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Livi Jacobs

Should've Known

"Should've Known" is Livi's first release since her debut single "Goodbye". She was excited to tap into a more upbeat, rock-influenced side of her music and songwriting. The single was recorded in her bedroom/make-shift studio in Southwest Florida by her husband, Steven James. Livi states that the song initially started out as a joke, as she wanted to write a hook in the style of Michael Jackson. The song finished writing itself within minutes. It wasn't until three years later that she dug it back out of the archives and decided to make it her second single. Now, it has become one of her favorite songs she's worked on.

Her evocative compositions have garnered recognition in esteemed publications like Conversations About Her, while her enchanting melodies have traversed borders, touching the hearts of listeners in more than 20 countries through the European Indie Music Network. With her innate talent as both a singer and songwriter, Livi crafts music that resonates deeply, forging an emotional connection that lingers long after the last note fades away.


Acoustic Rock





Fecha Estreno:

9 de junio de 2023

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