infused with impressive literary composition devices, numerous visual references, and meaningful metaphors alongside their intensely atmospheric and nostalgic sound, the band vividly depicts their narrative, piercing the most intimate fibers of the listeners from the very first seconds, creating an instantaneous sense of calm and emotionality at the same time. Their characteristic sound, which blends elements from alternative rock and post-rock, strikes the perfect balance to generate a colorful auditory experience with incredible sonic depth, freely traveling through the stereo channel and pulling the audience inside of it.

This is the closest you will get to death without actually dying. Thus, 'Bring Me The Sky' feels like ascending to the sky, or at least how we imagine death itself, where we can see our life unfold before our eyes, reminiscing about the good moments and simultaneously recalling those painful times.

All In Good Time

The rebellious and fierce spirit of British indie-rock returns to the forefront with Live Wire and their new studio release, "All In Good Time." With a unique swagger that reveals the boldness and courage of their lyrics, coupled with an unmistakable energy palpable in their sound, this incredible band from Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, comprised of five talented young musicians, undoubtedly embodies the very essence of the madness and rawness of rock in its purest state.

"All In Good Time," officially released on January 12th, establishes itself as the eighth release within an impressive discography that unveils the authenticity of their unique sound. It combines numerous elements from different genres such as punk rock, alternative rock, and even glam rock, creating an experience that will unleash your wildest side. However, "All In Good Time" somehow feels different from the rest. This song immediately stands out, taking the concept of 'garage rock' to new horizons, as its characteristic blend is revealed with a more organic and vibrant essence, as if you were witnessing the band performing live, right through your headphones. This should not be confused with annoying distortions or unwanted saturations; on the contrary, Live Wire has simply done a masterful job balancing the sound of each instrument in the stereo field. They focus the mid and high frequencies on the left channel, while the lower frequencies resonate in the right channel, generating an incredible sense of depth that is perceptible from the beginning.

"All In Good Time" not only shines for its impressive sound but also, through its lyrics and themes, reveals what all rock enthusiasts have to go through at some point (especially if you play in a rock band). Success, heartbreaks, internal conflicts, existential doubts, and daily complications—this song has it all to become your life's soundtrack. You can feel not only understood but also enjoy the drama at the same time, knowing that music will always be your safe haven to return to when things don't go as expected.

Peter Meter

Sometimes, our loved ones try to make our lives easier by offering advice. However, being so young, we often choose to ignore them, forgetting the fact that they were once young too, only to later realize that they were absolutely right. Does this sound familiar to you?

"Madam Who?"—a talented singer and songwriter from Pittsville, Maryland—has come to Bad Wolf Records today to showcase how, through her inspiring rock spirit, the advice from her grandmother 'Rita' began to make sense even 20 years later, with the release of her latest single titled "Peter Meter."

Within the vast and incredible discography that this artist has created over the last four years—comprising numerous promotional singles and a full-length album—"Peter Meter," officially released on January 19, 2024, stands as her latest release and the first of this new year. It not only highlights her talent for consistently delivering captivating musical pieces to her fans but also underscores her unwavering commitment to staying active in the music scene.

This song shares a very intimate fiber of the artist with listeners, describing the cheekiness and audacity of her grandmother's advice in those youthful days. However, thanks to her artistic approach and inexhaustible creativity, she conveys this message in an impressively captivating way by blending her electrifying rock-and-roll sound with just the right touch of humor.

"Peter Meter" also comes with its own music video, in which the artist embodies her grandmother, Rita. In a quite bold tone, Grandma Rita discomforts her younger self, revealing her secrets for succeeding in teenage romances.

Haven't seen it yet? Go on! Grandma Rita's advice will never get old.

I'm A Man

Gary Dranow, the legend of rock 'n' roll, returns to delight us once again with his powerful and electrifying sound in one of his most remarkable releases; "I'm A Man." A genuine anthem of empowerment that invites us to embrace personal growth and emotional maturity.

Officially released in August 2023 and currently back on the charts as one of his most popular songs, "I'm a Man" encapsulates the pure spirit of Rock 'n' Roll. With distorted guitars, prominent and energetic percussion, and the vibrant sound of the harmonica, this song becomes the perfect backdrop for self-reflection, urging us to look back on the path we've traveled and feel stronger as a result of the experiences we've faced in the past.

The captivating story behind this song focuses on the narrator's personal evolution through life experiences. With an affirming tone, the narrator acknowledges being "a man," not only referring to physical masculinity but also to the strength and wisdom acquired throughout life and past experiences.

"I'm A Man" arrives at the right moment to make noise and boldly establish itself in the current social landscape, where traditional notions of masculinity are challenged, and the "deconstruction of masculinity" seems to be the prevailing politically correct discourse. Gary Dranow fearlessly acknowledges the facts that have shaped him into a grown man, showing us that even our past, including the challenging experiences, serves as the fuel that propels us forward and makes us stronger every day.

Beach Foam

Goolkasian, also know as The Texas Governor, of the notorious & cutting edge trio, The Elevator Drops, is back with new music. "LOVESICK", a creative collaboration with painter & chanteuse Heather Joy Morgan. The Live band also features Adam Wade of the Funeral Party and Palana of (Palana vs the Man)

After the success of their album '...hoping this is the end...' – which has accumulated over 15,000 streams on Spotify – the band drops another bombshell on us with their latest single titled 'Beach Foam.' Officially released on the 1st of October 2023, this song offers a totally immersive experience right from the start.

Have you ever tried binaural drugs? Well, this must be the pinnacle of depersonalization and self-experimentation through music! 'Beach Foam' comes in two different versions that seamlessly blend elements from indie-rock, dream pop, and Lo-Fi together to make your senses soar into the clouds (it's also addictive, so listen at your own responsibility). Its accompanying music video also doesn't lag behind in this experience, as it immerses the viewer in a visually stunning world of surreal landscapes and vibrant colors.

A Lot Of Luck

Canada is known for being the birthplace of great artists, and this holds true for Adam Ashten, a talented musician and composer from the city of Nanaimo who is here today to gift us his latest musical masterpiece, titled 'A Lot Of Luck.'

This has been a year filled with significant achievements for Ashten, with numerous successful releases; 'A Lot Of Luck' stands as his ninth single of the year. Together, these releases have accumulated thousands of plays on his socials, with the latest one already surpassing 4,200 plays on Spotify to date.

Ashten's style has a captivating effect on rock enthusiasts, skillfully combining elements of diverse subgenres of rock music. He blends the classic with the contemporary in a masterful way that proves his versatility and authenticity. This release not only reinforces this premise but also highlights his ability and uniqueness to create solid musical pieces — true anthems that deeply resonate with the audience.

'A Lot Of Luck' is an emotionally charged track that distinguishes itself from his previous works, notably in its sound, which leans more towards classic rock and even incorporates elements of 90s Britpop. This song explores a compelling theme centered on the 'here and now,' employing skillful lyric composition with tangible elements serving as thought-provoking metaphors. It encourages listeners to take a moment to carefully observe the often-overlooked aspects of their surroundings, emphasizing that even the smallest details can bring genuine happiness, inviting us to appreciate life for what it offers each day.

The instrumentation work presents itself in a perfect balance, allowing each musical instrument to shine both collectively and individually in the mix. Coupled with Adam's distinctive voice perfomance, which establishes an intimate connection with the listener from the first notes, 'A Lot Of Luck' is undoubtedly one of his standout works, serving as a true hymn and a wake-up call for those facing difficulties and adversity in life.


With the Bad Wolf Records team, one day we were discussing what is better: a mix where you can distinguish all the instruments and almost pinpoint the position of each voice in the stereo field, or, much like a well-prepared Margarita, you can't quite make out its ingredients but the blend is simply out of this world. Well, you might assume that with the Margarita argument, I obviously won the discussion, and that's precisely what the talented Benjamin Davies (better known by his stage name VELIKA VELIKA) brings us with his latest studio release, "COMING.GOING." - a production that revives the raw and electrifying essence of indie-rock.

Ditching modern production techniques for a completely organic sound that feels vivid to your senses, this incredible song perfectly reflects the essence of garage rock and indie rock at its peak. With an impeccable use of dynamic range combined with a sound reminiscent of analog recordings, "COMING.GOING." is simply a true musical gem that fans of bands like Beck, Sufjan, The Paranoyds, and Metric will undoubtedly appreciate.

An interesting aspect of VELIKA VELIKA as a band is that it's a one-man band. Yes, you heard it right; since Benjamin, after being expelled from his brother's band, decided to create his own project, showcasing brilliant skills in percussion, bass, guitar, and vocals. (Sorry for your brother; you were undoubtedly the heart of that band). But well... we're not here for sentimentality; Velika Velika precisely reflects that rebellious essence of british indie rock that invites listeners to an authentic and immersive auditory experience from start to finish. If you don't believe us, listen along with his other single "Sees The Sun" which has an amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing music video.

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg

Bromsen, the dynamic indie-rock duo from Berlin, Germany, has come to Bad Wolf Records today to delight us all with their latest studio masterpiece, "Someone."

The unique and unmistakable style of this band is once again evident in this spectacular composition, characterized by creating the perfect balance between elements from 80s synth-pop and a prominent and energetic hard rock essence. It mixes catchy melodies with the power and rawness of rock 'n' roll in its purest form, inviting you to dance and headbang at the same time (Do what you feel is best; this is exactly what this song is about).

"Someone" challenges the listener to confront, once and for all, the conflict that accompanies us throughout our lives: to fit into society or to be happy? From a young age, we experience this internal struggle, a tug of war between whether we should let our authenticity flow or conform to social standards to please others. Interestingly, this feeling persists even as we reach mental maturity, making Bromsen's message in this song undoubtedly a universal theme that will deeply resonate with listeners. It invites them to embrace their true personality with spontaneity, celebrating the essence of individuality and uniqueness.

Officially released on January 12, 2024, this song establishes itself as their fifth promotional single in their discography and serves as a sneak peek of what their upcoming studio album, "Brothers In Mind," will bring,
which is set to be released in just under a month. Don't forget to mark your calendars for February 16! ;)

Velvet Sky

Empty Machines, the promising alternative rock band hailing from Glasgow, United Kingdom, is comprised of two talented musicians: Thomas Crawford and Jodie Helena. Initially conceived as an instrumental project led by the talented multi-instrumentalist Thomas, the later addition of Jodie, with her incredible vocal performance, brought to life this extraordinary band that embodies the purest essence of experimental rock.

Similar to cult films that keep the audience on the edge of their seats from start to finish, their latest studio release, "Velvet Sky," stands a musical gem that manages to captivate the listener throughout its 3 minutes and 47 seconds. In this musical journey, the deep dark aura that accompanies the essence of this song intertwines with synthesizers, creating harmonies and intricate layers of sound that provide a high-quality auditory experience, promising to challenge your senses with every chord and note.

With prominent percussion, heavy distorted guitars, and a spectacular vocal performance, Empty Machines succeeds in capturing the very essence of auditory experimentation. The fusion of musical elements results in a piece of work that not only awakens the senses but also leads the audience to explore new sonic horizons.

"Velvet Sky," officially released on December 15, 2023, establishes itself as the band's second promotional single, following "Luna," which has already accumulated over 8,000 plays on Spotify and made its debut on BBC Radio 1. This not only showcases the positive reception the band has received but also highlights how this promising duo is quickly making an indelible mark on the rock scene. Their creativity and musical innovation have been decisive factors in defining their unmistakable auditory fingerprint. When you listen to Empty Machines, you know it's something you haven't heard before.

"Velvet Sky" also features a captivating music video that complements the band's proposal, immersing the listener even further into that feeling of suspense and anticipation. This video is already available on YouTube, and you can find it by clicking the YouTube link below. (Strongly Recommended)

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg

"Revenant" is one of the most remarkable songs in the album "Death, Oddities & Romance," a storybook-themed EP that delves into the realms of cinema and the macabre. Bullet to the Heart, a captivating Chicago alt-metal/hard rock band. Drawing inspiration from life's trials, Their music offers solace and empowerment to listeners.. It is about a solitary pirate who sets sail on a ship in search of treasure. While inspecting the ship, he encounters a beautiful woman, a mermaid, who lures him towards his death.

Speak Up

Five-piece alternative rock outfit, Order Of Owls, hailing from Melbourne, Australia, has just unleashed their latest powerhouse track, "Speak Up." Following the success of their debut release, "Freedom(ination)," which has amassed over 8,500 plays on Spotify, the band remains dedicated to their musical journey. "Speak Up," their second official single, premiered on December 1st, 2023, marking a promising continuation of Order Of Owls' evolving discography.

By blending elements from hard rock and metal, the band crafts a compelling sonic experience that traverses an intense melodic atmosphere led by a masterful vocal line. The instrumental background arrangements, reminiscent of post-hardcore/classic alt-metal elements, provides the necessary backdrop to convey the song's poignant message.

With "Speak Up," Order Of Owls delves deep into the tumultuous terrain of depression, capturing the nuanced emotions associated with its vacillations. The band explains: "he ultimate message behind the song is that anyone feeling it isn't alone. They're part of a community of people where the vulnerability and exposure of expression can seem daunting. Speaking about it is the most effective way of regaining agency and to learn how to regulate to facilitate connection." This track underscores that Order Of Owls' musical odyssey is only just beginning.

Carpe Diem

"Sleepwalkers" by WolfSkin is a powerful album that captures the essence of metalcore and post-hardcore genres. The band draws influences from some of the genre's biggest names such as The Amity Affliction, Blessthefall, The Devil Wears Prada, and Underoath, infusing their own unique sound into each track.

Released in 2017, the album is packed with fast and progressive drumming, complemented by virtuoso guitar riffs. A combination of clean and guttural vocals creates an engaging auditory experience. From the dark ambiance of the opening track "Intro" to the acoustic bonus track "Rest in Peace," the album takes the listener on a journey through a variety of emotions.


With an aggressive and spine-chilling sound, the guys from Burning the Sickness, hailing from Curicó, Chile, promise to shake you with this single. Drawing influences from bands from the other side of the world, Burning the Sickness possesses a powerful sound that prominently features low tunings and downtempo breakdowns. "Soldado" is the first promotional single from their debut studio album titled "Abyss," set to be released in december 2023.

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