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Avresa's 'Now or Never': “A complete immersion into human introspection and self-contemplation."

During our passage through life, we frequently endeavor to examine ourselves from an external vantage, striving for enhanced self-evaluation and self-awareness. A multitude even indulge in fantasies of phenomena such as out-of-body experiences, yearning to witness how others perceive them through their very own eyes. Nonetheless, the authentic pursuit of truth rests exclusively in our capacity to introspectively observe and contemplate our genuine essence, transcending a mere third-person viewpoint, for all the answers we seek are intricately woven into ourselves.

Avresa, an exceptionally skilled musician and composer originating from Australia, demonstrates a profound understanding of this notion. Through his latest release, "Now or Never," he extends a compelling invitation to explore this theme with remarkable and mesmerizing depth.

join us in this article, as we meticulously review this impactful musical creation, dissecting all its components and closely examining the mysteries concealed within this song.


About the Artist

Jeremy, professionally known as "Avresa," is a talented multi-instrumentalist musician hailing from the vibrant city of Sydney in Australia. His intriguing name derives from the Swedish language and is defined as: "The departure for the beginning of a journey." Interestingly, this name couldn't suit him better, as by choosing this distinctive moniker as his stage name, he embarked on his musical journey as a solo artist.

After writing songs with his former band, he decided to venture into the realm of solo music composition and production. With his undeniable skill in playing a variety of musical instruments and his expertise as an independent music producer, he allowed himself to explore a more introspective facet of his creativity from his home studio.

Blending an array of styles that span from post-punk, traversing through folk, and reaching into the realms of electronic music, Avresa solidifies his position as a genuine musician capable of crafting an unparalleled sonic identity. Within the contemporary musical panorama, he shines brightly, distinguished by his enthralling and expert ability to infuse his very essence into every composition he creates.


About The Release

"Now or Never" is Avresa's eleventh release. Recently published on August 11, 2023, "Now or Never" beckons us on an introspective journey delving into themes of self-exploration and personal discovery. With a dynamic and potent sound, it prompts us to contemplate aspects such as honesty, ignorance, and silence, and how these facets can wield consequences that shape our course in life. Showcasing an exquisite musical repertoire, "Now or Never" joins his discographic collection as a milestone, not only underscoring his evolution as a musician and composer but also paving a robust and finely defined path for his forthcoming musical works.


In-Depth Analysis

The composition commences with the commanding resonance of the percussion, skillfully wielded by the talented Jeremy. His initial strikes upon the resonant snare confidently set the stage, energetically paving the way for the entrance of the other instruments to make its masterful appearance.

From the very first seconds, the collective cohesion of these elements becomes evident, meticulously weaving together to craft a rich and immersive sonic landscape. The guitars seamlessly intertwine, marking the song's inception with resonating chords while fashioning an irresistibly catchy melody that deftly ensnares the listener's attention.

As the opening verse unfolds, the bass assumes a role of prominence, delivered with remarkable precision and an undeniably deep tone. It takes its place alongside the vocalist's striking voice, their synergy apparent. Phrases such as "Descend, descend, premonition accurate again. The whole city going under, no time now to run for cover" unveil the initial lines of the song, setting the thematic tone.

In "Now or Never," a personal narrative is meticulously woven, serving as a portal into the artist's thoughts and emotions. However, the way he exposes this story and its themes is something that undoubtedly resonates with us immediately. The act of questioning, an intrinsic facet of human nature, propels us to frequently scrutinize our actions and motives. "What if...?" "Why did I say/do this?" "Why didn't I say it?" These inquiries punctuate our daily introspections, and Avresa adeptly delves into them, plumbing their depths with remarkable profundity.

Through its lyrics, "Now or Never" propels us to the precipice of self-exploration. We say precipice because through an skillful use of the language and an engaging form of literary composition, this song inevitably compels us to reevaluate our attitudes. It thrusts us into the internal struggle of the protagonist, torn between preserving authenticity and transparency, or opting to adopt a false persona with distractions as the main focus on his journey. The latter path may promise carefree solace, but it sharply underscores its barren destination.

As the song progresses an extraordinary sense of dynamism emerges, driven by a tapestry of musical arrangements that seamlessly interlace and gradually intensify. Notably, the percussion exhibits impressive hi-hat and ghost note orchestrations, complemented by the inclusion of an electrifying guitar sound. Through the artful utilization of the 'palm mute' technique, this guitar traces the contours of the auditory landscape, skillfully framing the singer's performance.

From a production perspective, the meticulous placement of each instrument within the stereo field is of particular interest. This meticulous treatment allows every individual element to radiate brilliantly within the mix, ensuring that even the most delicate nuances reverberate clearly and perceptibly to the listener. This immersive sonic aura harmoniously aligns with the song's introspective motif, ensnaring the listener's attention completely from start to finish.

As we approach the chorus, we are greeted by the commanding phrase: "I should feel better, will I ever? I should know better, Now or never." This expression reinforces the prevailing theme of uncertainty, a thread that intricately weaves through the protagonist's narrative. However, the backdrop instrumentation unfurls into a full auditory climax, elevating this section beyond a mere portrayal of inner conflict. It metamorphoses into a holistic auditory encounter, evoking waves of euphoria. The energetic and jubilant resonance beckons us to embrace our uncertainties, recognizing them as intrinsic components of life itself. After all, life without emotions would undoubtedly be a monotonous experience. Right?

This very facet is the hallmark of the chorus's brilliance, showcasing a dual capacity to evoke emotions—something not all songs manage to achieve. "Now or Never" adeptly navigates the labyrinthine realm of human questioning, seamlessly transitioning into the euphoria of self-discovery with a liberated and spontaneous spirit, encapsulating the essence of the song’s background.

The song's structure is another highly notable aspect of this magnificent musical work, as Avresa, a multi-instrumentalist musician, skillfully maintains the captivation of his audience through diverse musical segments. These passages traverse instances that intensify the senses to other with a more introspective aura. An exemplary illustration of this occurs at the culmination of the second chorus, where a striking variation emerges within its final stanza. Here, the addition of backing vocals lends robust support to the lead voice, intertwining with it and weaving together as they echo the phrases, "It's in my head, won't speak when I'm spoken to. It never ends. They'll never have any clue, It's in my head." Meanwhile, the brilliance of a synthesizer surges forth, crafting an elaborate and infectious melody.

As we reach the 2:20 mark, the auditory landscape undergoes an abrupt transformation, once more attesting to the deliberate craftsmanship that infuses this song. This section serves as a both, musical and symbolic 'bridge,' gradually amassing tension on the journey to its zenith. It commences with the resonant twang of an acoustic guitar, boasting a percussive quality that is striking and evocative. A secondary guitar then intertwines seamlessly, adding a layer of majestic harmony.

Concurrently, in the backdrop, choral-like voices emerge amidst a percussion that gradually gains presence intensifying its momentum and paving the way for one of the song's most epic moments – its remarkable guitar solo.

The guitar solo is a veritable auditory delight, meticulously executed and enriched with an array of techniques that render it profoundly captivating. From artful 'bending' and entrancing 'vibrato' to a riveting tremolo, heightened by reverberating effects, its emotive resonance manages to penetrate deep into the listener's psyche.

Once more, the song embarks on a journey that revisits the chorus, culminating in a dramatic 'breakdown.' This transformative moment significantly alters the rhythmic foundation that has accompanied the song's progression. A deliberate delay in the snare hit engenders a sensation reminiscent of the raw energy of 'hard-rock' music. The voice delivers its concluding words: "Won't speak when I'm spoken to, Again and again, Going 'round is not getting through." These words serve as more than a mere closing statement; they resonate as a declaration, signifying how our protagonist finally uncovers the truth and realizes their responsibility for their own actions and their potential conclusions.

Avresa's musical versatility defies conventional boundaries. While encountering musicians proficient in different instruments is not uncommon, mastery at this level is a rarity. Each instrument within this composition seemingly finds its moment to shine, collectively illuminating the composition's zenith. This testament to innate talent not only underscores his proficiency but also underscores how music sometimes elects masterful minds to convey its essence.


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