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Steve Contino releases his new single 'Storm': "A captivating story that holds an intense connection with the mysticism and unpredictability of nature."

It's pertinent to say that COVID-19 undoubtedly marked the lives of absolutely everyone in humanity. While this phenomenon can be considered one of the worst catastrophes of the modern world, for some people, it meant an opportunity to find new paths and embark on the adventure they had always dreamed of.

Such is the case of Steve Contino, a talented American musician who, during this difficult time in our lives, managed to find his true purpose in the world of music composition. This journey led him to develop an intense connection with it, resulting in a spectacular discography which today is enriched by a new and exciting release, which comes alongside his latest studio release titled "Storm".

With what seems to be an emerging music career, Steve's beginnings in music trace back to when he was just 10 years old, starting his journey in percussion. However, his first officially released track didn't see the light until December 8, 2020, with his debut single "Show Me". Since then, he has swiftly risen in the entertainment world as an artist, as his inherent talent has been showcased through a masterful collection of original songs, captivating thousands of fans worldwide. His unique style, blending elements of classic rock and pop-rock with a distinct 80s essence, invites listeners to savor an organic and vivid auditory experience revealed through compositions that immediately stand out for their intimate and spontaneous tone. This is, of course, quite contrary to the present era, where many agree that music is often perceived as deliberately packaged and disposable consumer goods.

On the contrary, Steve Contino's proposal manages to evoke the aura of authenticity characteristic of the golden decades of music, but with a refreshing and renewed sound through the use of modern recording and production techniques. This creates a perfect balance between musical pieces that touch the hearts of nostalgic listeners and can also be enjoyed by younger audiences, thus demonstrating the universality of his creations.

Today, Steve presents us with his latest studio work titled 'Storm,' which adds to his repertoire as the eighteenth installment of his work as an artist and reveals a captivating story that delves into the trials of romantic relationships.

"Storm" is born and finds its inspiration from a particular weather phenomenon that caught Steve's attention while driving to the beach. This reinforces not only the fact that he is a brilliant mind that manages to find opportunities where it seems none exists, but also demonstrates his talent as an artist by discovering beauty in the simplest and most everyday events that we often overlook. His ability to interpret the world uniquely permeates everything around us, even the smallest details of daily life.


"I first got the idea for Storm when I was driving to the beach. The sky was clear and blue, but it was pouring rain. I asked myself how can there be no clouds with all this rain. Then I thought relationships can be like that. The good things in the relationship are so good that you stick around and endure all the bad, even if there is more bad than good".

Steve Contino – Singer & Songwriter


"Storm," through its magical and metaphorical lyrical approach, captures the uncertainty present in the ups and downs of a passionate romantic relationship, where we are swept away by the intensity of emotions that prevent us from having a greater understanding of what is really happening in our hearts.

Steve, through his impeccable vocal performance and accompanied by an incredible instrumentation background where the sound of his guitar undoubtedly steals the show, manages to portray this phenomenon where the storm itself reflects the struggle between the desire to stay and the urge to flee, as we navigate between moments of clarity and periods of emotional turbulence.

Far beyond seeking to reopen old wounds, "Storm" proposes an intriguing narrative in which each of its verses resonates with the deepest emotions of the listeners, delivering an important message that manages to transcend even the complex situations of the present day.

In today's social landscape, it is common to see a certain 'emotional detachment' among people, and although the concept of 'emotional responsibility' seems to be on everyone's lips, no one seems to put it into practice. "Storm" manages to embrace the reality of what it means to experience a romantic relationship with all its contrasts, the good and the bad, reminding us that even in the midst of the storm, there is beauty and learning in every drop of rain.

If you have enjoyed "Storm," we invite you to listen to the complete discography of this talented and versatile artist, which he has kindly shared with all of us on his Spotify profile. You can find it by visiting the following >link<.

Also, we encourage you to follow Steve Contino on his social media channels to stay updated on his latest news and upcoming releases!



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