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Jenna Roessler unveils her latest masterpiece with "Nervous," a captivating pop-rock anthem that delves into the complexity of honesty in romantic relationships.

Jenna Roessler, the rising pop-rock star hailing from the heart of Nashville, brings a huge surprise for all the pop & rock lovers out here with her latest creation titled “Nervous”.

Officially released on February 16th, this pop-rock gem vividly encapsulates the essence of human vulnerability in romantic relationships with incredible sincerity, striking a chord with listeners with its universal theme.

With an enchanting sweet vocal tone that characterizes her, Jenna’s ability to convey strong emotions through her singing abilities is nothing short of impressive, effortlessly traversing through a dynamic interpretation where she shines not only for her lyrical prowess but also as a compelling storyteller.

In “Nervous,” Jenna delves into the relatable moments of hesitation and constant anxiety in romantic connections where the desire for honesty clashes with the fear of vulnerability. We all can relate to this sentiment at some point in our lives, where there’s an endless battle between “saying what we really feel or think” and the distress of “messing up everything.” Jenna fiercely addresses this situation with incredible honesty, resonating with a wide audience that can find solace in this song.

"Nervous" digs into those relatable moments of being tongue-tied in romantic relationships, coupled with the desire for honesty juxtaposed with the fear of saying the wrong thing.

Jenna Roessler - Singer, Songwriter & Multi-instrumentalist

The dynamic structure of “Nervous” has the ability to captivate from start to finish. Transitioning from soft introspective verses where beautiful guitar melodies create immersive instrumental layers to accompany Jenna’s interpretation, to electrifying choruses that increase the intensity to pulsate with incredible energy, this song is a soulful piece that manages to get and stay in the soul of music enthusiasts.

“Nervous,” written in collaboration with the talented musician Jake Arthur and produced by the renowned music producer Smith Curry, stands as Jenna’s third release in her discography that includes other remarkable singles such as “Simulation,” a powerful alt-rock banger, and “Forget I Exist,” an enchanting acoustic composition. Together, they already accumulate thousands of plays on Spotify, showcasing not only the start of a promising music career but also her versatility as an artist.


We extend a warm invitation to all our community not only to enjoy this masterpiece but also to take a listen to Jenna’s other releases, which you can find >here<.

Also, don’t forget to follow Jenna Roessler on her social media channels where you can stay updated about her latest news and upcoming releases.



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