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Top Indie-Pop/R&B Tracks

Bad Wolf Isotype
glory days

"a_shes, a remarkably talented singer and songwriter hailing from the vibrant music scene in the UK, splits his creative presence between the bustling cities of London and Cambridge. His artistic prowess shines through in his latest release, "glory days," unveiled to the world on October 13th. With this track, a_shes skillfully weaves a musical tapestry that seamlessly transports listeners back to the early 2010s, evoking the indie vibes that once dominated the Tumblr music landscape.

"glory days" is not just a song; it's a captivating masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of genres. Drawing inspiration from dream pop and electronic music, a_shes masterfully combines diverse elements to create a nostalgic yet refreshing auditory experience. The song invites its audience on an enchanting journey, immersing them in a world where the ambiance sounds serve as a backdrop to a_shes's deep, smooth vocal delivery. From the very first notes, listeners are pulled into the heart of the music, entranced by the hypnotic blend of sound and emotion.

What sets "glory days" apart is its mesmerizing musical structure. The song delicately begins with soft, subtle sounds, gradually building momentum until it crescendos into a euphoric chorus that resonates with raw emotion. Each note, each lyric, contributes to the song's irresistible charm, leaving an indelible mark on the listener's soul.


Kapture, your favorite “rising star in the music industry,” with a “voice that exudes sheer badassery in every rap she delivers,” is joining forces with Groovyie, our “captivating storyteller and eyebrow raising lyricist” to bring you their next single, “Residuals.” Produced by Sam J Garfield, “Residuals” drops Sept 8, 2024 and leaves it all on the tables with and unapologetic, sexy assertivness and the confident flair we are beginning to expect from Kapture and her crew. The bubbly syncopation of the percussion and the melodic choices of both vocalists have this Pop-Rap track feeling buoyant and free-flowing. The seamless flip-flopping between Kapture and Groovyie’s raps highlights the serendipitous juxtaposition of their styles with the streamline of their lyrical tendencies. Both with a strong, confident delivery and focused intention, these two remain unique in their tonality and personal artistry, giving you the fierce duo you didn’t know you needed.

Get Roxie

"SmallTalkJu, a talented independent artist hailing from Atlanta, United States, brings us her latest musical gem titled 'Get Roxie.' More than just a great song, 'Get Roxie' provides an immersive experience where musical elements blend in a remarkable way, crafting an instant oasis of calm and relaxation. Drawing inspiration from genres like R&B, Sound, and Hip-Hop, SmallTalkJu is a unique artist, and this song underscores her authenticity as both a singer and a composer.

"Imagine this: sage smoke swirling, herbs grounding your spirit, sunshine caressing your skin, and the ocean whispering secrets. Experience the ambiance of 'Get Roxie,' an auditory voyage that defies the boundaries of music and reality." - SmallTalkJu

NLTS (Ft. A.T.O. & Pronto Valid)

Ozzient, a talented music producer hailing from Chicago, United States, joins forces with two remarkable artists of the rap/hip-hop music scene, A.T.O (AllenTheOfficial) and Pronto Valid, to delight us with their latest masterpiece titled "NLTS".

This song delves into the hardships and struggles that everyone faces while striving to achieve their goals, dreams, and aspirations, something that nearly every individual encounters on a daily basis. "'NLTS" is an anthem about persevering through tough times and staying committed to reaching one's ultimate objectives.

The collaboration between Ozzient, A.T.O, and Pronto Valid offers an outstanding musical experience. The lyrical structure combines elements from both pop and hip-hop music, while the instrumental arrangement features the talents of two close friends of Ozzient; Walter R. on electric guitar and SirTrevorJames, who contributed to the audio engineering process


Proklaim, a talented hip-hop artist hailing from the vibrant city of Windhoek, Namibia, presents his latest single "Love Highway." Officially released on September 2nd, 2023, this song stands as one of his most standout projects to date. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres such as Boom Bap, Pop, and Rap music, Proklaim provides a captivating journey through his music, leveraging his expertise and talent from his 12 years of trajectory as a musician and composer.

"Love Highway" results in a complete experience, not only from a sonic perspective but also as a thought-provoking exploration of the theme of following our deepest, wild spirit when it comes to intuition, which sometimes aligns with our life's purposes.


Get ready to be enchanted by this captivating new collaboration between two titans of pop music! Ossico joins forces with the talented singer and songwriter Carl Kammeyer to take us on a musical journey that is sure to leave you spellbound.

"One" marks Carl Kammeyer's third release in his discography, officially released on August 9, 2023. This song offers a unique perspective on the importance of unity within a family. Drawing inspiration from genres such as dream pop, electronic pop, and indie, 'One' provides an immersive experience that will transport listeners and pop music enthusiasts to a state of tranquility and uplifting sensations

Guide Me Meron

Josh Tepper, a talented musician, songwriter, and composer hailing from New York City, has just unveiled his latest single, titled 'Guide Me Meron.' This song is a remarkable addition to his repertoire, carrying a nostalgic story within its music and lyrics.

From a musical standpoint, 'Guide Me Meron' showcases Josh's skillful blend of diverse musical elements. The song combines soft and slow piano melodies with prominent drum sections, creating a mesmerizing journey that immerses listeners in a state of euphoria, evoking deep emotions and sensations.

“During difficult times we all benefit spiritual guidance . I was going through a personal crisis which was worsened by the recent death of my grandparents who were deeply spiritual people and often told me stories about Mount Meron the center of Kabbalah in Israel. Thousands of people gather there every year on Lag Baomer to connect with the ancient Kabbalists. Sometimes if you close your eyes and open your mind , the wisdom and energy of Meron will fill your soul and guide your
Way”. – Josh Tepper

In My Dreams (Ft. Austin Atlas)

"Zanne Hanna, a gifted independent singer and songwriter hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Jupiter, FL, is here to delight us with her latest masterpiece titled 'In My Dreams.' This song, officially released on September 22, 2023, is a captivating collaboration with the renowned music producer and multi-instrumentalist Austin Atlas. Together, they fuse their musical influences, drawing inspiration from diverse genres such as dream pop, dance, and electronic music, to craft a rich sonic landscape that will take listeners on a magical and immersive auditory journey.

'In My Dreams' marks Zanne Hanna's fifth release in her musical repertoire, showcasing her evolution as a musician and her unwavering commitment to continue her musical career.

Zanne Hanna shares her inspiration for the song: 'I wrote this song this year after processing my previous toxic relationship of five years. After it ended, I had no idea if I could be myself outside of the relationship. This song is about processing my reality and coming to terms with my past and my experience with OCD.'"

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Top Acoustic & Folk Tracks

Bad Wolf Isotype
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Live It All

Luna Keller, the talented folk singer, once again joins forces with 'Clouds and Thorns' to present their latest masterpiece, 'Live it All.' Following the successful release of 'Best Days' this summer, 'Live It All' is Luna Keller's most recent project. Officially launched on September 29, 2023, this collaborative effort between these two talented artists offers a thought-provoking auditory experience. It takes listeners on a captivating journey through the complexities of life, embracing all its colors. 'Live It All' skillfully weaves darkness and light together, exposing the beauty of life, regardless of the circumstances. This song serves as an invitation to free ourselves from our own chains of expectations and celebrate our existence as human beings.

Strawberry Sky

Black River Ghost is a six-piece folk band hailing from Helsinki, Finland. They embarked on their musical journey in 2022 and quickly gained recognition with the release of their first EP titled "Blues Leaves My Heart," which has garnered thousands of plays on Spotify to date. Following this initial success, they decided to unveil their next masterpiece, "Strawberry Sky," which made its debut on November 8, 2023. This song was produced by the multi-instrumentalist artists Bjarki Kaikumo and Pekko Mantzin.

"Strawberry Sky" delves deep into the theme of savoring life in all its flavors and colors. It combines a rich diversity of musical devices and acoustic instruments to create an authentic and emotional sonic experience. The band describes it as a lovely summer lullaby for both kids and adults, a tale of a delightful day spent with loved ones.

Black River Ghost's unique blend of influences has given them a distinctive musical fingerprint, defining their musical identity. This sets them apart in the current music landscape, establishing them as one of the most prominent folk bands of today.

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
Red Balloons

mUmbo, the London-based alternative rock band, has recently released their 7th single, 'Red Balloons.' With a distinct Indie-Folk vibe, mUmbo's music is making waves in the industry with its unique and authentic sound that sets them appart from the actual music panorama.

'Red Balloons' is unlike anything you've heard before; the combination of different musical elements creates a vivid landscape thanks to the use of acoustic instruments that give it an organic essence. It also conveys a message of hope in the face of adversity. The lyrics touch on the struggles artists often face, urging listeners to hold on to optimism, symbolized by those iconic red balloons.

Comprising Dug McGowan (guitar and bass), Antonio Dale (drums/percussion), and Emma Semple (vocals/viola/violin), mUmbo has been on a creative streak since the start of 2022. This latest single marks their third release this year and demonstrates their commitment to creating captivating tracks that will immerse their listeners in a deep and immersive experience.
The song is accompanied by a majestic music video created by filmmaker Kelli Watson, shot in Hertfordshire, England. Inspired by Maya Deren's 'Meshes of the Afternoon,' the video complements the track's dreamlike and surreal vibes with its black and white tint, making the experience even more emotional. mUmbo's 'Red Balloons' is a must-listen, carrying a powerful message of hope and resilience. It's another step in their journey to becoming a defining force in the alternative rock scene.

Witch's Brew

S.J. Denney, a singer-songwriter hailing from Essex, UK, discovered his passion for music at an early age, influenced by vinyl records from artists like The Beatles and Neil Young. He initially started as a choir boy, then transitioned to learning the clarinet, eventually honing his skills on the acoustic guitar and songwriting. He has performed in various musical settings, including bands, duos, and as a solo artist, captivating audiences across the UK and Ireland.

Today, he brings us his latest musical masterpiece titled 'Witch's Brew,' officially released on October 13, 2023. This enchanting song offers an immersive journey into S.J. Denney's artistry, blending influences from diverse musical genres such as alternative rock and acoustic music. Notably, he incorporates classical instruments from folk music, like the clarinet, which has become one of his distinctive signatures in his sound. 'Witch's Brew' marks Denney's 27th release to date in his discography, adding another exceptional piece to his impressive repertory.

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg

Ben Bailey" is a talented musical duo composed of lifelong friends Ben Bailey and Tyler Coles. Together, they have harnessed their talents and artistic influences to create an exciting musical project. Drawing inspiration from acoustic music, folk, and country, their distinctive sound offers a unique fusion of genres interpreted in an authentic and original way.

Their latest release, "Vienna," is part of their album "Canyon Songs" and represents a reimagining of the original song by Billy Joel. This reinterpretation, along with the other tracks featured in the album, offers a fresh perspective on the rock music scene of the 70s and 80s. It invites not only music enthusiasts of that era but also new generations to experience this classic music from a novel and refreshing vantage point

Lake Scugog

Suburban Bicycle Gang," an electrifying folk-rock band hailing from Cambridge, Canada, is here to delight us with their latest promotional single, "Lake Scugog," from their recently released album, "In The Cosmos," which originally premiered on May 26, 2023.

Comprised of three talented and experienced musicians, this band offers a rich musical experimentation by blending their creativity into an iconic sonic landscape drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres, including Alternative Rock and Power Pop, while maintaining a distinctive essence reminiscent of Folk Music.

By incorporating numerous acoustic instruments into their mix, such as the Mandolin, Guitar, Bass, and acoustic percussion, and combining them with a psychedelic aesthetic, "Lake Scugog" will take listeners on a captivating musical journey that provides a completely immersive experience from beginning to end.

This song was originally composed by Jerry Grey (aka Gang Leader), and it immediately caught the attention of his bandmates, prompting them to include it as part of this album. It stands as the second track of this lengthy masterpiece. Through the use of reverberation and delay effects, they have managed to craft a unique sound that is noticeable from the first few seconds, defining their musical identity and setting them apart from what we are accustomed to hearing. We invite our community members not only to enjoy this track but also to listen to the entire album "In The Cosmos", which is definitely worth your time.


Giovanna Centonzio is a young and talented Chilean artist hailing from the city of Santiago, Chile. In her first studio work, she presents her debut single "Amanecer" from her first EP titled "Amor y Mundo". This song's sound is distinguished by its delicacy and emotiveness, elements that are reflected in Giovanna's voice and the way she interprets the songs. Her lyrics are profound and delve into themes such as love, introspection, and connection with the world around us, giving her music a personal and intimate character.

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