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Blending Styles with Mastery: GrooveGalore Muzik releases a fascinating reimagining of the 90s classic "I'll See You in My Dreams" in a unique fusion that combines the best of Rock and Reggae.

In today's world, it is common to see artists merging their creativity by blending different styles in an effort to create something new, something non-existent that can truly make an impact on the audience. However, there are few instances when two styles, so inherently opposite that they even have distinct audiences and niches, manage to unify a proposal in such a symbiotic and cohesive way that it captures an experience that not only brings together two of the most important genres in the history of music but can also be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone.


Under this premise, GrooveGalore Muzik, the renowned music label founded by Mr. Paul Kastick, an experienced multi-instrumentalist musician and composer known primarily for his outstanding contribution as a drummer in the legendary band Big Mountain, brings us today a true musical gem that gathers the talent of various other artists to bring this great project to life. They present their latest release, "I'll See You in My Dreams," a captivating reimagining of the 90s classic originally brought to light by the music titans of the band “Giant”. Now, it returns with a refreshing sound in the unique and authentic style of this musical collective.

It's very likely that just by seeing the title of this release, the catchy chorus of this song undoubtedly came to your mind immediately, as "I'll See You in My Dreams" is now a true rock classic that we all know and feel familiar with.

But wait a moment... Can you imagine how it would sound if we kept the best of its lyrics, its captivating structure, its spectacular guitar solos, and mixed them with the harmonious melodies of Reggae? Well, there's no need to imagine. GrooveGalore Muzik brings it to you!

Not only presenting itself as a spectacular auditory experience that unfolds with the highest quality of modern production techniques, but also featuring the participation of a conglomerate of talented musicians, including Alex Blanken on keys and synthesizers, Rudy Valentino on guitars, Michael Fletcher on bass, and the one and only Paul Kastick leading on vocals. This collaboration gives rise to a vivid blend of sounds where Reggae and Rock intertwine with incredible synergy and dynamism, making this a unique opportunity to experience both styles at once in this incredible song.

Officially released on March 29th, "I'll See You In My Dreams" stands as their second release of the year 2024. Premiered alongside their electrifying rendition of "Night by Night," another rock classic popularized in the 1970s by the acclaimed band Steely Dan. Both singles are part of their highly anticipated album "My Reggae Rockin’ Journey Vol.1," which is currently in production with GrooveGalore Productions in collaboration with Valentino Music and Native Xamaycan Entertainment Label, and will soon be available on all streaming platforms.

This album will feature 15 captivating tracks that will take us on a journey back in time in the best possible way and in the authentic style of GrooveGalore Muzic, where we will find great hits such as:


1. Here I Go Again (ft. KasticK & Beniton aka Jack Frost)

2. Night By Night [Josh Gold Remix]

3. I'll See U In My Dreams (ft. KasticK & Valentino Music)

4. I Could Have Lied (ft. KasticK & Valentino Music - Vibe Mix)

5. Every Rose Has It’s Thorn (ft. KasticK & Valentino Music)

6. Breathe A Sigh (ft. KasticK)

7. Looking For Love (ft. KasticK & Valentino Music)

8. You're In My System

9. Here I Go Again

10. I Could Have Lied

11. Night By Night (ft. Valentino Music & KasticK)

12. I'll See You In My Dreams (ft. Valentino Music - Groove-Strumental)

13. Night By Night (ft. Valentino Music - Groove-Strumental)

14. Looking For Love (ft. Valentino Music - Groove-Strumental)

15. You're In My System (ft. Valentino Music - Groove-Strumental)

Although we don't yet know the exact release date of this exciting album, we invite you to follow them on their social media to stay informed about its premiere and to hear about their latest news and upcoming releases.

If you've enjoyed the magic of “I’ll See You in my Dreams”, don't forget to share it with your friends and family, so that no one misses out on the mastery and professionalism of this great band!



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