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Top Indie Rock Tracks

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There you were

Barry Muir, a talented songwriter and composer based in Toronto, Canada, presents his latest single titled "There You Were," which stands as the third promotional single from his full-length album "In the Meantime," officially released on March 23, 2023.

Barry's music is nothing but authenticity in its purest form. His music results in a captivating blend of different sub-genres of rock, creating a personal signature on every note and chord. From the classic sounds of the 80s and 90s that led the musical panorama to contemporary elements from the Pop Rock of the 2000s era, "There You Were" is more than a great song; it's a true anthem of love and hope. It delves deep into the world of emotions and how important a special person can be in the course of our lives. The balance between acoustic instruments such as percussion and guitar, in combination with electric guitar licks, makes "There You Were" a must-have in your daily playlist.

We invite everyone not only to give this song a listen but also to take the time to listen to the whole album, "In the Meantime," which is a true masterpiece of rock music.

Love On Hold

Ready to experience the the purest essence of garage-rock? introducing wht.rbbt.obj, an electryfing indie rock band from the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois that delights us today with their latest single titled "Love On Hold".

wht.rbbt.obj ("White Rabbit Object") is a "femme fatale" fronted, guitar driven alternative rock band that originally started as a secret side project for a married couple, Frank and River Rabbitte. Nowadays, the band has gathered new talents and evolved into a formidable four-piece group.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of subgenres within the rock music realm, wht.rbbt.obj showcases their ability to seamlessly blend elements from punk, garage, and alternative rock, resulting in a exciting and immersive experience. With "Love On Hold," they've channeled their eclectic influences into a musical masterpiece that is sure to send shivers down your spine from the very first notes!

All Is Forgiven

"Star Persona" is an electrifying rock band hailing from Ottawa, Canada. Founded by Claude Malette, a accomplished songwriter and composer, he leads his talented bandmates to fuse their creativity and expression, crafting a vivid sonic landscape that takes listeners on a musical and contemplative journey. Their latest single, "All Is Forgiven," is a testament to this. The band not only boasts a strong musical background but also explores a captivating theme simultaneously.

With impactful progressive percussion sections, distorted electric guitars, and powerful choir vocals, led by Lisa Thomson, who delivers an incredible performance with precision, "All Is Forgiven" encourages listeners to reconsider their stance when someone hurts or offends us. It does so in an intriguing way by revealing that working on forgiveness empowers us to take control of the impact of such actions, ultimately freeing ourselves from their harm.

Dead or Alive

James and Paul, a talented rock duo hailing from Morphet, United Kingdom, merge their talents on this captivating musical project, bringing audiences an exciting fusion of sounds where they combine their creativity and diverse influences to craft a signature sound.

Their musical synergy goes beyond a simple affinity, as James and Paul are, in fact, father and son. What makes this even more intriguing is how they draw inspiration from a diverse array of bands, ranging from the renowned folk duo Simon and Garfunkel that led the music scene in the '60s to contemporary bands like Muse and Blink-182, creating the perfect balance between two eras of rock in their music.

Following the success of their full-length album 'Tabula Rasa,' which has accumulated thousands of streams on Spotify, they now bring us 'Dead Or Alive,' their latest single. Released on 10/10/23, this uplifting song features elements of alternative rock and a more pop-punk essence, demonstrating not only their ability and expertise to constantly innovate in their sound but also their unwavering commitment to delivering great tunes to their audience.

Beach Foam

Goolkasian, also know as The Texas Governor, of the notorious & cutting edge trio, The Elevator Drops, is back with new music. "LOVESICK", a creative collaboration with painter & chanteuse Heather Joy Morgan. The Live band also features Adam Wade of the Funeral Party and Palana of (Palana vs the Man)

After the success of their album '...hoping this is the end...' – which has accumulated over 15,000 streams on Spotify – the band drops another bombshell on us with their latest single titled 'Beach Foam.' Officially released on the 1st of October 2023, this song offers a totally immersive experience right from the start.

Have you ever tried binaural drugs? Well, this must be the pinnacle of depersonalization and self-experimentation through music! 'Beach Foam' comes in two different versions that seamlessly blend elements from indie-rock, dream pop, and Lo-Fi together to make your senses soar into the clouds (it's also addictive, so listen at your own responsibility). Its accompanying music video also doesn't lag behind in this experience, as it immerses the viewer in a visually stunning world of surreal landscapes and vibrant colors.

Zephyr And Sycophant

Arson Whales, a four-piece independent rock band hailing from Sacramento, CA, recently introduced their latest single, "Zephyr and Sycophant," extracted from their debut album, "Galactopus."

With thousands of Spotify plays under their belt, this band has crafted a unique and authentic sound that sets them apart. Describing the essence of Arson Whales becomes no easy task, as their music forms a captivating fusion where electric guitars and synthesizers claim the spotlight. It entices you to move with its infectious rhythm and catchy vocals. Drawing inspiration from an array of genres like pop rock and funk, Arson Whales are certainly leaving a significant mark on the independent music scene and on listeners worldwide. We invite all our community members to not only experience the magic of "Zephyr and Sycophant" but also to explore the entire album "Galactopus," which is undoubtedly worth listening to.

Me Now Free

Project 1268 is a talented musical duo hailing from the vibrant city of Bentonville, Arkansas. The band consists of Haley Webster as the vocalist and percussionist, and Craig Brown as the singer and songwriter.

Haley and Craig met in high school and quickly became best friends. They both shared a passion for music from a very young age, having grown up listening to a diverse range of music genres that eventually helped shape their musical identities.
However, Project 1268's as a band, didn't actually begin there. Time and circumstances separated them for years, and it wasn't until 2019 that they crossed paths once again, almost by accident, in a completely different city. It was at that moment that they decided to form Project 1268, showcasing how music has the power to unite souls along life's unpredictable path.

Today, they present their latest single titled "Me Now Free," a captivating mix of soul-rock where they combine their melodies and creativity, showcasing not only their versatility and talent to craft a vivid sonic landscape as accomplished musicians but also providing a glimpse of their upcoming album set to be released in 2024.


"VOST, an electrifying rock band from Stuttgart, Germany, has graced us with their latest single 'Crash.' Officially released on 24/12/21, this song embodies the pure essence of rock 'n' roll, seamlessly blending elements from genres like alternative rock, glam, and classic rock. The result is a unique and authentic sonic landscape where distorted guitars and powerful vocals send shivers down your spine, creating an overwhelming sense of euphoria from the very beginning.

But the excitement doesn't stop there—VOST is gearing up to unleash two more gems by the year's end. Keep an eye on these guys, because they're here to conquer the indie rock scene!

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Top Alt-Rock/Metal Tracks

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ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg

Deadweight, an outstanding metalcore band from Tampa, United States, has just released their latest banger called "Roots." Comprised of Eric Stillwell, Ronnie Cooper, Brandon Weaver, and Jacob Merkley, this band is ready to blow your mind with their heavy breakdowns and two-step sections designed to get even your 80-year old grandpa into the pit. Drawing inspiration from bands like Currents, Wage War, and Hollow Front, Deadweight has managed to craft a unique signature sound that sets them apart in the American core scene. "Roots" is also part of their upcoming EP titled "In Darkness Is Light," set to be released on October 13th. Be sure to follow Deadweight on their social media to stay updated about this highly anticipated release!


With an aggressive and spine-chilling sound, the guys from Burning the Sickness, hailing from Curicó, Chile, promise to shake you with this single. Drawing influences from bands from the other side of the world, Burning the Sickness possesses a powerful sound that prominently features low tunings and downtempo breakdowns. "Heroes" is the second promotional single from their debut studio album titled "Abyss," set to be released in december to be released later this year in 2023.

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
Valued In Gold

"Valued In Gold" by WolfSkin is a powerful song that captures the essence of metalcore and djent genres. The band draws influences from some of the genre's biggest names such as The Amity Affliction, Invent Animate, and Currents, infusing their own unique sound into each track.

Released in 2020, the song is packed with fast and progressive drumming, complemented by virtuoso guitar riffs and guttural vocals creating an engaging auditory experience.


Hostile Array is a metalcore and post-hardcore band originating from Maryland, United States. It was formed in 2017 and has gained recognition for its aggressive music and socially and politically charged lyrics. The band lineup includes Brendan Frey on lead vocals, Garrison Frey on guitar and backing vocals, Hector Fernandez on guitar, Brody Barbour on bass, and Fredy Menjivar on drums. They have released a studio album titled "Hostile Array" in 2017, which includes songs like "Devoid," "Newspeak," and "Warmonger," as well as several promotional singles. One of their standout singles is "Heavy," which is part of their latest EP titled "Trauma."

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg

"Venom" by the american metalcore band In Shallows, is a captivating song that talks about an intense and self-destructive emotional experience in a relationship. The lyrics depict the protagonist struggling with negative feelings and an addiction or dependency on someone who harms them. The metaphor of "venom" is used to represent the toxic and detrimental influence that person has on the protagonist's life. Throughout the song, there is a sense of being trapped, and how this feeling gradually deteriorates their emotional well-being.

Believe the Unseen

Olly E, a talented rock artist from Leicester, United Kingdom, has come to delight us with his latest single, "Believe the Unseen." Drawing inspiration from a variety of genres, including alt-rock, pop-punk, post-hardcore, and pop-rock, this song explores a personal experience from the artist's life. During a period when Olly was delving into metaphysics and collecting crystals, he discovered the remarkable properties of the "Citrine Crystal," known for its positive energy, wealth, and prosperity. This revelation inspired him to create an "uplifting" melody that takes listeners on an introspective journey, encouraging them to believe in positive unseen forces.

Olly E has built his entire musical career around addressing mental health issues and offering support to his followers and listeners in their inner struggles. However, this song serves as the definitive anthem for those who need an extra boost in their daily lives.


Modern Day Outlaw, a talented band hailing from Taramac, United States, is here to captivate us with their latest single, titled "Eulogy." This track, officially released on 11/09/23, showcases the band's exceptional ability to blend elements from hard rock and southern metal, resulting in an electrifying sound that will send shivers down your spine and have you uncontrollably headbanging to the rhythm.

The song's musical structure takes you on a captivating sonic journey, transitioning from soft, melodic verses to a state of complete euphoria during the choruses. This dynamic progression brings an engaging and immersive experience to the listener, making "Eulogy" a must-listen for all the metal lovers out there!


"Revenant" is one of the most remarkable songs in the album "Death, Oddities & Romance," a storybook-themed EP that delves into the realms of cinema and the macabre. Bullet to the Heart, a captivating Chicago alt-metal/hard rock band. Drawing inspiration from life's trials, Their music offers solace and empowerment to listeners.. It is about a solitary pirate who sets sail on a ship in search of treasure. While inspecting the ship, he encounters a beautiful woman, a mermaid, who lures him towards his death.

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