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Diego Rojas

Software Designer
Talca, Chile
Software Engineer
Diego Rojas

Mi rol en la Empresa

As a Software Developer at Bad Wolf Records, my role involves providing expertise across various areas of the organization and creating computer applications that address the company's needs. This combination of responsibilities allows me to closely collaborate with different departments, understanding their requirements and crafting software solutions that fulfill their needs.

In my day-to-day work, I spend time meeting with heads of each department to comprehend their processes and requirements, as well as identifying opportunities to enhance them through technology. Based on this information, I engage in designing, developing, and implementing software solutions that bring improvements and efficiencies to the company.

Mi experiencia en Bad Wolf Records

Overall, my role as a Software Developer and IT professional has been highly rewarding and challenging, as it has enabled me to closely collaborate with various departments of the company and create customized software solutions to meet the specific needs of the business. I've enjoyed working in an innovative and collaborative environment, and I take pride in the solutions I've developed and their positive impact on the company.

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