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Wotts as you've never heard them before: 'PETALS', the new indie-rock anthem by the acclaimed Canadian band that explores the darkest side of love.

The Canadian indie-pop duo Wotts returns in full force this 2024 with their new single 'PETALS', the latest chapter of their self-titled EP. This captivating track, produced by their vocalist Jayem, blends the characteristic elements of their electro and psych-pop sound, but this time infuses it with a dose of pure indie-rock, offering an intensely emotional narrative about unrequited love. Who among us hasn't experienced this feeling before?

With lyrics loaded with intensity and a dramatic instrumentation, "PETALS" stands as a striking conclusion to a tale of heartbreak. For fans of bands like Tame Impala and Pond, 'PETALS' is simply an auditory delight that you definitely must include in your playlist!



About Wotts:

Wotts, an indie pop duo based in Ottawa, Canada, is comprised of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Jayem and bassist/guitarist Ricky 100. With appearances at festivals like RBC Bluesfest, Canadian Music Week, and Junofest, as well as recognition from media outlets such as CBC Radio (Canada), EARMILK (USA and Canada), and Mystic Sons (UK), Wotts has established their presence in the music scene.

Their distinctive sound blends contemporary and retro influences, creating a unique fusion that resonates with a wide audience. Through their emotive lyrics and carefully crafted instrumentation, Wotts weaves emotional narratives that explore universal themes such as love and loss. With a growing fan base and boundless creativity, Wotts promises to continue captivating listeners with their authentic and emotionally charged music.



About The Release:

'PETALS', is the latest chapter of their self-titled EP and follows in the footsteps of their previous releases by combining a contemporary pop sound with retro influences. This song offers an intimate look into the experience of unrequited love.

The instrumentation work, this time with dramatic undertones, especially the intense drum rhythms and a progression of minor chords, adds a sense of urgency to the emotional narrative of the song. According to Jayem, 'PETALS' represents the painful moment of realizing that love is not reciprocated, thus closing the cycle of an unfulfilled romance. Inspired by artists like “Tame Impala” and “Pond”, Wotts has created a track that stands out for its unique blend of electro and psych-pop elements with a touch of the finest indie-rock essence. This song not only marks the beginning of a new year for the talented duo, but also sets the tone for future musical explorations and exciting projects.


In-Depth Analysis

'PETALS' arrives to reopen that scar we all have in our hearts. Not to cause you pain per se, but to demonstrate that love is a complex phenomenon, and that when it doesn't reciprocate, that feeling of vulnerability it leaves us with is something we all experience at some point in our lives. It is like this song is telling you: “Hey! It sucks innit? But cheer up, you’re not alone on this”. Through dynamic and mystical instrumentation, accompanied by intensely emotional lyrics, Wotts once again manages to weave a captivating narrative that brings out the deepest emotions of the listeners.

The song, serving as the final chapter of the duo's eponymous EP, distinguishes itself widely from their previous works, especially in the way it sounds. This time, the band infuses the mix with a touch of seriousness, aligning perfectly with its main theme, which focuses on a love story marked by the painful realization that expectations do not match reality. From its opening notes, 'PETALS' introduces an immersive atmosphere, with captivating chords and a rhythmic cadence that propels the narrative forward.

The lyrics explore the pain and confusion that accompany the realization that the object of affection does not share the same feelings with incredible sincerity. Verses like "Kickin' in the corner, ducking for cover, pluck another petal, why she never give me somethin'? paint a vivid picture of internal struggle and the feeling of being trapped in an exhausting emotional cycle. This sense of anguish is accentuated by Jayem's passionate vocal interpretation, conveying the anxiety and vulnerability of the song's protagonist.

Let’s be honest. We've all been in a similar situation, where we have that ‘special person’ in our lives, but they don't consider us, or sometimes they simply keep us as their ‘second option’ without us actually realizing it, keeping us on the edge between potentially being something significant for them or just friends. This situation leaves us in an existential void where we wait in uncertainty until patience runs out and anxiety begins to take over. In some cases, a failed confession shatters everything we thought could work, breaking our hearts without even having achieved anything.

While the melodic composition seamlessly aligns with the theme, Wotts' magic always manages to shine through. By implementing diverse musical resources, they create an intense sense of duality, much like the feeling when you're in love but with an intense sensation of frustration at the same time. This phenomenon is evident, for example, if you focus solely on its energetic percussion and rhythm, which turn this song into a superb soundtrack for driving through the city at high speed late at night. However, the lyrical work accompanies this nocturnal journey with strong emotions associated with the pain that comes with it.

Another captivating aspect, and one we have already written about in previous notes, is Wotts' ability to create these characteristic "breaks" that aim to unsettle you by dynamically uniting the musical structure of their songs.

The section between minute 0:45 and 0:56 will simply blow your mind, as it takes resources from R&B and exploits them in a cool way, creating an unexpected transition that enhances the arrival of the chorus.

It's easy to see the influence of artists like "Tame Impala" and "Pond" in this composition, as it becomes evident in the combination of electro and psych-pop elements and indie rock in the song. However, Wotts keeps their signature sound intact, creating a sense of surrealism and emotional depth to the track. The mix of sound textures and enveloping melodies creates a rich and expansive sonic landscape that transports the listener to a world of introspection and reflection on love as a concept.

Jayem's production, skillfully balancing contemporary and retro elements, creates a sonic backdrop that perfectly complements the song's emotive lyrics. The multi-layered instrumentation is simply a delight for the ears; the strings, xylophones, and synthesizers provide a firm and captivating body, while the rhythmic line delivered by the drums dances and guides the bassline, adding multiple colors and textures. This allows the reverberating vocal line to overlay the background instrumentation and ensnare the listener from the very first note, much like a hunter capturing its prey.


‘PETALS’ is a song very different from what we usually hear from Wotts, yet their essence still shines through, demonstrating once again Jayem and Ricky 100's versatility when it comes to composition. It invites listeners to move to the changing and catchy rhythm of this song, which despite its short duration, at 2 minutes and 25 seconds, stays in your head for much longer.

With "PETALS,’ Wotts offers a heartfelt and authentic vision of the complexities of romance. The song, serving as the final chapter of their EP, marks the end of a love story but also sets the stage for new beginnings and future musical explorations. With their distinctive sound and emotive lyrics, Wotts undoubtedly continues on the path of musical innovation, captivating new fans every day with their honest and deeply personal music, promising to surprise and excite in the future with their boundless creativity and innate talent. With this song, they have demonstrated that their versatility is not limited to one style, and they could seamlessly travel through different elements as diverse as R&B or even the rawness of indie-rock.

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