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Diego Wolf

CEO & Founder
Talca, Chile
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Diego Wolf

Mi rol en la Empresa

As the founder and CEO of Bad Wolf Records, my role is to lead and steer the company towards success. I am responsible for making key decisions in terms of strategy, finances, and human resources, as well as maintaining strong relationships with our artists and music industry partners.

My main objective is to ensure that Bad Wolf Records remains at the forefront of the music industry and continues to produce high-quality music. I work closely with our team of musicians and producers to ensure our recordings are exceptional, and I also ensure that our artists receive the support and resources they need to reach their full potential.

Furthermore, I also oversee the planning and execution of musical projects and promotions for our music releases, constantly seeking new opportunities to expand our presence in the music industry.

Mi experiencia en Bad Wolf Records

Working at Bad Wolf Records has been an incredibly amazing experience. Since the inception of the company, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with talented and passionate musicians, and I've had the honor of assisting in launching the careers of some truly impressive artists.

I consider myself fortunate to lead such an incredibly creative team that is dedicated to the quality of the music we produce. Over the years, we've worked diligently to establish a reputation as one of the leading independent record labels in the country, and I take pride in the success we've achieved.

The working culture at Bad Wolf Records is highly collaborative and focused on innovation, which has allowed my team and me to explore new genres and music styles. We've also had the chance to collaborate with artists from all around the world, making for an truly exciting experience.

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