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Sabrina Rex's Soulful Journey: Exploring 'By The River'. The Latest Acoustic Masterpiece by The Rising Folk Artist.

In the serene landscapes of folk music, Sabrina Rex emerges as a captivating storyteller and a gifted musician, conveying strong emotions through her warm voice and incredible guitar skills. Hailing from Roswell, GA, this talented young artist crafts melodies that echo the whispers of the soul. Her latest release, "By The River," officially unveiled on February 24, 2024 stands as a a poignant reflection of familial bonds and the shadows they harbor.

Sabrina Rex is only seventeen years old, yet her lyrical ability shows that she has wisdom much beyond her years. "By The River" explores the depths of her bond with her father, removing layers to uncover unsaid words and hidden facts. Sabrina's voice, a beacon of unvarnished honesty and vulnerability, carries her through the song's emotional currents with remarkable tenderness.

Backed by Zig Zag Recordings, Sabrina Rex elevates her folk roots with impeccable production quality, allowing her melodies to soar and her message to resonate. From the intricate guitar arpeggios that dance with radiant brightness to the enchanting vocal harmonies that linger across a colourful and vivid mix, "By The River" is a testament not only to Sabrina's skill as a gifted singer and songwritter but also to her ability to create thought-provoking experiences through her music.

"There is no need to speak, when one can sing what their heart truly feels".

Sabrina Rex - Singer & Songwritter

Similar to her breakthrough single "Growing Up," Sabrina Rex's artistic approach takes listeners on a emotional journey into the core of the human experience transcending mere notes and chords. With "By The River," she challenges listeners to face the intricacies of family relationships and to welcome the melancholy symphony of revelation and peacemaking. Sabrina finds strength and comfort in her music, and by sharing it with the world, she provides a window into the shared emotional fabric that all people can relate to. We extend a warm invitation to all members of our community to not only give this incredible song a listen but also to follow Sabrina Rex on her social media channels. Stay updated about her latest news and exciting upcoming releases by clicking the links below!


Sabrina Rex On-Line


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