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Devitalized releases their first full-length studio album, "State of Aggression."

With an impeccable and distinguished discography under their belt, the powerful hardcore band based in Massachusetts, Devitalized, returns today in a imposing manner, doubling down to present us with their new musical work. This addition adds significantly to their already spectacular repertoire, positioning itself not only as their debut highly anticipated album but also undoubtedly as their most ambitious and outstanding artistic proposal to date.

Image Credit: Madyson Coburn

Through eight powerful tracks, their new album titled "State Of Aggression" reveals the very essence and purest form of the band, showcasing their versatility and dynamism by transcending various genres such as hardcore, metalcore and deathcore. It incorporates key elements from each to create an authentic auditory experience, whose sole purpose is to captivate listeners with its unique sound and offer solace and understanding to troubled minds grappling with the adversities and complexities of daily life.

State of Aggression is an album I’ve been writing in my notes app for three years. When we finally came together to make this, I felt the weight off my chest. I realized no matter what struggles I had to deal with, I can get back up and be better, and I finally get to do it with the dudes I love!

John-Paul Ratta – Singer, Songwriter

As stated by the band's vocalist, "State Of Aggression" is a project that has been gestated over years of intense creative process and hard work in the recording studio. This is clearly reflected in the high quality of the production itself, solid compositions, and the collective effort of each band member, who have put their all into surpassing themselves as a group, even challenging the standards within the scene. The result is a cohesive and impactful musical work that will undoubtedly be appreciated by fans of extreme music.

About The Band:

Guided by the formidable vocals of John-Paul Ratta, Devitalized immerses listeners in a whirlwind of aggression and catharsis from the first guttural growl. With Joseph Ratta and Dawson Medeiros on guitars, Tommy Jones Jr. on bass, and Tay Manesis on drums, the band orchestrates a symphony of chaos, weaving intricate melodies amidst a backdrop of bone-crushing breakdowns. Devitalized merges the brutality of deathcore with the energy of hardcore to create a unique and overwhelming sound, stemming from diverse musical backgrounds but united by shared adversities.

In-Depth Analysis

1. Welcome Back:

The album kicks off explosively with "Welcome Back," one of their promotional singles released earlier this year in 2024, which has already accumulated over 4000 plays to date. This is a assertive decision by the band to open the album and set the tone with a track that greets the audience explosively and prominently. With its aggressive riffs and unfettered energy, "Welcome Back" establishes the tone of what's to come, inviting listeners to delve into a intricate theme that addresses betrayal and broken friendships. ( >Check Out the full review of "Welcome Back” here! < )


2. Deep Cuts:

The album continues with "Deep Cuts," an energetic track that has a darker aura and leans towards a more deathcore sound. But don't draw premature conclusions about this song! Starting with a brutal blast beat on percussion, Devitalized showcases their mastery in the style, only to take you by surprise at the beginning of the first verse with an exquisite 'two-step' section followed by a particular compositional structure that is constantly changing. "Deep Cuts" is pure dynamism and euphoria, a song that will keep you on edge from start to its spectacular finish, where a mind-blowing downtempo breakdown creates a perfect contrast to disconcert the listener completely. Officially released in 2022, "Deep Cuts" is already one of their most well-known songs and by now a true classic of the band. However, on this occasion, it is presented with a renewed sound and impeccable mixing and mastering work that revives and gives a new auditory aesthetic to this powerful track.


3. Karma Sutra:

"Karma Sutra" is the first track on this album that hasn't been previously released by the band, offering an incredible surprise for listeners. Through its dissonant riffs, constant structural changes, and a catchy yet unusual chorus with clean vocals, "Karma Sutra" is undoubtedly one of the best showcases of the band's creativity and versatility.


4. Godslayer (Feat. Tom Barber):

The main course of this album arrives with "Godslayer," an energetic track that musically focuses on a sound that at times can even resemble a 'djent' sound. Its aggresive sound, where the deep and distorted bass sound spectacularly merges with the guitar 'chugs' and polished percussion work, create the perfect backdrop to welcome none other than Tom Barber, vocalist of Chelsea Grin and Darko US. His surprising appearance on this song is sure to leave you speechless, and stands as one of the best collabs in this year. 


5. State Of Aggression:

It’s the track from which the album gets its distinctive name, and it certainly deserves it. "State of Aggression" is one of the band's most impactful songs, starting with a long and captivating introductory section that creates a sort of 'interlude' between the complete euphoria of "Godslayer" and what’s to come next. While this track has a more relaxed tempo, it provides ample space for Devitalized's brutality to shine through with prolonged breakdowns supported by spectacular lead guitar work. This time, the guitars take on a more ambient tone, traveling across the entire stereo field, creating an incredible sense of depth that completely immerses the listener, dragging them inevitably into every note and chord of this song. The sections where the bass stands alone are particularly notable, constantly increasing the sense of 'incoming chaos' throughout the song, along with the rapid changes in John-Paul Ratta’s vocal performance, effortlessly transitioning from incredibly low growls to truly high notes.

6. X_X:

This track begins with what is probably one of the catchiest riffs in Devitalized’s entire discography. A minimalist yet intensely brutal breakdown that includes dissonant harmonies characteristic of genres like 'aliencore' in each measure transition. That's right, you heard correctly, 'aliencore.' When Devitalized says they don't want to be pigeonholed into one genre, they mean it. "X_X" quickly evolves into open riffs with an intense melodic essence as it reaches the chorus, while maintaining guttural vocals and proving that a chorus doesn't necessarily needs melodic voice harmonies to stick in your mind. Notable is the spectacular performance of John-Paul Ratta, whose use of an incredible 'tunnel-throat' technique goes far beyond merely impacting listeners; it will undoubtedly catch the attention of the sound team responsible for bringing the new "Alien" movie to life.


 7.  Flesh Pit:

"Flesh Pit" is definitely the 'bounciest' track on the album. With an aura much more oriented towards hardcore music, it’s the perfect song to showcase your best dance moves in the pit, giving you the chance to 'pick up the coins' as well as throw your best combinations of punches and ninja kicks. The infectious energy of this track is palpable, driving listeners to fully surrender to the intensity of the moment. The guitars of Joseph Ratta and Dawson Medeiros cut through the air with intensely frenetic riffs, while the rhythm section of Tommy Jones Jr. on bass and Andrew Bailey on drums creates a solid and pulsating foundation that fuels the sense of euphoria, giving you no respite throughout its 3 minutes and 19 seconds of duration.

8. The End:

Unfortunately, and we say 'unfortunately' because at this point you won't want this album to end, this song arrives to close this incredible masterpiece on a high note. Its skillful structure manages to leave listeners completely satisfied as it unfolds and comes to the conclusion, especially because it features a spectacular closing breakdown that implements a three-section downtempo. You might expect there to be a direct correlation between tempo and intensity, but Devitalized manages to reverse this phenomenon. As the tempo decreases, the track becomes increasingly aggressive, creating a contrast that genre connoisseurs will undoubtedly delight in, while also surprising new fans of their music.

A very surprising detail about this track is that it includes an ambient sound section just after the music ends, where we can hear footsteps approaching closer and closer as we reach the last seconds. These footsteps connect perfectly with the ambient sounds at the begining of "Welcome Back," showing that the greatness of Devitalized not only lies in their musical, compositional, and performance skills, but they have also managed to create a sort of infinite loop with their album by connecting the last track with the first one. Proving that they have paid special attention to every detail in this great production.


If you have enjoyed this incredible album, don't forget to support the band by sharing it with your close friends and fellow musicians. Also, remember to follow Devitalized on their social media channels to stay updated on their latest news and new releases!



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