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When Two Dimensions Converge: May Fall Surprises with His New Single "Sleep" - A Captivating Journey into the Realm of Dreams.

Updated: Apr 6

The human mind is an infinite universe that we will never fully decipher, and regardless of the passage of years and the advancement of science, it will remain an unexplored mystery.

From this perspective, it is pertinent to seek other ways in our attempt to interpret it in its entirety, and it is exactly here where art itself plays an essential role that goes far beyond being a simple form of cathartic expression, but rather a testimony of the human experience that offers a deeper insight for its own interpretation.

Photograph by: Adam Oscar

May Fall, the talented and acclaimed artist, musician, and composer hailing from Tel Aviv, arrives to surprise us with "Sleep," his latest release, which invites us to experience an immersive auditory journey that delves into the depths of that strange dimension resulting from the dreamlike and subconscious world. Something with which undoubtedly we can all identify and with which we share a certain closeness. However, even though this phenomenon floods us with curiosity from ancient times, we have never been able to find an explanation that is convincing or cohesive enough. From this premise, "Sleep" offers an in-depth exploration of this phenomenon and the significant meaning it can have for our emotions, in the authentic and unique style of the artist and his innate ability to navigate captivating and immensely complex themes with total freedom.


Following the success of his previous release titled "Determinist" in September 2023, which to date has accumulated over 23,000 streams on Spotify, May Fall makes a strong comeback to the music scene with this new musical delivery. Not only does it offer a comprehensive and profound exploration of this theme, but it also stands as an exquisite musical piece of the highest production level, revealing itself as a seductive fusion of sounds that incorporates elements from a wide range of pop subgenres, that will marvel even the most discerning listeners.


Through a polished vocal performance and captivating lyrical work that gives dreaming significant meaning as a refuge for our emotions amidst adversity, 'Sleep' unveils an unusual and magical compositional complexity that can open our minds to various interpretations.

Thanks to a highly defined and well-established artistic identity that combines a harmonious and intensely melodic sound with an aesthetic that constantly oscillates between light and darkness, May Fall manages to create a sort of 'contrast' between the auditory and the visual, aligning perfectly with the theme of this song and inviting us to journey through the transitional stage between wakefulness and sleep. However, the most intriguing aspect of "Sleep," and one that stands out prominently in this piece, lies in its spectacular music video.

This is where the artist cinematically portrays how this phenomenon can become a double-edged sword, as while the act of dreaming can help us achieve a sense of complete calm and tranquility as a way of "escape," we can also easily fall into the clutches of a nightmare. This is graphically represented by a mysterious figure wearing a hood, set against an intense palette of colors ranging between black and red hues, intensely heightening and exciting the audience's senses, and pushing May Fall's artistic vision to new horizons.


Thus, "Sleep" not only proves that May Fall's versatility as an artist transcends through a myriad of styles and forms of art, but also how his mind functions as an endless source of creativity, which undoubtedly has allowed him to establish himself as a relevant figure in the modern music panorama, specially in the indie pop scene.

"Sleep," officially released on February 16, marks a milestone in May Fall's musical career. Not only standing as his first release of this year 2024, but it also serving as a sneak peek of what his future EP album titled "Submerge" will feel like. So If you've enjoyed this enchanting piece, you definitely won't want to miss it!

That's why we extend a warm invitation to our entire community to follow May Fall on his social media channels, where you can stay updated on the release date of this promising forthcoming album and also on his latest and exciting news! 


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