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Wild Horse returns with 'Wednesday Midnight Distractions,' the captivating new single by the acclaimed British Pop-Rock Trio.

"The beauty of spontaneity in incidental relationships".

It has been a long wait for Wild Horse fans, who, since September 2023, they have had the pleasure of experiencing 'Attractions,' the band's most recent release up to that date. Leaving thousands of listeners eager to discover what this talented trio from Brighton has been cooking up in the recording studio lately, today, they are here to give us a special surprise.

Wild Horse have certainly kicked into high gear in 2024, with the release of "Wednesday Midnight Distractions," their new and highly anticipated single. Through a captivating narrative, it invites us to appreciate those sporadic and unexpected connections that can arise in the midst of a solitary Wednesday night.

About The Band

Wild Horse is a talented indie pop-rock band based in Brighton, United Kingdom, formed by brothers Jack and Henry Baldwin and their best friend since elementary school, Ed Barnes. The palpable synergy among these three talented musicians is evident from the first note, as they skillfully blend their musical prowess and creativity in a symbiotic manner, giving rise to their distinctive sound. Seamlessly combining the vitality and energy of English rock with characteristic elements of pop music, they create an incredible auditory experience in each of their songs that invite listeners to embark on that ‘forbidden love affair’ or maybe, to light up a cigarette, hop in the car, and navigate the city streets on your own while enjoying the moonlight. Wild Horse's music is simply the perfect soundtrack to infuse every moment with a dose of adrenaline.

Just stepping into their twenties, Jack, Henry and Ed have already boasted an extensive and incredible discography, with their songs garnering support from BBC Introducing, local BBC programs, RadioX, Caroline, Amazing, and many other local FM and internet radio stations worldwide. Lately, they have been actively performing on live concerts and tirelessly promoting their material. This dedication has garnered them a substantial influx of new listeners, not just within their homeland but spanning across the entire globe.

About The Release

Wednesday Night Distractions" stands as their 22nd release in their collection and the first single of 2024. This establishes that Wild Horse has not only arrived to assert themselves prominently in the current music scene as one of the most significant bands of recent times but also to demonstrate that, behind their hard work both in the studio and on tour, they will always bring a huge surprise for their fans.

Officially released on January 10th and produced once again by Matt Lepannen at Animal Farm Music Studios in London, this song delves into a captivating theme revolving around the intensity that incidental relationships can acquire. Very much in tune with the current times, through its lyrics, Wild Horse narrates a love story between two individuals who let their attraction flow spontaneously and without any pressure, celebrating those nights out and friends with benefits. The song highlights how the connection between two people can be meaningful even without any commitment, offering an escape from daily complications. In this way, Wild Horse invites listeners to leave behind ‘overthinking’ and to enjoy those moments that life presents to us as we learn to flow with it.

In-Depth Analysis

Following the line of their acclaimed last two previous releases, "Attraction" and "Do You Wanna Talk?", but this time with a much more energetic sound and evident influences of funk music in their melodies, "Wednesday Night Distractions" returns with that youthful and adventurous essence that sets this incredible band apart, especially in the rock scene, generating with their music an uplifting sensation in listeners and inviting them to let loose and maintain a spontaneous and liberating attitude in life.

And that's precisely how this song makes you feel. Musically, "Wednesday Night Distractions," with its 3 minutes and 14 seconds of duration, quickly becomes your inner voice—that voice that speaks to you just when you're in front of the mirror, unsure whether to call ‘that’ special girl or not.

If there's something Wild Horse does perfectly well (besides creating incredible music), it's giving you a good slap in the face with their melodies. It's like they're saying, "Stop worrying! Just let the music and your senses take over your worries." This is precisely why the message they convey in each of their songs is so effective. The mix of the energy in their music and relatable lyrics creates a kind of instant 'epiphany' in the minds of the listeners, but not one that gets too complicated or delves into the depths of existential doubts. Instead, Wild Horse's music feels like that martini that loosens you up and gives you a burst of freedom to live the moment with more lightness and enjoyment.

"Wednesday Midnight Distractions" is undoubtedly one of the songs that best captures this feeling of self-liberation. Featuring exquisite funky guitar strumming accompanied by energetic percussion with fast hi-hat arrangements and a deeply resonant bass with a groove that is simply a delight for the ears, this incredible piece, written by Jack Baldwin's and led by his harmonious vocals, tells the story of a lonely guy wandering down London Road on a Wednesday night. But his fate is about to change…

Through his phone, he contacts a girl with whom he shares a mutual attraction, asking her to come and keep him company, expressing that he has been losing himself in sips of cheap wine, reflecting that sense of loneliness and helplessness he is experiencing at that moment. The band's inherent and innate talent for vivid storytelling once again shines through, as is their distinctive style in every song. Wild Horse pays attention to every detail in their compositions. Using spontaneous and a friendly approach in their language, the combination of lyrics and music is almost as if they allow us to visualize the scene in our minds, where each listener imagines themselves in the narrator's shoes. Let's be honest... who hasn't had a night like that before?

One of the most captivating aspects of this piece is how, through its narrative, it depicts the way the paths of the two young individuals cross without a profound interest, in a casual manner, but with an incredible willingness to keep each other company. Emphasizing that connections, often even incidental or sporadic, can have a significant and/or positive impact on our lives once we learn to appreciate their beauty in simplicity. Frustration is of no use these days, nor is attachment. Sometimes, we just need to be a bit more spontaneous and perhaps... be surprised by what might be waiting for us on that next Wednesday night.

Have you checked your DMs today? You might get a surprise ;)


We extend a warm invitation to all our community not only to enjoy this musical gem that Wild Horse has gifted to all of us today but also, if you're not yet familiar with their music, you should DEFINITELY take a look at their entire discography (you will thank us later). Also, go follow Wild Horse on their social media to stay updated about their latest news and upcoming releases.


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