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Top Indie-Pop/R&B Tracks

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Lo Que Siento

5alva is an independent artist from the city of Linares, Chile. He draws influences from singers like "Lil Skies," "Post Malone," and "Mac Miller," but he possesses a distinct identity as he adeptly combines the melodic aspects of his instrumental composition with his vocals, which lean towards a style more oriented towards Pop and Hip-Hop. "Lo Que Siento" is one of his most successful singles, from his first full lenght album released in 2021 "Divina".

Fucking Boy

Solklee is an independent Chilean/Irish singer-songwriter. Her musical influences stem from various alternative rock and indie artists, such as Lana del Rey, Amy Winehouse, and The Cranberries. Her musical style is characterized by profound lyrics and a unique voice that resonates with her audience. Currently, Solklee is working on her debut studio album titled "Fake God," set to be released in 2023, which promises to be a reflection of her creativity and personal style. In this fourth single titled "Fucking Boy," she delights us with her vocal mastery in a piece that stands out from the rest due to its more Pop Rock-oriented sound.

Hunting Games

Amelie Blake is a UK based singer-songwriter. With a string of Hollywood movie trailers under her belt, Amelie's songs have been featured in Breathe, My Days of Mercy, Netflix, Sky, BBC, ITV and many others.
She's worked with various major music publishers including BMG, providing music for sync and advertising, tv and radio.
Supporting the likes of Rudimental and performing on BBC radio stations, Amelie has gained a wealth of musical influences carving out her own signature sound. Blending elements of pop, soul, and alternative music. Her layered vocal harmonies, and thought provoking lyrics are standout features in her music, with her voice being compared to liquid gold.

All Night

Janelle Sy'mone is a talented singer/songwriter known for her captivating voice, soulful melodies, and empowering lyrics. Influenced by artists like Anita Baker, Tina Turner, Nina Simone, Jill Scott, Lizzo, and Beyoncé, Janelle's music seamlessly blends vivid melodies with profound and thought-provoking lyrics. She has performed at notable events such as the 2021 and 2023 Taste of Soul Atlanta, New York Mondo Fest, and Charlotte Shout. Janelle draws inspiration from her personal experiences, infusing her music with authenticity and relatability, making her an artist whose work resonates deeply with listeners, compelling and touching their hearts.


Wotts is an indie pop duo based in Ottawa, Canada, composed of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jayem and bassist/guitarist Ricky 100. Known for their captivating sound, Wotts blends modern and retro influences to create a unique musical experience.
Wotts draws inspiration from a diverse range of influences, including The Beatles, Men I Trust, and Paulo Coelho, the author of "The Alchemist." These varied sources contribute to the duo's unique sound, which resonates with listeners on multiple levels.

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Top Indie Rock Tracks

Bad Wolf Isotype
ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg

Kelsie Kimberlin is an American-Ukrainian singer who lives in Washington, DC. She recently visited Ukraine to demonstrate her strong support for her other homeland, Ukraine, in this time of Russia's brutal war against them. For several weeks, she has been doing a lot of humanitarian work - visiting the Ukrainian military, a hospital, a refugee center, orphanages, filming the consequences of the heinous crimes of the russian army on their territory. In this way "Armageddon" is a powerful anthem of resilience and hope and it serves as a testament to Ukraine's unwavering determination to prevent the impending Armageddon that was set in motion in 2014 and escalated in 2022. Inspired by President Zelensky's impassioned call at the Grammy's, urging artists to unite in support of Ukraine, "Armageddon" is Kelsie's contribution to this critical cause.

Old Days

"Old Days" is the latest single from the gloriously unfashionable rock band Hole Tripper and it was recently released on Friday 18 August 2023. This song has a few departures from their previous material but retaining a definitively Hole Tripper sound. The addition of Zen Master Alan Watts’ voice-over split the room initially, but it fits like a glove in the final take both sonically and in relevance of the material itself. The song is about being sick of looking backwards, getting into a fight with death, punching it in the face and then powering on. The old days are gone but that doesn’t mean that you need to get stuck in a negativity vortex and can’t punch your way out of it – whether that approach works or not will be a recurrent theme in future releases.

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
Rules Of The House

Manchester underground music icon Harry Stafford (Inca Babies) and US-based trash blues guitarist Marco Butcher present 'The Rules of the House', the second taster of their album 'We Are The Perilous Men', out in September via Black Lagoon Records. On this track, Marco shows what a total stone rocker he is, with foot to the floor guitars and drums. Harry adds the story, which was inspired by a terse publican’s list of rules on the specials blackboard. Harry Stafford says, "I don’t remember them all, but 'get a round in' was definitely one of them". Marco Butcher adds, "Rules of the House is a diabolical and swampy kind of song, mixing some sort of very solid groove with over-the-edge 'No Wave' type of guitars, cutting and dancing with the rhythm".

Poverty Dream

"Poverty Dream" is [SAMPLE_TEXT]'s fourth musical release to date and officially launched on July 25, 2023. This song stands as a provocative reflection on the illusion and disappointment inherent in the aspirations promoted by consumer culture. The raw voice of Reece Caldwell, backed by Tyler Farrell's energetic rhythms on percussion and the powerful depth of Jacob Marsh on bass, creates an auditory experience that deeply resonates with the listener's sensibilities.
"Poverty Dream" was recorded at Motion Arts Studio, where producer Micah Rawalt was the architect behind capturing the sonic magic of this song. Employing a unique technique, the band managed to craft a completely organic sound, routing the recording signals through analog equipment and tapes. This achieved an authentic and distinctive sound that defines both the essence of the song and the band's attitude.

ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
ANALOG NOTES_edited.jpg
On With The Show

"On With the Show" marks The Brass Bambees' second studio release, officially published on August 4th, 2023. In a remarkably short span, it has effortlessly seized the fascination of countless global listeners and garnered praise from the specialized music critic. Building on the triumph of their inaugural single "Modern Casanova," The Brass Bambees have made a deliberate choice to forge ahead on their musical odyssey with this latest composition, enriching their already promising repertoire. The track reflects the purest essence of a garage rock sound, seamlessly blending different genres ranging from punk rock and post-punk to indie rock and 90’s grunge.

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