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Felipe Aguado

Guitar Specialist and Vocal Coach
Curicó, Chile
Musical Interpretation
Felipe Aguado

Mi rol en la Empresa

As an Musician at Bad Wolf Records, my role involves creating and recording high-quality music for our artists and helping elevate their music to the next level. I work closely with other musicians and producers in the recording studio to ensure that our recordings sound their best. Additionally, I may also be called upon to collaborate with other artists on their recordings and live performances, giving me the chance to explore different musical styles and genres. In summary, my goal is always to create exceptional music and contribute to the continued success of Bad Wolf Records.

Mi experiencia en Bad Wolf Records

I love having the chance to work with talented and passionate artists, and I'm truly grateful for the creative freedom I've been given in my role. I've also had the opportunity to learn a lot from other musicians and producers within the company, which has been incredibly valuable for my personal and professional growth.

Overall, working at Bad Wolf Records has been a highly rewarding experience, and I'm excited for what the future holds in terms of new projects and exciting opportunities.

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