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A fast changing world needs Fast electrifying riffs – Down In Motion releases thought-provoking alt-rock anthem with their new single “Ain’t no Priority”

In recent years, there has been a growing discussion about how materialism and superficiality have seeped into the soul of society. Social media and the most influential artists play an essential role in shaping the personalities, especially of the new generations. There seems to be a clear disregard for the message that major record labels attempt to push through them, pushing people to increasingly adopt false ambitions and nonexistent concerns.


Down In Motion, the prominent alternative rock band from Brighton, UK, arrives to confront this issue. With the release of their latest single, "Ain’t no Priority," they aim to not only provoke a radical shift in our thinking but also to awaken consciousness.


"Ain’t no Priority" unfolds as a true battle flag amidst the chaos of the modern world throughout its nearly four-minute duration, offering an auditory experience that manages to capture the atenton of listeners from start to finish.

Through their sharp guitar riffs, energetic percussion, and a marked essence reminiscent of the post-hardcore and emo rock of the 2000s but with a completely renewed sound, Down In Motion manages to create the perfect balance between the warmth of those bands that marked our adolescence with modern production techniques, thus penetrating deep into the emotions of the listeners with an impressive level of quality, bringing along not only an intense feeling of nostalgia and euphoria but also a powerful message.

"Ain’t no Priority" skillfully delves into the complexity of modern times, with a narrative that aligns perfectly with the reality of the current world. A world where we are constantly bombarded by the digital realm and its ability to alter our consciousness and perception, pushing us towards a lifestyle that overlooks the things that truly matter in our daily lives. With a narrative that is simply striking and through a polished vocal performance by the singer Tom Holmes, the band, with its reverberating and immersive aura, manages to create a sort of "awakening" in those of us who have been victims of materialism, superficiality, and vanity, thereby managing to resonate universally.


Through a dynamic composition that experiences numerous rhythmic and intensity changes throughout its extension, transitioning from introspective verses to catchy choruses and even a spectacular (and unusual within the genre) synthesizer solo, Down In Motion manages to keep the listener on the edge of their seat in every second. This is achieved through a compositional work that evokes a vivid aura and allows each instrument to stand out in the mix.

"Ain’t No Priority," officially released on February 29, 2024, establishes itself as the band's second release on their discography, demonstrating that, although their musical journey is just beginning, they will undoubtedly achieve stardom with their authentic sound, always accompanied by an uplifting and profound message.

We extend a warm invitation to all members of our community to also listen to Down In Motion's debut single, titled "Into The River," with which they made their first musical foray as a band. It is undoubtedly worth experiencing alongside this new song.

Also, don't forget to follow Down In Motion on their social media channels to stay updated on their latest news and new releases!



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