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Jamie Pape

Music Producer / Professional Bass Player
Santiago, Chile
Musical Interpretation
Jamie Pape

Mi rol en la Empresa

As a bassist at Bad Wolf Records, my role is to create a solid and cohesive rhythmic foundation in our recordings and live performances. I work closely with other musicians and producers to ensure that the bassline complements and enhances the main melody while also adding an additional layer of depth and texture to the music.

My objective as a bassist at Bad Wolf Records is to create high-quality music and play a key role in crafting a distinctive and memorable sound for our artists. I'm incredibly excited to be part of a company with a strong passion for music, and I'm eager to contribute to new exciting projects in the future.

Mi experiencia en Bad Wolf Records

Working with Bad Wolf Records, I can say that it has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. From day one, I've felt like part of a creative and passionate community that works together to create exceptional music.

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