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Catalina Wolf

Marketing Specialist
Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
Business Administration
Catalina Wolf

Mi rol en la Empresa

As the head of the marketing department, my role involves leading the marketing team to devise strategies and tactics aimed at positioning and promoting the company's products and services. I work closely with other departments to ensure that marketing initiatives align with the company's objectives and deliver the greatest possible impact.

Among my responsibilities are market research, strategic planning, creating and developing advertising campaigns, managing social media, designing marketing materials, and organizing events and promotions. Additionally, I oversee the monitoring and measurement of the performance of marketing initiatives, with the aim of continuous improvement and optimizing outcomes.

Mi experiencia en Bad Wolf Records

My main goal is to develop an effective and efficient marketing strategy that enhances the company's visibility and generates interest and loyalty among customers. I collaborate with a dedicated and talented team to execute innovative and creative initiatives that achieve the company's objectives and fulfill customer needs.

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