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Punk rock is more alive than ever! Something Wicked drops frenetic new single 'Electric'.

Ah, punk rock... how can we forget about those youthful moments when being a revolutionary adolescent filled with anger had a whole dedicated community and culture where you were welcomed, not just by your friends who were just as angry with the world as you were, but also by great music and a bunch of improvised gigs and basement live shows.

Does this sound familiar to you? If you're here, it's most likely because many of our followers, including the Bad Wolf Records team, had the pleasure of enjoying this nostalgic era. However, over time, both the genre and the scene have been evolving gradually. Some will say for the better, while others will argue that it has been acquiring elements from other styles, even losing its transgressive and aggressive essence that characterizes it.


Under this premise, what we bring you this time are only good news! As Something Wicked is one of those bands that manages to preserve the very essence of punk rock with the energetic vibes of hardcore, with a completely renewed sound in their unique style that combines various musical resources without losing their rawness and audacity, thus giving rise to an experience that revives the genre in an authentic and vibrant manner.

Today they come to give you a good slap in the face with their new single titled "Electric," which, throughout its 1 minute and 13 seconds duration, will keep you on the edge of the seat from start to finish.

Based in Humboldt County, CA, Something Wicked has been a key piece in keeping the spirit of hardcore punk alive as a true icon of resistance. Their frantic and unfiltered style addresses different social and political themes where, basically, they say what we all really think but dare not say.

With a truly dynamic fusion of sounds, Something Wicked is one of those bands that doesn't limit their creativity, because through their spectacular discography, in every track, you'll find something different.

Fans of bands like Black Flag and Dead Kennedys will find their place here, and a new reason to dust off that old skateboard and string up that Stratocaster guitar that's been sitting in the garage for years.

"Electric," officially released on April 5th, establishes itself as their fifth promotional release and the second of this year 2024. However, it's part of a larger project: their studio album titled "DECEASED," in which it sits as the second track within a collection of 8 incredible songs that will definitely bring out your wildest side and take you back to those glory days when punk rock was more than just a genre, it was an attitude.

If you've enjoyed "Electric," we extend you a warm invitation to follow this talented band on their social media channels, so you can stay updated on their latest news and upcoming releases!


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