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Emerald Bluffs unveils their new single "Autumn's Eve" – An exquisite auditory experience that intertwines the intensity of romance with the beauty of nature.

Frequently, when we fall in love (or think we do), life seems to be perceived differently through our eyes. For some reason, clouds begin to form wonderful shapes, and the colors of the objects around us become more intense. Similarly, it also happens with music, which seems to vibrate at a different frequency, as if it aligns perfectly with that special moment, becoming as relevant as to become a double-edged sword, where it will either reconcile what will be a beautiful love story, or live in your memory to intensify the memory of what once was.

Photo by: Sam Prososki

Under this premise, Emerald Bluffs, a collective of talented independent musicians led by the visionary behind this incredible project, Isaac Harris, presents their latest single titled "Autumn’s Eve." It's an exquisite auditory experience designed to heighten each and every one of your senses, to accompany you, and to become the soundtrack of that autumnal love (which we sincerely hope transcends into other seasons as well).

However, before delving into the magic of this musical creation, it's pertinent that we first learn a bit more about this talented group and how they came together to establish themselves as one of the most authentic and promising bands in the indie rock scene.

Emerald Bluffs was born in 2021 in Carbondale, Illinois. In the midst of an almost ‘apocalyptic’ scenario where the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown still loomed, Isaac Harris, an experienced composer and multi-instrumentalist musician, had the cunning and skill to make space for the beauty of music and artistic creation, proving that even in the worst moments, there is always a safe haven to retreat to. This not only helped make this challenging time more bearable for Isaac himself but also invited some of his closest friends partake in this joy, with whom he shared "Autumn's Eve" so they could bring it to life together.

Photo by: Sam Prososki

That’s right, it turns out that this incredible song, although it has been in existence for several years, only saw the light of day today. With a well-defined lineup, Emerald Bluffs, led by Isaac Harris as the vocalist, guitarist, and demonstrating true mastery on the synthesizer, Jordan Lapp crafting dreamy melodies on the saxophone, Francesca Pratt showcasing her impeccable precision on percussion, and Erick González providing body and depth with his bass lines, surprises with what is their third official release within their outstanding discography and the first debut of this year 2024. Additionally, it features the delightful participation and collaboration of Haley Gaertner, who infuses this piece with an extra touch of emotionality with her warm and enchanting vocals.

Artwork by: Sam Prososki

"Autumn's Eve" unveils itself as a captivating narrative born from Isaac's personal inspiration and experiences. He shares how, during his early years post-college, while still perhaps a somewhat immature young man, this was precisely what led him to discover the connection between romance and the beauty of landscapes and nature.

“For my first few years out of college, I was taking seasonal jobs all over the West and being a young stupid guy, I always found myself falling in love. Whether I was falling in love from a distance or up close and personal, I remember those lovers and those seasons of love fondly. For ‘Autumn's Eve’, I wanted to pair the feelings of those relationships with my love for the beauty of the outdoors.”

Isaac Harris – Musician & Composer

In this way, Isaac embarked on a mission to create an auditory experience capable of capturing those moments where love merges with the environment, creating a true dimension completely apart from everything else.

Photo by: Sam Prososki

Throughout its 2 minutes and 33 seconds duration, "Autumn’s Eve" offers an intense and immersive experience from the very first moment. We are greeted by ambient sounds accompanied by a warm melody, reminiscent of those 'Lo-Fi Hip-Hop type beats', thus generating an instant feeling of familiarity among listeners.

Right after, an unexpected break takes place, and it's at this moment when Isaac makes his masterful entrance accompanied by a distorted guitar that highlights the brightness of its mid and high frequencies, giving rise to a feeling of suspense and anticipation. A very apt decision by the band, allowing the other instruments to make their definitive entrance, increasing the sensation of euphoria from the very first verse.

From a technical standpoint, the structure of "Autumn’s Eve" is undoubtedly one of its strongest points. Not only does it feature captivating lyrical work that immerses the listener in the shoes of the protagonist narrating the story, but it also offers a sense of progression that aligns perfectly with the feeling of falling in love.

While infatuation may grow quickly, once love knocks on our door, it advances unhurriedly, at a leisurely pace, much like this song unfolds through its duration and its calm tempo. It gives us enough space to appreciate how everything around us begins to take on colors.

Despite its characteristic name, "Autumn’s Eve" works perfectly in any other season of the year and in any beautiful landscape surrounding you at the moment, proving not only the universality of its message but also showing that its effectiveness transcends time and places. Did you fall in love with someone from the big city whom you talk to on Instagram and haven't met in person yet? It doesn't matter, for Emerald Bluffs and "Autumn’s Eve," this also counts as love, regardless of the imminent frivolity of the other person when they try to downplay your feelings.

The transcendental vision of Emerald Bluffs' music remains true even to the conception of this new song, as "Autumn’s Eve" was recorded across numerous locations including Bend, Oregon, and Carbondale, capturing the essence of the beautiful and dynamic landscapes of Illinois to be embodied in this authentic musical piece.

Photo by: Sam Prososki

"Autumn’s Eve," officially released on March 29, 2024, marks a milestone for Emerald Bluffs as it serves as a sneak peek of what these talented musicians have been cooking up in the studio lately – their debut album titled "FORMATIONS," which will hit streaming platforms in May 2024.

If you've enjoyed this captivating composition, we also invite you to learn more about Emerald Bluffs by following them on their social media channels, to stay up-to-date with their latest news and releases. Additionally, If you're eager for more, remember to visit their Spotify profile where you'll also find two of their most cherished musical gems, "Magnolia" and "All I Need," which you can discover at the following >link<


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