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Patrick Doval teams up with Pete Parada (The Offspring) to bring one of his iconic singles back to life, 'Endless Heartbreak.'

"When the shadow of that unrequited love returns again and again…"

Just by reading the title of this song, you can probably get an idea of what it's about. Yes, that's right... we may have unintentionally opened a wound in you that seemed already healed, or you might even feel directly addressed regarding your own romantic situation. And it turns out that 'Endless Heartbreak,' the latest musical venture by the talented Miami-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Patrick Doval tackles this complex situation that many of us experience throughout our lives, a situation that unfortunately, no one talks deeply about enough.

Perhaps she didn't respond to your messages and gradually ignored you until she left you in the trash can, or perhaps she was direct and clear, telling you with inhuman bluntness and coldness that 'you're not her type.' No matter the case, Patrick Doval understands this phenomenon better than anyone else, or at least that's how he expresses it through 'Endless Heartbreak', his latest studio release which masterfully seems to address this theme with incredible assertiveness, as its 3 minutes and 48 seconds play out as the perfect soundtrack for facing all those past heartbreaks (and those to come). But don't worry, believe us when we say that once you hear it, the next time won't seem as terrible, because beyond offering Patrick's personal perspective on heartbreak, the song has the unique quality of approaching the topic from an interesting and unusual point of view.

Officially released on April 12th, "Endless Heartbreak" is a captivating piece that touches a delicate chord in listeners, delving into the darkest feelings that come with living with a broken heart. But it doesn't do so from that 'cliché' perspective where you, as a listener, immediately become the victim of the situation, nor is it so overly 'emotional' that you end up torturing yourself by repeatedly asking, "What on earth did I do wrong?" Quite the opposite, Patrick skillfully invites you on an intense auditory journey through his lyrics, revealing a compelling storyline that takes us back to those youthful days when our eagerness to get things right falters, whether due to inexperience or even innocence.

At this point, you probably know what we're talking about. Things aren't going as we hoped with that special someone; everything seems to be going from bad to worse, and you can't even understand the why or the how. All you know is that it hurts like a thousand knives stabbing your heart at the same time, and you're not sure if that feeling will ever fade away.

Through an incredible fusion of sounds that brilliantly incorporates elements of indie rock, pop rock, and that exquisite reverberant and distorted essence of post-punk, Patrick Doval showcases his incredible talent and authenticity as an artist, creating a sound that exudes an intense '80s aura but with modern recording and production techniques. This is evident in the production process, which took place in two different locations in the United States: Patrick's home studio in Miami and the picturesque city of Nashville, TN, where the renowned producer Geoff Duncan worked his magic behind the console to bring out the best in this composition.

However, the journey this song took to come to life made not one, but two stops in Nashville as "Endless Heartbreak" also features the surprising participation of acclaimed drummer Pete Parada (Former member of The Offspring), who gave this marvelous creation a fresh sound with his impeccable drum fills and precise rolls that carry Patrick's original vision, initially conceived in 2008, to new horizons.

Yes, you heard right: "Endless Heartbreak" is a song that is now 16 years old. Just like that unfruitful love that can haunt you for years or even decades, this song returns today as a re-release of its original counterpart, which was premiered in 2008 on Patrick's SoundCloud account. It stands as his first release within an extensive discography that showcases not only an experienced music career but also his strong and unbreakable commitment to music.

"Endless Heartbreak" also has its own music video!

As if the release of this song wasn't enough of a gift for most devoted rock lovers, Patrick Doval has doubled down this time, pairing his electrifying melodies with a captivating music video that tells his story of heartbreak with a unique audiovisual style that blends a hand-drawn technique with reality. This results in a psychedelic aura that delves deep into the feelings of doubt and despair associated with an eternally broken heart.

The best thing about "Endless Heartbreak" is that it can be enjoyed by a wide variety of audiences across different age groups. If you listen to it during your teenage years, it will accompany you like a good friend who understands your suffering without questioning you at all. On the other hand, if you listen to it in adulthood, it will help you remember how “head over heels” you were with that girl so that you can be aware it might happen to you again. And if you listen to it as an elderly person, well, at least you can remember how good it felt to suffer for love instead of worrying about your blood sugar levels.

No matter when your heart is broken, suffering for love is something we all must go through, and after listening to this song, you learn that it's something worth experiencing and you can even come to appreciate at some point.

We extend a warm invitation not only to enjoy this spectacular and captivating composition and allow it to transport your senses through its melodies but also to experience the complete and spectacular discography that Patrick has generously shared with all of us on his Spotify account, which you can find at the following >link<

Additionally, don't forget to follow him on his social media to stay up to date with his upcoming releases and latest news.


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