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Under Delusion release 'Burning Under Water': "A journey into the depths of the emotional Ocean".

Under the title "Burning Under Water," the new single by the band Under Delusion is unveiled as an impressive journey into the uncharted dimension of human emotions in moments of conflict and personal struggle. Hailing from Moscow, Russian Federation, this band has conquered the world of alternative music with their distinctive blend of synthesizers, guitars, and captivating vocals. Their music not only aims to entertain but also to connect on a profound level with the audience, evoking lasting memories and emotions.

In this detailed analysis, we will explore how the talented members of Under Delusion capture feelings of anguish and internal struggle through masterful performance and dazzling composition that bravely and boldly delve into the darkest emotions and desperation we face in difficult moments of life.

About The Band

Under Delusion has left an indelible mark on the world of alternative rock music. The unique blend of synthesizers, guitars, and captivating vocals led by an exceptionally powerful voice has solidified their place in the music scene. The group's ability to tell stories through their compositions creates sonic landscapes that transport listeners to extraordinary dimensions. Beyond the melodies, Under Delusion seeks to connect with the audience on a personal and profound level, evoking memories and emotions that linger long after the music fades away.

About The Release

"Burning Under Water," the band's twelfth release and the fourth single from their upcoming second studio album, is introduced. Preceded by three previous releases that have garnered over a million plays collectively, this single, officially released on August 25, 2023, promises to be a preview of an exceptional musical journey that their fans won't want to miss.

Inspired by a near-death experience 30 meters deep in the vast Pacific, "Burning Under Water" encapsulates the anguish of navigating challenging moments, a relatable feeling for all. The poignant lyrics, penned in a matter of minutes, were lost in a sea of notes for two long years. By a stroke of luck, they resurfaced, propelling the band to share their raw emotion with the audience.

In-Depth Analysis

"Burning Under Water" immediately begins with a captivating percussive sound that outlines the main melody, offering a tantalizing preview of what is to come later. Immediately, we are met with an incredible soundscape that is incredibly immersive. The guitar strings, in conjunction with the deep sound of the bass, add a significant dynamic element to the mix from its inception.

Meanwhile, the exquisite sound of an energetic percussion makes itself noticeable, starting with a distinctive tone where organic elements converge with touches of programmed percussion. The combination of these musical elements thus provides a powerful rhythmic and instrumental foundation for the song from the very first seconds. Simultaneously, we are immediately met with the incredible voice of the singer, who, with her characteristic timbre that oscillates quite well between the mid and low frequencies of the auditory spectrum, delivers a solid performance, and welcomes us to this incredible song.

"Burning Under Water" immerses itself into the listener's mind, taking them through a journey of emotional pain and internal struggle. The lyrics paint a harrowing picture of being trapped underwater, struggling to breathe and find an escape. The words: "I'm burning under water" works as a desperate cry for help, effectively resonating with anyone who has faced dark moments throughout their life.

The way the ocean is alluded to represent the sensation of suffocation and despair not only serves as a captivating metaphor to describe the tense feeling of being trapped within oneself, but also suggests the vastness and mystery of an individual's inner world and the complexity of human emotions. The song evolves throughout its verses, with each stanza delving deeper into the sense of emotional suffocation, thus adding a feeling of urgency and vulnerability while highlighting the loneliness and fear that accompany the internal struggle presented by its theme.

As the song progresses, new elements are added to the auditory landscape, such as the inclusion of powerful synthesizers that provide an incredible sense of vitality and dynamism to the mix. Meanwhile, its captivating structure manages to keep listeners engaged from the very beginning until its nearly threeminute duration. Every moment reveals a new nuance, a musical surprise that maintains attention and piques interest, turning the auditory experience into an exciting and ever-evolving journey.

The auditory climax of the song unfolds upon reaching the chorus at 0:29, where the guitars take on a distorted tone and both percussion and the singer's voice increase in intensity, masterfully merging to evoke a plethora of sensations that excite the senses. At this point, the singer delivers a contagious melody that stands out for its uniqueness by avoiding repetition as a compositional device, an unconventional choice in contemporary music. In contrast to typical conventions, the members of Under Delusion have opted for a bolder and riskier approach in their creation. The mastery of these musicians becomes evident as they construct a captivating melodic line through lyrics that constantly shift throughout the chorus, thus challenging established parameters of popular music. Surprisingly, this bold choice results in a chorus that embeds itself durably in the listener's memory.

But the surprises don't stop there; starting from 1:45, the band treats us to an auditory delight with an exquisite guitar solo. A powerful overdrive sound and deep reverberation give life to an intricate melody that completely captures our attention. At this crucial point in the song, it's undeniable to recognize the accomplishment from a production perspective. The sound comes across clear and polished, an achievement seldom reached when combining so many distinct elements, each with their own presence in the mix. However, Under Delusion has demonstrated their skill in selecting and precisely arranging these elements. Each finds its rightful place across the stereo channel, granting the song an expansive and enveloping sensation. The music seems to travel through our ears, generating a sensory breadth that expands our perception as we delve into the auditory experience.

The song concludes masterfully using the 'callback' technique, meaning it reverses the musical structure, first performing the chorus one more time, and then returning to its introduction, thereby creating an iconic and cohesive ending. Without a doubt, Under Delusion is one of those bands that stands out for their creativity in composing authentic musical pieces. This is something that listeners and music enthusiasts deeply value in a world of prefab music, where it often seems like all songs resemble one another or follow the same parameters. In a musical landscape where originality is often lacking, discovering bands like Under Delusion, capable of breaking norms and creating genuine sounds, is a true treasure.

The band's ability to weave unique and captivating soundscapes filled with surprising and thrilling elements is a testament to their dedication and artistic brilliance. Every note, every change in dynamics, every lyrical segment seems to be crafted with a distinct insight, reminding us that music has the power to be a form of sincere and ever-evolving expression. This song also not only offers a great music experience, it invites us to immerse ourselves in an intense sonic narrative unafraid to challenge established boundaries and unexplored territories of human emotions.


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