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Top Indie-Pop/R&B Tracks

Bad Wolf Isotype
NLTS (Ft. A.T.O. & Pronto Valid)

Ozzient, a talented music producer hailing from Chicago, United States, joins forces with two remarkable artists of the rap/hip-hop music scene, A.T.O (AllenTheOfficial) and Pronto Valid, to delight us with their latest masterpiece titled "NLTS".

This song delves into the hardships and struggles that everyone faces while striving to achieve their goals, dreams, and aspirations, something that nearly every individual encounters on a daily basis. "'NLTS" is an anthem about persevering through tough times and staying committed to reaching one's ultimate objectives.

The collaboration between Ozzient, A.T.O, and Pronto Valid offers an outstanding musical experience. The lyrical structure combines elements from both pop and hip-hop music, while the instrumental arrangement features the talents of two close friends of Ozzient; Walter R. on electric guitar and SirTrevorJames, who contributed to the audio engineering process


Kapture, your favorite “rising star in the music industry,” with a “voice that exudes sheer badassery in every rap she delivers,” is joining forces with Groovyie, our “captivating storyteller and eyebrow raising lyricist” to bring you their next single, “Residuals.” Produced by Sam J Garfield, “Residuals” drops Sept 8, 2024 and leaves it all on the tables with and unapologetic, sexy assertivness and the confident flair we are beginning to expect from Kapture and her crew. The bubbly syncopation of the percussion and the melodic choices of both vocalists have this Pop-Rap track feeling buoyant and free-flowing. The seamless flip-flopping between Kapture and Groovyie’s raps highlights the serendipitous juxtaposition of their styles with the streamline of their lyrical tendencies. Both with a strong, confident delivery and focused intention, these two remain unique in their tonality and personal artistry, giving you the fierce duo you didn’t know you needed.

glory days

"a_shes, a remarkably talented singer and songwriter hailing from the vibrant music scene in the UK, splits his creative presence between the bustling cities of London and Cambridge. His artistic prowess shines through in his latest release, "glory days," unveiled to the world on October 13th. With this track, a_shes skillfully weaves a musical tapestry that seamlessly transports listeners back to the early 2010s, evoking the indie vibes that once dominated the Tumblr music landscape.

"glory days" is not just a song; it's a captivating masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of genres. Drawing inspiration from dream pop and electronic music, a_shes masterfully combines diverse elements to create a nostalgic yet refreshing auditory experience. The song invites its audience on an enchanting journey, immersing them in a world where the ambiance sounds serve as a backdrop to a_shes's deep, smooth vocal delivery. From the very first notes, listeners are pulled into the heart of the music, entranced by the hypnotic blend of sound and emotion.

What sets "glory days" apart is its mesmerizing musical structure. The song delicately begins with soft, subtle sounds, gradually building momentum until it crescendos into a euphoric chorus that resonates with raw emotion. Each note, each lyric, contributes to the song's irresistible charm, leaving an indelible mark on the listener's soul.

Get Roxie

"SmallTalkJu, a talented independent artist hailing from Atlanta, United States, brings us her latest musical gem titled 'Get Roxie.' More than just a great song, 'Get Roxie' provides an immersive experience where musical elements blend in a remarkable way, crafting an instant oasis of calm and relaxation. Drawing inspiration from genres like R&B, Sound, and Hip-Hop, SmallTalkJu is a unique artist, and this song underscores her authenticity as both a singer and a composer.

"Imagine this: sage smoke swirling, herbs grounding your spirit, sunshine caressing your skin, and the ocean whispering secrets. Experience the ambiance of 'Get Roxie,' an auditory voyage that defies the boundaries of music and reality." - SmallTalkJu

Gossip In Your Head

Robots in Love, a captivating musical project that brings together the talents of four accomplished musicians from Dunedin, New Zealand, unveils their latest musical gem, 'Gossip In Your Head,' which serves as their fourth promotional single on their discography.

Officially released on September 15th, 2023, this song delves deep into the theme of anxiety and the repetitive thoughts that swirl around the mind. The musical structure provides a calming and immersive sonic landscape, offering an escape from those feelings.

This track masterfully combines dark and emotive electronic production with the resonance of live drums, bass, and guitar, complemented by deep and crystalline vocal ambiances, creating a sonorous tapestry that leaves a lasting impact on listeners.


Natalie Clark, a talented singer and songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland, invites us to join her on her latest musical journey, 'Freedom.' Officially released on October 13th, this song provides a unique experience as Natalie encourages us to embrace the moment and live life to the rhythm of the music. Drawing inspiration from a range of genres, including alternative pop and rock pop, this anthemic song is driven by Natalie's flawless vocal performance, transitioning from soft, angelic verses to high-energy, uplifting choruses, making it a must-have addition to your daily playlist.


Solklee is an independent Chilean/Irish singer-songwriter. Her musical influences stem from various alternative rock and indie artists, such as Lana del Rey, Amy Winehouse, and The Cranberries. Her musical style is characterized by profound lyrics and a unique voice that resonates with her audience. Currently, Solklee is working on her debut studio album titled "Fake God," set to be released in 2023, which promises to be a reflection of her creativity and personal style. "Liar" is her first single ever released under the label Bad Wolf Records in 2022


Anna Thoresen, a talented 21-year-old artist originally from New Jersey and now based in Los Angeles, has recently taken the music scene by storm with her latest single, 'LIMIT,' released on September 15th.

'LIMIT' is a captivating pop/R&B anthem that resonates with themes of self-love and empowerment. In this vibrant track, Anna captures the essence of cutting ties with people who no longer bring positivity and growth to one's life. Her aim was to create an up-tempo and enjoyable song while staying true to her own experiences and emotions. With 'LIMIT,' Anna hopes to inspire listeners to realize that true self-love doesn't depend on having a partner, emphasizing the importance of self-respect and resilience.

Anna Thoresen is passionate about spreading the message of self-love and standing up against negativity. Her ultimate goal is to reach as many people as possible with her empowering music. 'LIMIT' is a testament to her dedication to this cause, and her infectious enthusiasm is sure to touch the hearts of many music enthusiasts.

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Top Indie Rock Tracks

Bad Wolf Isotype
ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
It's Easy to Play Hearts

Have you ever wondered what a heart in the process of breaking sounds like? Wonder no more: it’s bells and whistles, bitter remarks, driving guitars and brutal moral statements to the Motown beat of the brokenhearted. But don’t let Tom Minor’s sophomore single’s seemingly melancholy message lead you astray: with this gem of an uptempo pop soul number designed to wash away your pain, your next inevitable heartache will be remarkably more bearable, best enjoyed on the dance floor or in the darkness of your lonely room.

Hailing from London N1, where he was born to and raised by a multicultural Finnish-Swedish family, singer-songwriter Tom Minor feels inspired by indie rock, new wave and punk, power pop, psychedelic and garage rock, soul, reggae and ska. After several years in the shadows of showbiz and odd jobs as far as in NZ, Tom Minor now splits most of his time between London and Helsinki.

Dragons Layer

If you ask someone about this song, and their response is, "Yeah, bro, it's a great song," it should be considered a crime!
Ari Joshua, a talented composer and producer hailing from Seattle, has graced us with "Dragons Layer," a musical experience like no other. With a duration of 5 minutes and the collaboration of legendary artists; John Medeski, Jason Fraticelli, and Billy Martin, this song is a masterpiece of the highest quality. Blending elements from acid jazz, prog rock, and grunge, "Dragons Layer" is DEFINITELY more than just a great song; it feels like an immersive journey where your senses transcend your body to flow freely with the music. (If you close your eyes while listening, you will see images, I SWEAR) There's nothing more to say... just listen to it, and you'll thank us later!

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg

"VOST, an electrifying rock band from Stuttgart, Germany, has graced us with their latest single 'Crash.' Officially released on 24/12/21, this song embodies the pure essence of rock 'n' roll, seamlessly blending elements from genres like alternative rock, glam, and classic rock. The result is a unique and authentic sonic landscape where distorted guitars and powerful vocals send shivers down your spine, creating an overwhelming sense of euphoria from the very beginning.

But the excitement doesn't stop there—VOST is gearing up to unleash two more gems by the year's end. Keep an eye on these guys, because they're here to conquer the indie rock scene!

I dream of devils

Ocean Rivers, an electrifying rock band from Leeds, United Kingdom, is composed of five exceptionally talented musicians who fuse their diverse influences to craft a distinct sound that incorporates elements from Acoustic Music, Alternative Rock, and Hard Rock.

Their latest masterpiece, "I Dream Of Devils," provides an immersive experience that immediately captures the listener's attention. With deep, distorted vocals and captivating background instrumentation, featuring prominent distorted guitars, they create a striking contrast of sounds that sets them apart with an authentic sonic identity.

With more than 40,000 plays on Spotify, this band has come to leave their mark in the independent rock scene, where their music resonates with fans worldwide, showcasing not only their exceptional talent but also their ability to connect with diverse audiences all around the world.

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
Back into Your Heart

Em Sloane, a gifted singer and composer hailing from Marlton, United States, unveils her latest musical gem, "Back into Your Heart." With a distinctive style that beckons listeners to embark on a spiritual journey, she has masterfully crafted her own sonic signature. This signature is defined not only by her thought-provoking lyrics but also by the captivating musical backdrop that accompanies her flawless vocals. Em Sloane, in collaboration with accomplished musicians, bring together the elements of Classic Rock and Rock Pop, resulting in an authentic sonic landscape that elevates the spirit and serves as a balm for the soul.

Zephyr And Sycophant

Arson Whales, a four-piece independent rock band hailing from Sacramento, CA, recently introduced their latest single, "Zephyr and Sycophant," extracted from their debut album, "Galactopus."

With thousands of Spotify plays under their belt, this band has crafted a unique and authentic sound that sets them apart. Describing the essence of Arson Whales becomes no easy task, as their music forms a captivating fusion where electric guitars and synthesizers claim the spotlight. It entices you to move with its infectious rhythm and catchy vocals. Drawing inspiration from an array of genres like pop rock and funk, Arson Whales are certainly leaving a significant mark on the independent music scene and on listeners worldwide. We invite all our community members to not only experience the magic of "Zephyr and Sycophant" but also to explore the entire album "Galactopus," which is undoubtedly worth listening to.

On With The Show

"On With the Show" marks The Brass Bambees' second studio release, officially published on August 4th, 2023. In a remarkably short span, it has effortlessly seized the fascination of countless global listeners and garnered praise from the specialized music critic. Building on the triumph of their inaugural single "Modern Casanova," The Brass Bambees have made a deliberate choice to forge ahead on their musical odyssey with this latest composition, enriching their already promising repertoire. The track reflects the purest essence of a garage rock sound, seamlessly blending different genres ranging from punk rock and post-punk to indie rock and 90’s grunge.

I Believe In Noise

"I Believe In Noise" stands as the latest musical work by Movment. This song talks about the impact of sound, music and noise in our body's existence and how they affect our moods and direction in life. "It is a feeling. We should go by what we feel. Learn from what we see and hear. It is part of who we are. It is Power" -The band says. "I Believe In Noise" was recorded in End of Light Studios, Mullingar, and Grouse Lodge, Mullingar, Ireland & mixed by Alex Borwick, and mastered by Jerome Schmitt at The Airlab. Artwork & Photography by UVRay, and it serves as a premiere for the band's upcoming album titled "REINVENTION" set to be released in November 2023.

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