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Top Indie-Pop/R&B Tracks

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What Love Is

Morgan Paros, a talented singer and multi-instrumentalist musician hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, unveils her latest single titled "What Love Is," which marks her fourth promotional release in her discography. Morgan has worked with numerous remarkable artists throughout her musical career, including Shawn Mendes, Madison Beer, Ricky Montgomery, Lauv, and Joshua Bassett. Nevertheless, she decided to embark on her solo project in May 2023 with the release of "Last Straw," accumulating over 7,000 plays on Spotify.

"What Love Is" is a brilliant blend of different music genres, such as alternative pop and alternative rock, showcasing the artist's expertise and versatility in combining various elements to create an authentic and unique sound. This song serves as a testament and a commitment from Morgan to continue her musical journey, providing listeners with an immersive and captivating experience with every chord and note.


Juliet Callahan, a New York City-based singer/songwriter, producer, and audio engineer, presents her latest single, "Heal." This introspective track delves into the digital age and growing up with the influence of social media. While acknowledging the benefits of this platform for self-promotion, Juliet explores the moments of overwhelm and the love-hate relationship many share with social media. Her lyrics touch on the pressure to maintain an online presence, the impact of likes and views on self-worth, and the currency of social media attention. Juliet's message is clear: take a step back, prioritize self-care, and remember that social media doesn't define one's worth.


Introducing "Lost" by the incredibly talented Ezraz – a name synonymous with the soothing vibes of chillhop and lofi genres. With over 40 tracks captivating listeners worldwide, Ezraz is a true maestro in crafting musical landscapes that touch the soul.

"Lost" is a captivating masterpiece that will immerse you in a world of melancholic beauty. With hauntingly beautiful vocals that effortlessly weave through the gentle, sad melodies, this track invites you to explore the depths of your emotions. The enchanting drums add a rhythmic heartbeat to the song, enhancing the overall hypnotic experience.

Ezraz's "Lost" is more than just a song; it's an emotional journey waiting to be embarked upon. Let the music guide you through a sea of feelings, and let Ezraz's soothing voice and masterful production be your compass. Get ready to lose yourself in the enchanting world of "Lost."


Delivering a compelling exploration of modern relationships and the intricate dynamics of today's dating landscape, Marcus Mackey, a talented singer/songwritter hailing from Los Angeles, California, takes center stage with his latest single, "S.E.L.,” (Someone else’s lover).” With an infectious dance groove intertwined with heartfelt lyrics, this song offers a striking juxtaposition that exemplifies Mackey's musical prowess. Serving as an enthralling introduction to his journey toward stardom, "S.E.L." showcases Mackey's artistry as he navigates the path to recognition in the music industry. "S.E.L." is available now to stream and download worldwide.

“‘Someone Else’s Lover’ takes you on this rollercoaster through today's dating scene – all those crazy layers and complications,” explains Mackey. “I made ‘S.E.L.’ not to solve the problem, but to at least get you dancing through it.” Mackey's inspiration stems from personal experiences, infusing the song's authenticity with vivid emotions. This fusion of danceable pop and poignant heartbreak resonates akin to well-known talents such as Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, and JVKE. Mackey's distinct EDM pop vibe injects a positive perspective into moments of sorrow, culminating in a motivational auditory experience that invites audiences to dance their way through life's challenges.

I Fall in Love Too Many Times

ARO (Arrow), a talented singer-songwriter residing in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, has unveiled her latest single titled "I Fall In Love Too Many Times." After embarking on her solo project in July 2023 with the release of "Let Me Go," which has garnered over 11,000 plays on Spotify, "I Fall In Love Too Many Times" stands as her second release in her discography, showcasing her unwavering commitment to her musical journey and offering music enthusiasts a unique artistic experience.

"I Fall in Love Too Many Times" is the result of blending elements from alternative and dream pop genres to create an authentic and captivating musical landscape, demonstrating the artist's remarkable ability to fuse her creativity into this piece. This song delves into the artist's relationship with her own neurodivergence, acknowledging the familiar cycle of hyper-fixation and burnout. ARO candidly addresses the inner struggles she encounters while reluctantly recognizing the personal growth they bring. The final chorus conveys the sentiment, “A thousand deaths aren't enough; I'll witness them all as I transform into the adversary of my future self," serving as a prayer for peace in her journey towards the next iteration of herself.

All Over The Place

Accumulating more than 8,000 plays on spotify, Mara Liddle, a talented singer/songwritter hailing from Newcastle, UK releases her latest single "All Over The Place" which stands as her fourth single in her discography.
This song is a mixes different music styles from Pop, Garage and Hyperpop to craft an incomparable sound that defines Mara's authenticity as an artist, proving her skill not only as a performer but also as a composer. Drawing inspiration from musical icons like Charli XCX, Pinkpantheress, and Shygirl, Mara Liddle's upbeat compositions offer a unique perspective on the modern life of a young woman immersed in the digital age.
In recognition of her exceptional talent, Mara Liddle was handpicked as one of BBC Introducing's 'Big in 2023' artists, building upon her remarkable success in 2022. She's graced stages across the UK, including headlining performances at festivals.

Collaborating with the gifted JB Thomas, they crafted this song in just a day, mixing it entirely using iPhone speakers. All Over The Place is about trying to get to grips with life. It’s about life during and after lockdown and the challenges and rewards that came with it, about finishing university and not knowing what comes next, about family relationships changing as you grow older and less dependent. A real crowd pleaser at live concerts, this song is bound to get listeners on their feet dancing all over the place.

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Top Indie Rock Tracks

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All Green

The Press, an electrifying indie-rock band hailing from the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada, unveils their latest single titled "All Green," which marks their second promotional release in their discography. The Press is comprised of four talented musicians who combine their skills to craft an exquisite mix of the classic garage rock sound with alternative rock pop, showcasing their expertise and versatility as composers and performers.

They embarked on their musical journey in June 2023 with the release of their first studio single titled "SNOWBALL," accumulating over 8,000 plays on Spotify to the present day. "All Green" now emerges as a promising milestone in their career, demonstrating their commitment to their growing worldwide audience. In this song, the band explores the toxicity in relationships, making it relatable to anyone who listens and serving as an anthem for breaking free from the harmful bonds into which we sometimes fall in the name of love.

Marty McFly

Ettie, a talented singer/songwriter from London, UK, reveals her latest single "Marty McFly." This song, officially released on September 29th, 2023, takes listeners on a captivating journey, blending the sentimentality of self-discovery and self-acceptance.

With distorted guitars and clashing drums reminiscent of the cult classic film's pivotal prom scene, "Marty McFly" captures a sense of yearning to revisit the past and tell one's younger self that it's okay to be who you are. Ettie's lyrical style, filled with puns and humor, beautifully navigates the journey of that relatable question we all make to ourselves in some point of our lives; "What could it be if things were different?".

In just 3 minutes and 12 seconds, Ettie invites you to hop into the Delorean with her, make peace with the past, and dance away the pain while embracing your true self. "Marty McFly" is not just a song; it's a soundtrack to healing your inner child, a reminder that life feels so much better when you don't hide your true self.

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Up All Night

Pent Up! is an alternative Rock band from Seattle, United States. "Up All Night" Stands as their 4th studio release, and the first featuring the addition of guitarist Nick Kurtz. This song was recorded in the middle of the summer heat in an un-air conditioned studio with the band playing live - no click tracks, just pure energy... and a lot of sweat. No blood. Possibly a tear or two, but we couldn't be sure thru all that sweat.


Cult Of Indigo are an alternative pop-rock group of 20-somethings from all corners of Sydney. With musical foundations built on classic rock- their individual pop, post-modern and punk influences join forces to create something for everyone. Reminiscent of earlier influences such as The Cranberries, Hole, and Pixies yet also fitting perfectly into the current wave of rock revival along with WAAX, Tired Lion, Cry Club, The Buoys & Maggie Lindemann. The new single ‘Without’ details the blossoming of love in sweet melodies, juxtaposed by good old grungy guitars, driving bass riffs and killer drums. If you want to feel like you’re the main character in a 90s teen romcom, you’ve come to the right band.

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ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
On With The Show

"On With the Show" marks The Brass Bambees' second studio release, officially published on August 4th, 2023. In a remarkably short span, it has effortlessly seized the fascination of countless global listeners and garnered praise from the specialized music critic. Building on the triumph of their inaugural single "Modern Casanova," The Brass Bambees have made a deliberate choice to forge ahead on their musical odyssey with this latest composition, enriching their already promising repertoire. The track reflects the purest essence of a garage rock sound, seamlessly blending different genres ranging from punk rock and post-punk to indie rock and 90’s grunge.

Everything in the Wrong Place

Singer-songwriter John Tibbits has unveiled his captivating new single, "Everything in the Wrong Place." With roots in Birmingham and now thriving in London, Tibbits' musical journey is marked by evolution, innovation, and a profound understanding of the challenges that songwriting can entail. "Everything in the Wrong Place" serves as a poignant exploration of the creative process's trials and tribulations. The song delves into the very frustrations that songwriting can sometimes conjure—be it the formidable writer's block or the ever-present allure to mimic the work of one's musical idols. Tibbits' lyricism offers an authentic window into these internal struggles, resonating with fellow artists and music enthusiasts who have encountered similar obstacles. At the heart of the single lies Tibbits' transformation as an artist. Departing from his folk origins, the track embraces an alternative/indie rock soundscape that signals his growth and willingness to step outside his comfort zone.

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