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Invent Animate Unleashes Intense New Single "Sleepless Deathbed"

Source: Emily Carter, Kerrang! Magazine:

Texas-based metalcore band, Invent Animate, is making waves once again with the release of their latest single, "Sleepless Deathbed." This marks the band's first single of 2024 and the second standalone release following their full-length album, "Heavener", which dropped in March 2023 via UNFD.

Photo By: Chris Klumpp

The new single, "Sleepless Deathbed," dives into a haunting narrative, exploring the theme of hallucinating one's own demise and being trapped in a lifeless realm of perpetual and agonizing discomfort. Building upon the sonic foundation laid by the Heavener album, Invent Animate delivers a dark and intense listening experience with this latest offering.

According to the band, the track is a vivid portrayal of envisioning a state of personal death, where haunting memories, both significant and trivial, rain down upon the listener, forcing them to relive the emotional turmoil physically. The lyrics paint a picture of a surreal experience where the weight of these memories becomes so oppressive that it feels like an eternity spent in a state of perpetual agony.

Invent Animate describes the sensation as, "Where all your bad memories, big and small, are falling down on you in the form of rain and making you feel it all again, physically all at once. At a point, you start to think this might be death and that it might be like this forever. It weighs you down so much that your ground melts and you fall down through a static space through your own memories. The fall becomes the sleepless deathbed, where you’ve come to serve until the end of time."

The band emphasizes that "Sleepless Deathbed" was a song that evolved organically, driven by a desire for a fast and heavy sound, with lyrics that authentically capture the essence of physical panic.

Sleepless Deathbed," leverages the band's unmistakable blend of powerful instrumentation and emotionally charged storytelling. As the single gains traction, it is clear that Invent Animate continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences with their unique and compelling approach to metalcore music.


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