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Exploring "Garden," the new EP by WOTTS: "A Pause for those restless minds filled with dreams."

When we talk about personal growth, often it can be a draining and exhausting process, especially in the fast-paced society we live in today, where technology has accustomed us to instant gratification in everything.

However, the talented guys from the band WOTTS present something different in this incredible album. They teach us to flow with life and to enjoy this process, all depending on the attitude we adopt.

In this article, we will analyze "Garden," the latest release from the band WOTTS, focusing on the theme of each song and how the three songs blend perfectly to create an auditory experience that provides a necessary pause for those restless dreamy minds.


About the Band:

Wotts is an Ottawa, Canada based indie pop duo made up of vocalist/multiinstrumentalist Jayem and bassist/guitarist Ricky 100. Since their formation, Wotts has been celebrated for their music's strong 80s influence. However, this latest EP marks a departure from this signature sound while still incorporating nostalgic vibes. The duo explores new sonic territories, crafting a fresh and distinct atmosphere.

Wotts has hit the stages of RBC Bluesfest, Canadian Music Week and Junofest and has received shoutouts for their work from several outlets including CBC Radio (Canada), The Luna Collective (U.S.), Iggy Magazine (France) and Mystic Sons (UK).

About the Release:

"Garden" is a compilation album that includes two of their previous releases, "blue" and "wheel", and a new song that shares the same name, "Garden". In this EP, the band concludes their latest musical journey and invites us to immerse ourselves in an enriching musical and lyrical experience that flawlessly combines the experience of the three songs as it was one complete work. These songs are not only excellent on their own, but they also complement each other perfectly, as if they were created to be together from the beginning.

This release marks a milestone for the group, as it is the first time they present a cohesive project that allows listeners to dive into modern and retro musical influences. The final result is a fresh yet familiar product that will captivate anyone who delves into it.

Musically speaking, the album incorporates new elements to its sound, but also, it reflects the band's identity very well, as it presents a myriad of effects that open up possibilities for experimentation. With arrangements of delay and reverberation that accompany not only the lead vocals but also the percussion and synthesizer, this aspect truly showcases the band's character, setting them apart from other artists in the genre in a unique way.

Additionally, the careful selection of their instruments picked for this composition aligns perfectly with the representation of the Lo-Fi/VHS type aesthetic that also can be seen in their videos and the visual art accompanying their work in all their past releases.

Track-by-track Review:


The first track we come across is titled "Garden." In this song, we are spoken to from the perspective of a protagonist who is in a constant search for himself, where the lyrics constantly talk about a process of personal growth and the search for finding one's own path in life, but always at a relaxed pace. This factor is key because it shows us an interesting perspective on our predisposition towards our own self-discovery.

When the narrator mentions that the sun shines on their face and the breeze caresses their face, it highlights how this process they are experiencing is accompanied by a sense of renewal and hope. In other words, the protagonist feels somewhat comfortable and without any pressure as they go through this experience, even though they don't know where they will go. "Walking out of the door, not nothing / Don't know where I'll go for sure."

In the chorus of the song, this idea is reinforced as it emphasizes the concept of waiting and allowing things to bloom and develop in their own time.

Through the metaphor of the garden as a symbol of personal development, the importance of their determination to cultivate their inner garden is mentioned, even when facing difficult challenges and uncertainties. They must let go and have patience to see the results, "In the garden it'll grow, gotta wait and let it go."

Musically, "Garden" stands out for evoking an essence that transports us to the beach. The song begins with an ambiance that recreates the sound of ocean waves and coastal winds, accompanied by the calls of seagulls. These musical elements contribute to creating a vivid image and immerse the listener in a feeling of well-being.

Regarding the background instrumentation, the presence of the bass, synthesizers, and electric guitar is particularly notable. The electric guitar performs a solo at the end of the penultimate chorus, characterized by extensive use of delay and reverb effects, which give it a distinctive quality reminiscent of the 80s era.

“Garden” is a song that shows us the importance of self-exploration and how this process, although often leading to uncertain changes, doesn't necessarily have to be accompanied by unpleasant sensations, instead we can actually enjoy it. Through its interesting and evocative lyrical composition, the song conveys a message of perseverance, as just like in a garden, it requires effort and dedication to flourish. It also makes us realize that we don't have control over some important aspects that come with it, such as the passage of time, teaching us the importance of allowing things to flow at their natural pace to achieve our goals. This theme is mentioned in detail later as the album progresses.



Continuing with this incredible release, we come across the second track titled "Blue". This song complements the theme presented in the previous song, "Garden", by emphasizing the importance of our goals and objectives from the perspective of searching for their meaning and how they guide us and bring excitement to our lives.

"Blue" utilizes poetic language in its lyrics, adding depth and creating vivid imagery in the listener's mind. The mention of the "blue bird" singing around the protagonist evokes a sense of calm and welcome, as if the presence of this bird symbolizes guidance or inspiration amidst uncertainty. This poetic image reinforces the idea that in the search for meaning, we can find moments of tranquility and renewal.

The phrase "Flower bloom but it never still" is another poetic metaphor used in the song. This metaphor conveys the idea that life and change are constant, and that beauty and growth are ephemeral. It reminds us that we should seize opportunities while they are available since everything in life is constantly evolving.

The song also addresses the importance of keeping certain experiences or revelations secret to allow personal growth and avoid negative external influences. This idea suggests that sometimes it's better to keep our dreams and discoveries to ourselves, protecting them from negativity and skepticism from others. By doing so, we can maintain the purity of our aspirations and allow them to grow and develop organically.

Musically speaking, "Blue" has a clear influence of funk, especially in its constant percussion with hi-hat strokes in sixteenth notes. The synthesizers and guitar arrangements combine to create a smooth and ethereal atmosphere, like a cushion of clouds, allowing the listener to flow with the song as it unfolds. The immersive experience of "flow" is further enhanced by the mesmerizing presence of exquisite violins, gracefully resonating from the final chorus until the song's conclusion.



The EP concludes with "Wheel," which serves as the perfect closure for this release as it speaks about the cyclical nature of life and the importance of accepting and adapting to the constant changes that occur along the way. The song conveys a message of hope and resilience, inviting listeners to always keep moving forward.

The song evokes a sense of movement and fluidity, referring to the idea that life keeps spinning and changing as we progress. Through the metaphors of the wheel turning and the concept of "moving forward," the song encourages embracing the inevitable changes and surrendering to them.

Various elements symbolizing change and transition are mentioned in the song. For example, it speaks about leaving the past behind and moving on ("Leaving but I'm with you now"). It also references the importance of living in the present moment and believing in new possibilities ("Breathe in the moment, new day coming") Furthermore, it emphasizes the need to accept the difficulties and challenges life presents.

"Wheel" is the perfect finale for this album as it beautifully complements the other two songs, particularly by seamlessly connecting with the theme of personal growth mentioned in "Garden" as it reminds us that the process of self-discovery doesn't happen just once but is an ongoing cycle in which we must continuously nurture ourselves. And additionally, it teaches us that our dreams, those for which we have fought, also can evolve over time, as it was themed in "Blue."

"Garden" as an album is an invitation to embrace a more tranquil and serene perspective when it comes to facing changes in our lives. It shows us that processes of transformation require time and may not always align with our preconceived plans.

The musical composition crafted by the talented members of WOTTS enhances the delivery and reception of this message, creating a perfect symbiosis between the message and how it is communicated through the music. It evokes an incredible sense of satisfaction and serenity in the listeners, almost like a "reset" during those moments when we constantly question the purpose behind adversities and sudden changes that life presents us.



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