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Top Indie Rock Tracks

Bad Wolf Isotype
Poverty Dream

"Poverty Dream" is [SAMPLE_TEXT]'s fourth musical release to date and officially launched on July 25, 2023. This song stands as a provocative reflection on the illusion and disappointment inherent in the aspirations promoted by consumer culture. The raw voice of Reece Caldwell, backed by Tyler Farrell's energetic rhythms on percussion and the powerful depth of Jacob Marsh on bass, creates an auditory experience that deeply resonates with the listener's sensibilities.
"Poverty Dream" was recorded at Motion Arts Studio, where producer Micah Rawalt was the architect behind capturing the sonic magic of this song. Employing a unique technique, the band managed to craft a completely organic sound, routing the recording signals through analog equipment and tapes. This achieved an authentic and distinctive sound that defines both the essence of the song and the band's attitude.


Cult Of Indigo are an alternative pop-rock group of 20-somethings from all corners of Sydney. With musical foundations built on classic rock- their individual pop, post-modern and punk influences join forces to create something for everyone. Reminiscent of earlier influences such as The Cranberries, Hole, and Pixies yet also fitting perfectly into the current wave of rock revival along with WAAX, Tired Lion, Cry Club, The Buoys & Maggie Lindemann. The new single ‘Without’ details the blossoming of love in sweet melodies, juxtaposed by good old grungy guitars, driving bass riffs and killer drums. If you want to feel like you’re the main character in a 90s teen romcom, you’ve come to the right band.

Marty McFly

Ettie, a talented singer/songwriter from London, UK, reveals her latest single "Marty McFly." This song, officially released on September 29th, 2023, takes listeners on a captivating journey, blending the sentimentality of self-discovery and self-acceptance.

With distorted guitars and clashing drums reminiscent of the cult classic film's pivotal prom scene, "Marty McFly" captures a sense of yearning to revisit the past and tell one's younger self that it's okay to be who you are. Ettie's lyrical style, filled with puns and humor, beautifully navigates the journey of that relatable question we all make to ourselves in some point of our lives; "What could it be if things were different?".

In just 3 minutes and 12 seconds, Ettie invites you to hop into the Delorean with her, make peace with the past, and dance away the pain while embracing your true self. "Marty McFly" is not just a song; it's a soundtrack to healing your inner child, a reminder that life feels so much better when you don't hide your true self.

The First Light Of Day

"The First Light Of The Day" stands as the 7th release from Blindness & Light. Hailing from Anglesey, United Kingdom, this musical project flawlessly combines different elements to create a captivating mix between acoustic and indie rock. "This track embodies all that is gripping about this up and coming band, condensed into 3 minutes. A beautiful tale of love and liberation sung with a burning passion and sensitivity". - Colin Porter (Musician & Composer)

All Green

The Press, an electrifying indie-rock band hailing from the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada, unveils their latest single titled "All Green," which marks their second promotional release in their discography. The Press is comprised of four talented musicians who combine their skills to craft an exquisite mix of the classic garage rock sound with alternative rock pop, showcasing their expertise and versatility as composers and performers.

They embarked on their musical journey in June 2023 with the release of their first studio single titled "SNOWBALL," accumulating over 8,000 plays on Spotify to the present day. "All Green" now emerges as a promising milestone in their career, demonstrating their commitment to their growing worldwide audience. In this song, the band explores the toxicity in relationships, making it relatable to anyone who listens and serving as an anthem for breaking free from the harmful bonds into which we sometimes fall in the name of love.

I Want to Drink With You

Pablo Lavins, an independent artist from the city of Frutillar, Chile, presents his new song "I Want to Drink With You" from his latest studio work titled "Anxiety Relief," which focuses on his internal world and the journey that represents the constant oscillation between different human emotions. ​The album features a much more complete instrumentation compared to his previous release, thanks to the inclusion of musical instruments such as drums, electric guitar, bass, and piano, in addition to classical string instruments like cello and violin present in his previous work album "Old New Year's Drinks."

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Top Alt-Rock/Metal Tracks

Bad Wolf Isotype
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Valued In Gold

"Valued In Gold" by WolfSkin is a powerful song that captures the essence of metalcore and djent genres. The band draws influences from some of the genre's biggest names such as The Amity Affliction, Invent Animate, and Currents, infusing their own unique sound into each track.

Released in 2020, the song is packed with fast and progressive drumming, complemented by virtuoso guitar riffs and guttural vocals creating an engaging auditory experience.


With an aggressive and spine-chilling sound, the guys from Burning the Sickness, hailing from Curicó, Chile, promise to shake you with this single. Drawing influences from bands from the other side of the world, Burning the Sickness possesses a powerful sound that prominently features low tunings and downtempo breakdowns. "Heroes" is the second promotional single from their debut studio album titled "Abyss," set to be released in december to be released later this year in 2023.

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ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg

Hostile Array is a metalcore and post-hardcore band originating from Maryland, United States. It was formed in 2017 and has gained recognition for its aggressive music and socially and politically charged lyrics. The band lineup includes Brendan Frey on lead vocals, Garrison Frey on guitar and backing vocals, Hector Fernandez on guitar, Brody Barbour on bass, and Fredy Menjivar on drums. They have released a studio album titled "Hostile Array" in 2017, which includes songs like "Devoid," "Newspeak," and "Warmonger," as well as several promotional singles. One of their standout singles is "Scars," which is part of their latest EP titled "Trauma."

Hollywood's Bleeding

"Hollywood's Bleeding" by the american metalcore band In Shallows, is a captivating reimagination of its original counterpart by Post Malone. In this new Version of the song, In Shallows shows their prowess not only as a powerful band, but also in their ability to show their essence and well defined sound through dfferent genres, thus creating a melodic and extreme experience that will take listeners to experience this great song like never before.

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ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
Death By The Sea

"Death by the Sea" is the fourth track of the album "Death, Oddities & Romance," a storybook-themed EP that delves into the realms of cinema and the macabre. Bullet to the Heart, a captivating Chicago alt-metal/hard rock band. Drawing inspiration from life's trials, Their music offers solace and empowerment to listeners.. It is about a solitary pirate who sets sail on a ship in search of treasure. While inspecting the ship, he encounters a beautiful woman, a mermaid, who lures him towards his death.

Run The Ghouls

pulses. is a post-hardcore band from Dumfries, Virginia. The best way to define them is what you get when you take four dudes with wildly different musical backgrounds and stick them together to play the things that they have in common. Throughout all the previous iterations of the band, one thing pushes through: they're here to have a good time. pulses. sets out to be an outlet for them as musicians as well as listeners; they're making the music that they want to hear, then sharing it with the internet since they think you'd want to hear it too.

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