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Luna Keller's "Invisible Wars" The Second Chapter of an Enchanting Musical Story.

“Art does not reproduce the visible; rather it makes visible”. This is how the renowned German artist Paul Klee declared it during the 19th century, rightly emphasizing the universe that hides behind each artistic piece. And this is precisely what Luna Keller comes to remind us of with her latest studio work titled "Invisible Wars," a song that is part of her upcoming studio album "Ocean Inside Of Me." Behind its charming melodies, it reveals an intimate part of her deepest emotions.

Stay tuned in this article as we delve deeply into the new musical gem that Luna Keller has brought to all of us, which hides an important and emotional message we all need to hear during hard times.

About The Artist

Luna Keller is a talented Spanish/German singer and songwriter based in the city of Cologne, Germany. From an early age, she showed interest in music, coming from a family where everyone shares a love for singing and playing musical instruments. Her father was the main driver of this attraction to the art form, as Luna would listen to him sing and compose songs, awakening her imminent musical talent.

Over time, she rapidly developed her skills as an artist, leading her to perform on numerous stages throughout Europe, even establishing her own discography, which includes two full-length studio albums and numerous promotional singles.

It didn't take long for her to become known in other regions of the world, as her unique style that combines deeply emotional lyrics delivered by her warm and delicated voice with a sound that perfectly blends elements of genres like indie-folk and folk-pop caught the attention of numerous listeners and fans worldwide, boasting nearly 65,000 monthly listeners on her Spotify profile.

About The Release

After her successful two latest releases, "Live It All" in September 2023 and "Ocean Inside Of Me" in October of the same year, Luna Keller returns to gift us another of her precious works, under the title of "Invisible Wars."

Officially released on November 30th, this song marks her sixth release this year, signifying not only a new achievement in her musical career but also the beginning of a new chapter in her experience as an artist. Thus, "Invisible Wars" holds significant importance within the new material she has been preparing in the studio, being part of her third full-length album titled "Oceans Inside Of Me," ready to be released on 2024. It serves as a continuation of her previous release of the same name, both pieces fitting together like a puzzle that Luna skillfully unveils as 'chapters' of a whole story to keep us all eagerly anticipating.

In "Invisible Wars," Luna invites us to explore those feelings of loneliness and frustration with which we have all felt familiar at some point in our lives, yet we never take the time to talk about them.

"When I wrote this song, I was in a really bad place while still managing to be more or less high-functioning. There's this fight inside oneself that happens every day that is invisible to those around you. You keep holding on and tell yourself you can be strong for everyone when in truth you need help and support."
- Luna Keller (Singer & Songwritter)

In-Depth Analysis

"Invisible Wars" begins immediately with Luna's gentle and delicate performance, her voice resting on the song's initial chords. The guitar defines the melodic structure with an exquisite reverb effect, making its presence felt from a distance and gradually gaining prominence as the second verse unfolds.

This is when the mix gently opens up across the stereo field. A second guitar enhances the chords with a skillful palm-muting technique, adding a rhythmic feel to the song. Meanwhile, a third guitar joins this string play, drawing a melody that resonates brilliantly and crystallinely, creating the ideal sonic landscape. Luna's voice stands magnificently atop this arrangement, adding layers of choral vocals that collectively generate a sense of intense intimacy with the listener, as if the song were written with a special dedication for each individual.

In this way, Luna invites us to explore our darkest moments, where sadness, loneliness, and frustration seem to take hold of our daily lives. Through a captivating narrative that uses language blending the tangible with the metaphorical, "Invisible Wars," as its title suggests, personifies those internal battles that only we can see, or sometimes we ourselves are incapable of visualizing. One of the most interesting aspects of experiencing this song is how its lyrical composition manages to strike a perfect balance between common aspects of feelings of depression, making it relatable to everyone, while using symbols such as the water, the moonlight, the knife, and the sword to evoke personal and intimate feelings. These are feelings that only we can perceive through its lyrics and melody, similar to what happens with the well-known 'Rorschach Test' where each person interprets something different according to each presented image, providing us with a own interpretation of the song itself as it unfolds.

As the song progresses, new sounds are added to this wonderful auditory landscape. Upon reaching the chorus, a majestic set of strings adds depth and emotion to the experience, enchanting us with influences of folk music that characterize Luna Keller's sound. However, the melody sung by her voice remains tied to her more Pop-oriented side, showcasing her versatility to move freely between different styles, or rather, her own style. Luna Keller is one of those artists who possesses a very distinctive auditory fingerprint; when you hear one of her songs, you immediately recognize her.

However, at this point, we begin to notice some familiar aspects. It's not the music itself or its structure, but there is a certain essence that, within its incredible level of production, maintains its organic essence, where each instrument feels vivid.

It turns out that, to everyone's surprise, the producer behind "Invisible Wars" is none other than our dear friend Dominic Romano, a singer, songwriter, and producer who has brought some of his best musical works to Bad Wolf Records, and whose work we have had the pleasure of experiencing and analyzing in previous articles. Romano's production work is, as always, impeccable, both in his own releases and in this one. He has skillfully highlighted Luna Keller's strengths, proving that, much like precious metal, sometimes special treatment is needed to make it shine with its true beauty.

The Music Video

"Invisible Wars" also comes with its own music video, set in a swamp surrounded by a grayish sky, perfectly reflecting the feelings of anguish and the aura of nostalgia that this piece evokes. Here, Luna takes on the leading role as the protagonist, fighting incessantly not to sink into the turbulent waters of her emotions.

The inclusion of a music video for "Invisible Wars" is not only satisfying for the listener but also invites us to connect on a deeper level with Luna Keller's art and the theme that shapes it, supporting the overall proposition of this album.

We invite our entire community not only to enjoy this enchanting piece but also to listen to Luna Keller's complete discography, which you can find >Here<

Additionally, follow Luna Keller on her social media to stay updated on her latest news and new releases, and above all, to discover the next chapters of this wonderful story that will take its final form as a full-length album.


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