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Top Acoustic & Folk Tracks

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Stir Crazy

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, the talented singer-songwriter Melanie Pierce has released her latest single, "Stir Crazy." This track marks Melanie's third promotional single from her upcoming EP, scheduled for premiere in October. Melanie explains, "This song delves into the depths of emotions during a period marked by manipulation and a lack of discernment."
With an exquisite blend of various music styles, ranging from folk and acoustic to alternative pop, "Stir Crazy" is destined to become the next radio hit and represents one of the most significant milestones in Melanie's musical career.


NYC-based singer-songwriter Emily Nicole Green just released, “Thief” which stands as the
third single on her musical career. This track is, in many ways, the most raw and revealing of the 5-songs on Green’s upcoming debut EP, ‘Outrunning The Animal,’ both musically and in terms of letting listeners feel her ache. “Thief” is an Americana ballad that calls on elements of Jazz, Folk, and Pop, resulting in a track that feels timeless and emotionally stirring.

"Thief" is for anyone who has ever been abandoned. It's about the experience of being betrayed or rejected by the person you love the most, but it's also about the realization that two things can be true. I think this is realization many of us don't come to until later in life". - Emily Nicole Green.


Govorukha, an independent singer-songwritter born in Russia and now making his home in Prague, Czech Republic, stands as a multi-talented musician and composer who handles every aspect of his music, from writing and recording to mixing and mastering, all within the confines of his one-bedroom apartment.
His latest release, "Scissors," is a captivating musical journey that masterfully blends acoustic and electric guitars, cajon, violin, and piano. This song transcends genres, offering listeners an emotional experience like no other. At its core, "Scissors" carries a universal message of unwavering support and acceptance for a friend, free from judgment.


Pablo Lavins, an independent artist from the city of Frutillar, Chile, presents his new song "I Want to Drink With You" from his latest studio work titled "Anxiety Relief," which focuses on his internal world and the journey that represents the constant oscillation between different human emotions. ​The album features a much more complete instrumentation compared to his previous release, thanks to the inclusion of musical instruments such as drums, electric guitar, bass, and piano, in addition to classical string instruments like cello and violin present in his previous work album "Old New Year's Drinks."


Giovanna Centonzio is a young and talented Chilean artist hailing from the city of Santiago, Chile. In her first studio work, she presents her debut single "Amanecer" from her first EP titled "Amor y Mundo". This song's sound is distinguished by its delicacy and emotiveness, elements that are reflected in Giovanna's voice and the way she interprets the songs. Her lyrics are profound and delve into themes such as love, introspection, and connection with the world around us, giving her music a personal and intimate character.

Somebody Who's Not Me

“Somebody Who’s Not Me” is the new single by Swiss-born and raised singer-songwriter Chloé Sautereau. Released on September 14, 2023 it stands as the artist's third promotional single. The song was recorded at Corner Store Studios with CJ Colon and produced by Chloé herself.

“‘Somebody Who’s Not Me’ came to me in a moment of true vulnerability, questioning and introspection. A moment where I felt stuck, unsure where to look, where to go, or if I was capable of what I was after. Of what I am after. So I tried to look within. This song poured out of me, stripped me down in a way that would only let me grow; it’s the song that’s just “me”, in a way that no song I’ve written before has felt. I always strive for honesty in my writing, but this has the kind of honesty that I think I had never dared to have with myself.” -Chloé Sauterreau

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Top Indie-Pop/R&B Tracks

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Jungle Juice

Damon Modarres, a Persian-American R&B artist based in the DMV (Washington D.C. area), has just released his latest single titled "Jungle Juice." This track marks his second promotional single. In this song, Damon skillfully combines the sensuality and vocal range of his artistry with unapologetic reflections on young romance, desires, and the highs and lows of college life, sharing his candid thoughts.

He explains, "Sometimes people complicate feelings and moments more than necessary, and this song conveys that two individuals can simply embrace the present without dwelling on what comes next. So, 'just relax and breathe, open your mind to new possibilities'."


"Motions" is the latest release from the talented independent artist AMRIX, a young producer and artist on a mission to leave a mark in the music world. This captivating track explores the complexities of love's farewell, blending haunting melodies and poignant lyrics to capture the raw essence of heartbreak and resilience. Join AMRIX on this transformative musical journey as we explore the beauty in vulnerability and the strength in letting go. Together, we'll make our mark in the world of music, one heartfelt note at a time.

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Queen Bee

Introducing Edie Yvonne, a 14-year-old pop sensation hailing from Los Angeles. Edie has a remarkable talent for her age, and she's making a name for herself in the pop music scene.
Her latest release, "Queen Bee," is a catchy pop gem that's designed to accompany a short film project she's currently working on. The song perfectly captures the essence of the story, which revolves around the intriguing world of mean girls and their loyal followers. It's a relatable and thought-provoking musical journey. For the creation of "Queen Bee," Edie collaborated with up-and-coming producers Nicky Swedin and Cormac Liotta. Together, they've crafted a captivating sound that's both infectious and empowering.

What Love Is

Morgan Paros, a talented singer and multi-instrumentalist musician hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, unveils her latest single titled "What Love Is," which marks her fourth promotional release in her discography. Morgan has worked with numerous remarkable artists throughout her musical career, including Shawn Mendes, Madison Beer, Ricky Montgomery, Lauv, and Joshua Bassett. Nevertheless, she decided to embark on her solo project in May 2023 with the release of "Last Straw," accumulating over 7,000 plays on Spotify.

"What Love Is" is a brilliant blend of different music genres, such as alternative pop and alternative rock, showcasing the artist's expertise and versatility in combining various elements to create an authentic and unique sound. This song serves as a testament and a commitment from Morgan to continue her musical journey, providing listeners with an immersive and captivating experience with every chord and note.

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Dancing Tonight

Originating from the vibrant music scene of Nashville, Tennessee, the gifted artist Tash Hills has recently unveiled her ninth promotional single, "Dancing Tonight." Produced by the remarkable music producer Ryan Prewett, this track seamlessly blends various musical styles, from Funk to Pop. "Dancing Tonight" is poised to become the ultimate summer radio hit, setting the stage for a season of musical delight.


Introducing "Lost" by the incredibly talented Ezraz – a name synonymous with the soothing vibes of chillhop and lofi genres. With over 40 tracks captivating listeners worldwide, Ezraz is a true maestro in crafting musical landscapes that touch the soul.

"Lost" is a captivating masterpiece that will immerse you in a world of melancholic beauty. With hauntingly beautiful vocals that effortlessly weave through the gentle, sad melodies, this track invites you to explore the depths of your emotions. The enchanting drums add a rhythmic heartbeat to the song, enhancing the overall hypnotic experience.

Ezraz's "Lost" is more than just a song; it's an emotional journey waiting to be embarked upon. Let the music guide you through a sea of feelings, and let Ezraz's soothing voice and masterful production be your compass. Get ready to lose yourself in the enchanting world of "Lost."

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