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Top Indie-Pop/R&B Tracks

Bad Wolf Isotype
Let me believe (With Dad)

Introducing Lukx, the dynamic Belgian & Swedish Hip-Hop/Pop/R&B/Soul artist making waves from the heart of Belgium. Collaborating with his talented producer and father, "Dad," they bring you their latest creation, "Let me believe" - a groovy, motivational anthem to kick off your autumn with a smile. With a firm belief in the "You only live once" motto, Lukx has already secured an impressive 19 consecutive features on "New Music Friday" (Belgium) and landed 2(4) coveted spots on "Made in Belgium" by Spotify. Plus, he's curated his very own playlist "This is Lukx." which can be found on the links below!

Wandering Naked

Marina Bennett, the gifted artist from Vancouver, BC, Canada, has come to delight us with her latest single "Wandering Naked". Officially released in November 3, 2023, this deeply personal track is a window into Marina's upcoming debut EP, with the same title "Wandering Naked," which explores a tapestry of emotions surrounding vulnerability, heartache, and the quest for love.

Marina's musical journey has already graced platforms like Netflix, Amazon Studios, and prominent television networks, making her a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, where "Wandering Naked" also shone in the semi-finals in 2022.

With a belief that music serves as a bridge to the unseen and sacred, connecting hearts across the globe, Marina Bennett's music is a journey of the soul.


Lew McKenzie, the multi-talented artist based in New York City, has released "Alone." With influences from Stevie Wonder, Anderson Paak, and Marvin Gaye, Lew engineers a throwback sound that pays homage to the greats of R&B, Soul, and Jazz.

His journey from a session and backing musician for various artists to a solo career showcases his remarkable musical evolution. "Alone" delves into the blurred lines between the external world and the imaginative realm that emerges when we are alone.

Described as "crafted out of the purest soul stone" and "embellished with funk jewels," Lew's music offers a sense of vintage luxury through his creativity, artistic enrichment, and ability to ignite enthusiasm in various cultures and genres.

Sad Times

Grace & Moji bring you "Sad Times," a high-energy, uptempo track that's all about their journey of inner work and self-healing, heavily inspired by their transformative experiences with plant medicine, particularly ayahuasca. This unique pop gem, released on October 19, 2023, playfully explores profound themes with a light-hearted and fun perspective, reminding us that the path to self-discovery can be a lively dance between self-awareness and joy. "Sad Times" It's not just a song; it's a vibrant celebration of life experiences. Listen now and join their journey! 🎵🌿💃

Be Kind

"'be kind' Musically speaking, it's heavily inspired by 90s rock and contemporary music that pulls from that era (Alvvays, George Clanton, etc). As far as theme goes, it's our farewell to the people we never got a chance to get closure with. "be kind" is our first track to come out since we dropped our EP Garden in June, and it serves as a bridge into our next musical chapter. We went back to our DIY roots for this one and did everything (recording, producing, mixing, etc) on our own. Hope you enjoy, and if you do, we'd love to work together". -Wotts

Shades of Neon (Synth Seduction Mix)

E.T. Man, a talented band hailing from the vibrant musical scene of Los Angeles, United States comes to delight us with their latest single titled "Shades of Neon" (Synth Seduction Mix). This song is a remarkable reimagining of their original track, skillfully blending elements from bedroom pop, chillwave, and synthwave genres.

Originally dropped on December 9th, 2023, "Shades of Neon (Synth Seduction Mix)" has quickly gained traction, amassing over 2000 plays on Spotify. This dynamic track takes listeners on a sonic journey, evoking a sense of nostalgia while pushing the boundaries of contemporary music.

E.T. Man's music captures the essence of Los Angeles, infusing their work with the city's diverse and ever-evolving cultural influences. With a penchant for experimentation and a commitment to crafting a signature sound, E.T. Man is a band to watch in the ever-evolving landscape of modern music.

Get Roxie

"SmallTalkJu, a talented independent artist hailing from Atlanta, United States, brings us her latest musical gem titled 'Get Roxie.' More than just a great song, 'Get Roxie' provides an immersive experience where musical elements blend in a remarkable way, crafting an instant oasis of calm and relaxation. Drawing inspiration from genres like R&B, Sound, and Hip-Hop, SmallTalkJu is a unique artist, and this song underscores her authenticity as both a singer and a composer.

"Imagine this: sage smoke swirling, herbs grounding your spirit, sunshine caressing your skin, and the ocean whispering secrets. Experience the ambiance of 'Get Roxie,' an auditory voyage that defies the boundaries of music and reality." - SmallTalkJu

Starry Night

StoneBridge teaming up once again with multi-talented singer, songwriter and actress K Syran, who makes her debut on Stoney Boy Music with the gem that is "Starry Night". The single follows previous collaborations "So In Love With You" and "D.R.A.M.A." and comes in two flavours - the anthemic original version and the raw, peak hour NYC house-tinged StoneBridge Club Re-Rub.

StoneBridge has been busy remixing Jade Starling, Sammy Slade, Reba McEntire, Janet Jackson, Betty Harris to mention a few with regular appearances in the Music Week Club Charts in addition to hosting his two weekly radio shows - StoneBridge BPM Mix on Sirius XM and StoneBridge HKJ - both syndicated worldwide.

As a trained actress at Rada & Guildhall School of Music & Drama K Syran’s musical career knows no bounds - collaborations with Blue, Sugababes, Sebastian Pérez to mention a few. Her single Intimacy was nominated by the United Nations in the UK to be the anthem of international Women’s Day, while her album Dizzy has been nominated for a number of prestigious awards in the US. 2023 she is also coming out with her self produced movie ELLIDA based upon Henrik Ibsen’s famous play, The Lady From The Sea, where she plays lead role, Ellida in addition to her role in UK thriller HOUNDED.

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Top Indie Rock Tracks

Bad Wolf Isotype
ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
A Powerful Light

Travis Shaw's return to the music scene is marked by the release of "A Powerful Light." After a hiatus of a couple of years, this Indie Rock and Alternative Rock Pop artist is ready to share his musical message with the world.

The track, released on September 30, 2023, holds profound significance for Travis. Written a couple of years ago, it's an emotional response to the injustice that permeated the world. "A Powerful Light" serves as a beacon of hope and healing, a musical tribute to the enduring strength that conquers darkness. It's an ode to the good and innocent souls lost along the way.

Let It All Lay Bare

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Scott Clay has made a triumphant return with his latest single, 'Let It All Lay Bare.' Released on October 13, 2023, this rock-pop and soft rock masterpiece serves as the captivating opening and title track of his fifth studio album.

Inspired by the melodic tones of R.E.M. and the lyrical storytelling of Tom Petty, 'Let It All Lay Bare' is a heartfelt call to intimacy, encouraging listeners to open their hearts. Beyond its lightly romantic approach, the song's core message revolves around the significance of meaningful connections. It's a musical journey born from Scott Clay's own desire for a deeper relationship with his pensive, stoic father.

As Scott Clay embarks on his October UK tour, this single sets the stage for his upcoming album and early 2024 UK tour.

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
My Baby Let Me Down Tonight

Vincent J. Rigney presents "My Baby Let Me Down Tonight," a soulful and bluesy third single from his EP, "Songs From The Water Tower." As a respected singer-songwriter in Corby, Northamptonshire, England, Vincent has received local BBC Introducing support, with presenter Bernie Keith praising the song as "pretty like Presley." The track's inspiration stems from a memorable night out, featuring heartfelt storytelling that captures real-life emotions.

Edd Hartwell's production (known for working with artists like Robbie Williams and Ed Sheeran) at "lime monkeys" in Saffron Walden, Essex, brings out the essence of the song. "My Baby Let Me Down Tonight" serves as the culmination of a series of singles released throughout 2023, setting the stage for Vincent's second EP in late 2023 or early 2024.


"Women" by Dirty Mitts, a recently released rock anthem, opens with a captivating Saturday night vibe, full of mischief and allure. Yet, as the track unfolds, it reveals a deeper appreciation for women.

With the clever inclusion of the line, "give me women on equal pay," the song serves not only as a catchy hook but also as a nod to contemporary themes prevalent in today's music. Dirty Mitts skillfully blends classic rock elements with a modern sensibility.

This transition from playfulness to reflection gives "Women" its unique and distinctive flavor, setting it apart from traditional rock ballads. It's a celebration of the diverse facets of womanhood, beautifully portrayed in the accompanying music video.

"Women" by Dirty Mitts is a fresh and memorable addition to the current rock scene, making it a must-have track for your daily playlist. 🎵🚀💃

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
There you were

Barry Muir, a talented songwriter and composer based in Toronto, Canada, presents his latest single titled "There You Were," which stands as the third promotional single from his full-length album "In the Meantime," officially released on March 23, 2023.

Barry's music is nothing but authenticity in its purest form. His music results in a captivating blend of different sub-genres of rock, creating a personal signature on every note and chord. From the classic sounds of the 80s and 90s that led the musical panorama to contemporary elements from the Pop Rock of the 2000s era, "There You Were" is more than a great song; it's a true anthem of love and hope. It delves deep into the world of emotions and how important a special person can be in the course of our lives. The balance between acoustic instruments such as percussion and guitar, in combination with electric guitar licks, makes "There You Were" a must-have in your daily playlist.

We invite everyone not only to give this song a listen but also to take the time to listen to the whole album, "In the Meantime," which is a true masterpiece of rock music.


Dive into the enchanting world of Ronan Goron with his latest single, 'Paisley.' This underground psychedelic pop-rock artist explores the universal themes of nostalgia and the longing for a return to a fictional time and place. With walls of guitar, electronic textures, and abstract sounds,

Ronan's music expands on vintage psychedelia, reminiscent of Grizzly Bear, Brian Wilson, and The Olivia Tremor Control. 'Paisley' is an upbeat yet melancholic track that takes the listener on a cinematic journey, leaving you with a memorable closing hook. Inspired by the contrasting landscapes of Winchester and Brighton, Ronan's music is a unique blend of abstract textures, harmonies, and metaphorical lyrics that captivate listeners worldwide

Killing Stalking

Trummerkind, the gothic post-punk trio hailing from Exeter, is here to mesmerize with their recently released single, "Killing Stalking." With Rowen Silvester on vocals and bass guitar, Robert Silvester on drums, and Oli Sturdy on guitar, they're a force to be reckoned with.

Drawing inspiration from influential acts like My Chemical Romance, Rammstein, and theatrical gothic and post-punk sounds, Trummerkind has crafted a unique sound that's both haunting and powerful.

Their musical journey began in 2022, and they've already made waves with their immersive narrative and unique soundscapes. In fact, Trummerkind's music has been described as a bold exploration of the human psyche, an unflinching testament to the power of music to both entertain and provoke thought.

"Killing Stalking" is more than just a song; it's a journey into the chilling underbelly of success, inspired by the "Killing Stalking" (Manga Edition) Series. Recorded in Exeter, UK, at Oli's Attic Studio, and remixed and remastered by Duncan Chave, this track is a testament to Trummerkind's artistic finesse and innovation.


Cato, the innovative artist who's making waves in the alternative music scene, has recently released their track, "Dreamer." With a blend of alternative and indie rock, Cato's sound is both fresh and captivating, destined to resonate with your audience.

Cato's music is all about storytelling, drawing inspiration from life's moments, art, and the people they encounter. But what truly sets them apart is their dual role as both a creator of their own tracks and a shaper of sounds for others, including the rising star "Bo Miller" from Nashville.

What's remarkable about Cato's journey is their self-taught proficiency in various instruments, adding a unique dimension to their music. "Dreamer" promises a dynamic and unforgettable auditory experience that will leave a lasting impression.

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