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Nigel Brown unveils his latest musical masterpiece with “Here Comes The Truth”

When we talk about experienced musicians, we often highlight artists who have achieved recognition in the music scene and have been widely acknowledged and promoted by the mass media. However, in the vibrant world of independent music, we frequently come across incredibly talented independent artists who, while they may not have reached the same level of media notoriety yet, are forging their own path in a creative and passionate manner. Nigel Brown is one of those independent artists who deserves special recognition and who will undoubtedly achieve stardom with his music.

Nigel Brown, hailing from London, England, is a gifted musician and multi-instrumentalist composer with a significant musical career that to date includes numerous studio releases of the highest quality in production and musical composition. With his latest album, "Here comes the truth," he presents his most recent masterpiece, offering us a glimpse of his endless skill and talent as an artist.

About The Artist

Nigel Brown, born and raised in England, embarked on his musical journey at the tender age of 14, inspired by the sounds of great artists like The Beatles and Bob Dylan. During his 20s, he moved to London to pursue his dream of becoming a professional musician and developing his artistic career. However, after playing in several bands, he discovered that his true passion lay among the calm and peace of his recording studio, where he could let his endless creativity flow.

Throughout his career as a composer, Nigel has not only released 12 full albums in his solo project to the present day, but has also created music for numerous projects. This includes composing and recording music for approximately twenty series, primarily for “Discovery Channel” and “Sky”. He has also produced three albums for the “De Wolfe Music Library” and recently completed an album of songs for “Felt Music”. Additionally, he has contributed instrumental music for Soho Production Music and worked on a 'Psychedelic Rock' album for the same company. His EP 'Forever Be' received acclaim when it was selected as the inaugural release in the APM series in the United States, thanks to some of his songs that he sent to Adam Wakeman of the “Perfect Music Library”.

About The Release

“Here Comes The Truth" stands as his 12th album in his extensive musical discography. What makes this album stand out from his previous works is precisely its impeccable production quality, where it's possible to clearly hear how each instrument delicately occupies its place in the stereo field. Simultaneously, as a whole, every musical element manages to craft a vivid sonic landscape that invites us to let our imagination flow.

While it's possible to appreciate some influences from the music that dominated the airwaves in the 1960s and 1970s, such as the brilliant sound of his acoustic guitar, warm electric guitar arpeggios, and his incredible vocal harmonies, it's undeniable to mention that Nigel Brown's sound is entirely unique. This latest work serves as evidence of his authenticity as an artist, which clearly defines his own musical identity.

Nigel plays all the instruments featured in this work; however, his son Charlie, a talented drummer, recorded the percussion sections for all the tracks, making this album a wonderful collaborative effort.

“Over the years I’ve learnt that I write my best songs when I go with the flow. If I have a couple of lyrics and I get a couple of chords it can all happen very quickly. But for me, it’s best not to overthink things and let the melody go where it wants to go, not to fight it basically. It’s quite a strange process, a bit like making something from thin air! The title track ‘Here Comes the Truth’ was written exactly in this way. If you heard my first rough demo, the whole song is pretty complete. I enjoy writing the lyrics as well, I like there to be a story or a meaning of some kind”.
- Nigel Brown

In-Depth Analysis

1.- The World You’ve Been Dreaming Of

The album begins with "The World You’ve Been Dreaming Of," where we are greeted by the brilliant sound of Nigel's acoustic guitar strings. Through a complex melody played with arpeggios, the guitar travels impressively across the stereo field, creating a sense of immersion from the very beginning. This song has the particularity of alternating its first verse with the chorus, starting immediately with the latter instead of starting with the verse, creating a striking and incredibly catchy beginning.

As the song unfolds, we encounter exactly what defines Nigel as a musician, and that is his musical authenticity. While he retains elements of folk-rock in his sound, both his incredible voice and the impressive percussion rhythm performed by his son Charlie, gradually take on a more contemporary rock-pop touch. This becomes evident in the rhythmic and melodic line, providing listeners with a balanced auditory experience. "The World You’ve Been Dreaming Of" is the perfect choice to kickstart this musical journey.

2.- Making My Own Way

"Making My Own Way" is the second track of this incredible album, and it presents a much more nostalgic panorama that evokes strong emotions through its melodies. While the electric guitar is a key element in Brown's music, in this song, it is emphasized with arrangements that accompany the song's melodic foundation from the beginning, adding an extra layer of depth to the mix. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, at this point, what surprises us the most about this auditory landscape is its incredible musical production quality. From the listener's perspective, it's easy to distinguish where each instrument is positioned individually within the mix, yet the instruments as a whole blend seamlessly, creates a vivid and immersive auditory experience.

3.- Any Reason Is Right

The song begins with the impeccable vocal performance of Nigel, showcasing his skills not only as an instrumentalist and composer but also as a vocalist. "Any Reason Is Right" is undoubtedly a challenging song in terms of vocal performance, because its composition form and relaxed tempo provide ample space for Nigel to freely showcase his singing abilities with impressive long notes at the end of every phrase creating a catchy, harmonized vocal melody with sustained notes traveling freely throughout the beat. Two of the most memorable moments in this song are at the 2:00 and 3:16 marks, where we encounter an exquisite guitar solo. Using what appears to be a 'finger slide,' Nigel delights us with a melody that evokes an incredible sense of emotion, enhancing the song's message and allowing listeners to flow freely and spontaneously with the music.

4.- Verandas Gate

"Verandas Gate" is a highly intriguing song, primarily because it starts with a guitar melody loop that sustains the song's structure. This melody remains constant during its introductory section until it reaches the verse. Even as chord progressions and melodies change as the song progresses, this musical device remains present. This musical device is particularly fascinating because this particular structure acts like the trunk of a tree, with each progressively added musical element functioning as the branches of that tree, and Nigel's voice becomes the leaves blossoming from those branches. The song tells the story of a woman trapped in a toxic relationship where her partner's jealousy has harmed her for a long time. However, she eventually opens her eyes and realizes that she must take control of her life. Considering the song's theme, analyzing its musical structure is highly interesting. The guitar loop that travels throughout the song perfectly reflects the monotony of a damaging relationship and the constant storm of emotions the story's protagonist faces. However, Nigel's incredible storytelling doesn't stop there. At 3:18 mark, the chord progression once again changes dramatically, taking the listener by surprise and cohesively reflecting our protagonist's 'awakening.' This makes "Verandas Gate" one of the most captivating songs in this musical work.

5.- Shadows About

Continuing with track number five titled "Shadows About," we encounter a completely different musical panorama. This song has a much more energetic rhythm than the previous ones and possesses an essence closer to a rock-pop sound. From the very beginning, it's clear how this song draws the listener in, inviting them to flow freely with the music.

6.- Everyone For Themselves

This song begins with a captivating guitar arpeggio, which, with the help of a chorus effect, certainly sends shivers down the spine from its first notes. Nigel's gentle voice enters and unfolds gracefully through the first verse with a warmer timbre, adding an extra touch of nostalgia that aligns perfectly with the song's message and theme. This song has the particularity of including some additional instruments, such as wind instruments, and a distorted synthesizer that enters at the end of each chorus, creating a rich mix and a impressive soundscape.

7.- All Over Your Mind

"All Over Your Mind" is the seventh track of this album, and by this point, we are already halfway through its total lenght. This song serves as the perfect transition to the second half of the complete work. The song starts with violin string arrangements along with wind instruments, creating a captivating introduction. This musical resource is attractive because the introduction has a chord progression that differs from the verses that follow it, as if it were an independent piece. This contrast effectively conveys the complexity of the human mind in its different states and emotions.

8.- Not In My Heart

This song surprises with its long suspenseful breaks between choruses. The verses rest on cross-stick drum hits and soft cymbal arrangements that create a suspenseful feeling, then it unfolds with energy during the chorus melody. The chorus melody is incredibly catchy for the listener, and it feels like an anthem which invites us to sing with Nigel, making this one of the most memorable songs on the album.

9.- Green Submarine

"Green Submarine" is more than just a song; it's a journey into the deepest human emotions. It describes a nostalgic auditory landscape with its main theme being abandonment and being left behind by the passage of time. Nigel explains: "Green Submarine' is a song about inequality, being on the outside looking in and never reaching the warm core of safety. Drifting out of the submarine into cold, dark waters." From a musical perspective, this song allows us to appreciate Nigel's incredible voice in all its expression. Its progressive structure, starting gently with just the main voice and acoustic guitar, gradually intensifies, allowing us to appreciate the soft vocal harmonies from the introductory sections to the chorus. In the chorus, the vocal composition takes a 360° turn, positioning the backing voices as the main ones, and the main voice as secondary, causing Nigel's performance to travel even an octave above the main melody, effectively conveying the feeling of calmly floating in the depths of the sea until facing the 'waves' of insecurity. The reverb effect accompanying the vocals throughout adds an additional touch of nostalgia and emotion, creating an impressive sense of immersion from start to finish.

10.- Here Comes The Truth

"Here Comes The Truth" is the tenth track of this incredible album, and one of the most notable aspects is its 3/4 time signature, which makes the sound feel like a gentle auditory sway. The percussion performance is particularly outstanding, with impressive ‘ghost notes’ on the snare drum and precisely executed drum rolls. In terms of musical production, it results in a dynamically rich and vivid mix, with notable intensity variations between verses and choruses that keep the listener captivated until the end.

11.- Anne-Joleen

"Anne-Joleen" tells the story of an actress facing the end of her artistic career and witnessing her life fading away before her eyes. Using various visual references and highly poetic language, it creates images in the listener's mind, allowing them to visualize the story. This demonstrates Nigel's ability and skill to create complex imaginative landscapes through music, making this song one of the most emotionally charged in the album, and proving that music is a universal language.

12.- Hanging Around Here

Approaching the conclusion of this impressive work, we come across "Hanging Around Here." This song exudes a notably nostalgic aura, with both its emotional theme and lyrical composition conveying the feeling of witnessing a personal dedication or receiving a special letter. The combination of deep lyrics and melancholic melody immerses us in a world of emotions and memories, evoking a deep emotional connection that resonates in the listener's heart. At this point in the work, the song becomes a vehicle that transports the audience through the corners of memory and emotion, creating a truly moving musical experience.

13.- Life Tripping

"Life Tripping" serves as the exciting epilogue to this amazing album, offering a notable contrast with "Hanging Around Here." This song exudes a considerably more joyful and positive atmosphere. The inclusion of major chords on the guitar and the radiant melody combine to create a musical essence brimming with optimism. Through its energetic rhythm and lively pace, "Life Tripping" takes listeners on a musical journey to a brighter and more hopeful mood. This song serves as the perfect final touch to the album, leaving a lasting and memorable impression.

Nigel Brown's mastery and talent for creating unique and captivating musical compositions, filled with surprising and exciting elements, are a testament to his dedication and artistic brilliance. Every note, every change in dynamics, every lyric seems to be crafted with unique insight, reminding us that music has the power to be a form of sincere and ever-evolving expression. It offers not just melodies but an experience that invites us to immerse ourselves in an intense sonic narrative that is unafraid to challenge established boundaries.

We invite our community of music enthusiasts and lovers not only to enjoy this incredible album but also to follow Nigel Brown on his social media channels, where you can stay updated on his latest releases and news. Additionally, we extend a warm invitation to all our followers to explore more of his musical artistry through his complete discography.




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